Chapter 28: Ah, sorry, everyone. I did that.

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I catalogued the facilities my village currently had.


First, we had one shed and one storehouse.

I, Millia, and Selen currently lived in the only small house the village had.

To house all of our villagers, the village had 16 terrace houses.

Each terrace house had a dedicated water well, plus the one for our small house. So, in total, we had 17 water wells.


We had 30 fields.

For earthen walls, by my count, we had 15 all in all.


We had three jailhouses for the bandits.

In connection, we had 1 rehabilitation facility.

The moat I built to use against the bandits have been repurposed as an embankment.


We had a watchtower for each of the four corners of our village.

We had one outdoor kitchen.

We had one incinerator.


And lastly, we had one church.


“In addition to the points I’ve been saving up in case emergencies arose, I gained 500 points as a bonus. At this point, leaving it unused seem rather wasteful, especially if I can find a good use for it. But what could that be, hmm? Oh, yeah, I became able to build new facilities, didn’t I? Let’s check them out.”

<<By reaching village level 5, you became eligible to build the following:>>


Road                                      5

Canal                                     10

Observation Tower         100

Public Bathhouse             150

Large House                       200


“Roads only cost 5 points while canals only cost 10; aren’t these so much cheaper than the previous facilities?”


It was only 5 points, so I tried making one.

Apparently though, each one was only a few meters long. In other words, there was a need to build and connect many of them to get meaningful use. The cost made sense to me then.

I would say though, the road was built much sturdier than I expected. It was made with cobblestones, but the gaps between each stone was so small. Moreover, the road was completely flat. Even the roads that connected the Albert territory with other major cities weren’t this flat.


I also built a canal made of piled together stones. Between this, moats, and embankments, we had a fair bit of flood control.


“Is an observation tower just an improved watchtower? How about this public bathhouse? Is it a facility for baths? If so, everyone’s gonna like it, right?”


While the small house where I lived had a bath, the terrace houses didn’t come with any. So, to wash their bodies, the villagers made use of the water wells. However, water from that tended to be cold. It wasn’t much of an issue now because it was still warm this time of the year, but once winter comes around, washing their bodies would likely become quite the ordeal.


All that being said, I decided to upgrade the village’s earthen walls into stone walls first. I decided so in the hopes that this would improve our defense. Sure, our plan went well and we were able to defeat the enemies this time, but that didn’t eliminate the concerns I had about the earthen walls.


To upgrade the walls, I needed to pay only the difference between the types, which was 30 points. Now, given that we had 15 walls, that meant I needed to pay 450 points in order to upgrade all of them.


“Wh-what happened!?”

“I thought the walls were moving again… ”

“But they instead became made of stone!?”


The 2-meter-tall earthen walls suddenly became 2.5-meter stone walls, so the villagers were flustered at what could have happened.


“Ah, sorry, everyone. I did that.”

“Oh, it’s the chief, huh.”

“Of course, it’s the chief. Who else would have been able to do a feat like that in an instant?”

“Wait, aren’t you all accepting this a little too easily!?”


The villagers readily accepted that it was my doing. Not even a sliver of doubt crossed their minds.


After regaining my calm, I proceeded to upgrade our small house.

The villagers lived in much narrower residences than I did, so I didn’t mind letting it be, but it was the villagers themselves who insisted that I go live somewhere bigger.


I was able to build a large house now, but I chose to build a medium-sized one for now.

Like when I upgraded the walls, I only had to pay the difference between the two versions, which was 50 points.


“Woah, it has two stories now!”


I stepped inside.

The first floor had one room in addition to the living room and the kitchen. Meanwhile, the second floor had two rooms.

Compared to the small house, this was quite spacious.


“…but there’s still only one bed?”


The medium-sized house was quite furnished, but it only had one bed. It was placed on the second floor.

It was a ‘double bed’ though, so it could be said to be an improvement.


And then, I had an Aha! moment.


“What if I use facility customization? Will I then be able to increase the number of beds…?”


Will I finally be released from being sandwiched every night?


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 28: Ah, sorry, everyone. I did that.”

  1. Too naïve!


  2. Villagers wondering about change in walls but never thought about newly built buildings or how none of then had died being squashed by construction of a building yet because from what the author said, dude was editing his village while everyone was still doing their stuffs.

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  3. Muito Obrigado por este capítulo.


  4. kirindas said:

    Lol! The futile efforts of trying change the sleeping arrangements.
    Thank you!


  5. Thank you!

    Doubtful, if you make a second bed, it will just mysteriously disappear.

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