Chapter 294: It seems I’m a bit tired already…

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“Alright, how about we give you a ride to that oasis?”

“R-really? But you’ve already helped us out a lot. We can’t possibly…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll be just a short ride, anyway.”

By flying with us in the park, they would get there much sooner than if they traveled the sandy desert by foot. They also didn’t have to worry to worry about monsters this way.

“So, uhh, which way is it?”

“Over there…I think.”

After giving her compass a brief look, Queen Maribel hesitantly pointed her finger in one direction.

“…after all that has happened, I’ve lost track of our present whereabouts, you see.”

A compass was indispensable in traveling this desert.

Without one, you were liable to lose your bearings immediately. And if you didn’t even know where you were, reaching your destination in this place almost devoid of landmarks would be quite the herculean task.

“Selen! Do you see anything over there?”

“Hold on a second…”

Selen—who was at the top of the observation tower—then tried to search with her naked eyes for the said oasis.

<<Observation tower: Tower made of sturdy stone that allows one to see further. Greatly improves one’s vision.>>

I decided to use Facility Upgrade so that the observation tower would boost people’s vision even more.

“Wow, I can see further away now! Ahh, can that oasis be what I’m seeing?”

It looked like she found something like an oasis.


Despite her shock, Queen Maribel rushed to the top of the tower.

Of course, I followed after her.

“There, see?”

“Wha…I do see something…”

When I looked at where Selen was pointing at, I saw a small pool of water amid this seemingly endless sea of sand.

There seemed to be lush greenery around it, making me think it really was the oasis we were looking for.

As for how far away it was, it was probably 10 kilometers away.

“Alright, let’s go toward there.”

I said so and then made the park fly toward that point.

Like that, what we thought to be the oasis grew larger and larger in our vision.

Until eventually, we saw a lake that was about a hundred meters wide.

A closer look also revealed a few huts as well as fields in the area. Moreover, a simple wall made from what seemed to be hardened sand was erected in the surroundings.

“This is a hidden oasis, not found in any map. Because this place is managed by the royal family, a little food and weapons are stored here for use in emergencies. Naturally, our enemies should not have any knowledge of this place.”

We could also see some people below. They were probably the queen’s allies that got separated from her group and somehow made it here ahead of them.

Likely because of the surprise brought about by the incoming flying park though, they looked up with their jaws dropped.

“I’m going to land the park by the side now.”

I said so as I tried to land the park next to the sand wall.

Understandably, the people in the oasis armed themselves, but Queen Maribel rushed down and addressed them.

“Heyyy! It’s me!”

“““Your Majesty!?”””

Upon seeing Queen Maribel as she waved her hand, they were baffled and shocked.

“Are you unharmed, Your Majesty!?”

A middle-aged yet brawny man knelt in front of her while tears threatened to run down his cheeks.

“Yeah, Ganzasu. And right back at you. At your age, I thought you’d have surely dropped dead from making a journey like that.”

“Hahaha! I might have grown old, but I won’t kick the bucket from something as simple like that! Especially while our beloved homeland is under the control of those vile traitors!”

“Mhm, you’re as reassuring as always.”

The man declared so as he pounded his chest with a strong blow.

To which, Queen Maribel nodded, assured.

“Not that I’m complaining, Your Majesty, but you look so lively, as though you haven’t gone on a grueling journey at all.”

“……it might not seem like that, but a lot of things have happened. It’s a miracle we’ve made it here at all.”

“Is that so? Then, the desert gods must have listened to our prayers and gave us this miracle. …by the way, Your Majesty, it seemed to me like you arrived here riding a floating piece of land…no, that’s impossible, isn’t it…mhm-mhm, it seems I’m a bit tired already…”

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