Chapter 296: Just run it over!

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The wall made of sand suddenly turned into one made of stone.

Aside from becoming stronger, the wall also became thicker and taller.


Even moments before they crashed into the wall, the sand raiders thought they were seeing some kind of hallucination.

In this desert, it wasn’t uncommon for someone on the brink of collapse to hallucinate. However, the sand raiders were not exhausted, not starving, and not thirsty at the moment, so they shouldn’t be hallucinating.

And yet, they could think of no other reason why the wall seemingly became made of stone.

Regardless, their charge—which they initiated to bring down the sand wall—couldn’t be stopped now.


With a thunderous sound, the sand lizards crashed head first into the stone wall.

A moment later, the sled the sand raiders were riding in also crashed hard into the wall.


The sand raiders were thrown off the sled; the sand lizards fainted; and the sled broke into pieces.

   ◇ ◇ ◇

“W-what just happened…? The wall…”

Opposite all that destruction was a dumbfounded Queen Maribel.

“I rebuilt it into a rampart. The enemy should all be knocked over by now. Ok, I’ll be opening it up.”


In order for the others to see the other side, I made the wall slide as though it was an automatic door.

“Argh…it hurtsss”


“I’m dying…”

The sleds were smashed and the sand raiders lied on top of the sand while moaning in pain.

“W-what the hell happened!?”

“I swear that wall was made of sand just a moment ago!”

Maybe because they were in the very rear of their formation, one sled of sand raiders remained standing.

“W-worry about that later; we’re in a bad spot here! Let’s leg it for now!”


That group turned around their sand lizard and whipped it in an effort to escape.

If they gain a bit more distance, it would become impossible for us to catch up.

“I’m not letting you.”

Gori-chan shouted so and then leapt with tremendous force from the top of the wall.

That single leap allowed her to get in front of the fleeing sled.

“What the heck is that!? A muscle monster!?”

“Who gives a fuck!? Just run it over!”


The sand lizard was whipped into crashing against Gori-chan.

“Here you go

Contrary to what her affectionate yell might suggest, Gori-chan grabbed the sand lizard by the jaw and slid into its underbelly by lowering her hips.

“Take thissssssssss!”

This time, Gori-chan gave a hearty shout as she delivered a shoulder-throw.

“““We’re being tosssssssed!?”””



The sand lizard, along with the sand raiders, was flipped and slammed into the sand.

…Gori-chan was amazing as always.

Not only did she have unbelievable raw strength, she also had masterful throwing techniques that could overwhelm even bigger, mightier foes.

“Ah-hah, splendidly done, if I do say so myself.”

“What a monster…”

“Hmm? What was that? Did you just call a beautiful woman like me a monster?”


The sand raiders weren’t the only ones frightened by Gori-chan.


Even the sand lizard was scared. And in its fright, it surprisingly made a noise that was quite like a bird’s chirp.

A few moments later, the Enbala soldiers began binding the sand raiders.

Afterwards, the sand raiders were questioned. The result of which was the confirmation someone spilled the location of this oasis to their side.

“That means we can’t stay here for long. That said, I have no idea where else we could stay…there are also the other soldiers who might still be on their way here to consider…really, I’m not sure what to do…”

Queen Maribel racked her brained for the best answer.

Before she could decide, I proposed something to her.

“Maribel-oneechan, how about we just go straight to taking back your kingdom?”

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  1. Thank you!

    “… And that is how the tyrannical rule of the evil Maribel was wilfully reinstated.” Redacted form the gospel of Luke-sama.

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  3. Saving kingdoms is one of Luke and his villagers specialty.
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