Chapter 292: There’s enough room there for each of you

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The pack of Evil Hyenas were targeting a group of more than 10 people.

are they perhaps travelers?

Probably because they have been traveling in this desert for a long time already, the group of people were at a state of total exhaustion. If the Evil Hyenas were to attack them now, they wouldn’t last long.

And so, I quickly flew the park toward them.

“I’m going to jump ahead!”

Before I could lower the park to a safe enough height though, Gori-chan jumped off the edged.

Any ordinary person attempting the same would have died, but I had no doubt Gori-chan would have been fine. Plus, what was below was sand.

Upon her grand entrance, the travelers as well as the Evil Hyenas were shocked.

Yup, that’s the reaction I expected.

Gori-chan didn’t waste any time and blew one Evil Hyena far away. The others, probably understanding the difference in power between their pack and her, quickly tried to escape.

“I won’t let you!”

“Mhm, let’s crush them.”

Not long after, Selen and the hunters also began attacking.

Selen rained down some icicles to block the Evil Hyenas’ escape path; Selius-kun took them out with his two swords; Noel-kun knocked them back by throwing his shield; Goate-san grabbed the tail of one Evil Hyena and spun it around to hit the others in the vicinity; Philia-san shot arrows at the ones who have already made it far.

In just a few minutes, the pack of Evil Hyenas were no more.

    ◇ ◇ ◇

“Who, who are you…? And why is the earth floating in the sky…?”

The travelers were still shocked from the fact that we arrived here from the sky.

Their tanned skin made me rethink that they might be people who lived in this desert as opposed to travelers.

But then again, if that was the case, they should have been familiar enough with the dangers of the desert. Why then would they venture to a place like this and get attacked by the Evil Hyenas?

“The details can wait; for now, please follow us.”

Simply standing up took effort for them, so I quickly offered them water drawn from the wells in the now-landed park.


It seemed like they haven’t been drinking enough water recently as well, if their excitement was anything to go by.

*Glug**Glug**Glug*… phwah! That’s some good water!”

“Ahh, I’m revived…!”

“Drink as much as you want; don’t hold back.”

When I said so, they seemed surprised.

“N-no, we can’t be wasteful like that. Water is a precious resource in the desert, after all.”

“Yeah, you obviously need water too, so taking more from your supply…”

“No, really, drink as much as you want. We have a well here, see?”

I moved down the lever of the well and water flooded out.


“Now, everyone, take care not to suffer a heatstroke! Cool yourselves down with this water. Keep the water running as long as you want.”

Wells made with my Gift never run out of water, after all.

In addition to water, the group we helped also didn’t seem like they’ve eaten much, if at all, recently.

“Here you go; enjoy.”

“Wha…you’re even giving us food…?”

What I offered them were the bento we brought with us.

They were made by Coch-san, so many of us have been looking forward to eating it, yet no one complained that I offered it.


They didn’t complain, but they couldn’t help but look with envy.

“““It’s so gooooooooooooooooooodd!?”””

    ◇ ◇ ◇

Even though everyone had their fill, chances were they still haven’t recovered from the extreme fatigue they had. As such, I thought it was better to let them rest for the meantime.

“I built a hotel, so feel free to rest as much as you want. There’s enough room there for each of you.”

“““What the hell’s thaaat!?”””

“““Where did that come from!?”””

It would seem they were so occupied with eating the bento that they didn’t notice I built the hotels.

<<Hotel: a facility that mainly provides accommodations and relaxation services. It can be used for multiple purposes depending on the configuration!>>

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