Chapter 279: There’s no way a human could do something like that…

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The seawater was a little bit cold, but just swimming for a while would be enough to get used to it.

The weather today was nice too. The sun was shining brightly, so even when we get out of the water and stay on the beach, we didn’t feel the cold much even though we were just in our bathing suits.


“Luke! You’re not gonna swim anymore~~?”

“I’m feeling a bit worn out, so I’m gonna rest on the beach for a while.”


Both Selen and Philia-san has been swimming without taking a break for a while now. Their stamina was truly something else.

As for Millia, she swam for a bit at the start as well. Soon though, she got out of the water so that she could drink some juice while lying down on a beach chair that was under a parasol.


“Luke-sama, please have a drink.”

“Thanks, Millia…oh yeah, where’s Gori-chan?”

“Goritiana-sama headed there.”


Millia said so while pointing at the open sea.

When I squinted my eyes in that direction, I saw something making the water splash as it travelled from left to right.


“S-so fast…and, is that a butterfly stroke?”


It turned out to be Gori-chan swimming at an incredible speed.

She was swimming too far into the sea though. But then again, Gori-chan should be more than fine on her own.


As for the others: the brothers Belrith-san and Balrath-san were having a fun time playing some beach volleyball; Noel-kun and Goate-san seemed to be having a contest that revolved around catching fish with their bare hands; and Selius-kun—who unsurprisingly let out a gush of blood as soon as he saw Philia-san in her swimsuit—was taking a rest beneath some shade.


We were like that when I suddenly heard a shout from behind us.


“What are you people doing over there!?”


I turned to look right away and saw a red-faced old man.

Just when I worried that he somehow found out that we were foreigners who travelled here to play in their sea, the old man said something I totally didn’t expect.


“The sea’s dangerous! Get out of it quickly! Haven’t you heard that krakens have been spotted here recently!?”



If I remember right, they’re gigantic squid monsters, right?


So, instead of getting mad at us for smuggling ourselves into their kingdom, it turned out the old man was shouting only out of concern for us.

We called Selen and the others back immediately, of course. But while they were getting out of the water, Millia suddenly shouted something.


“Luke-sama, Goritiana-sama’s…”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“Look there…!”


I looked at the sea again and saw Gori-chan emerging from the open waters. However, she kept going up and up until she was suspended in the air. And keeping her up there was something thick that has coiled around her large body.


The old man from before shouted something.


“A, a kraken! I can’t believe anyone will swim that far into the water in these dangerous times! That fool…there’s no helping them now…!”


In the next moment though, there was a bang, followed by the arm that was holding Gori-chan getting torn off.




The old man’s jaw dropped and let out a dumbfounded gasp.


“Did the kraken’s tentacle really just got torn off…?”


It was probably hard to tell from this distance, but Gori-chan’s power was way above what would be considered ordinary.


“No, it can’t be, right? I must be just seeing things. There’s no way a human could do something like that…”


Meanwhile, Gori-chan dropped into the water and didn’t surface for a while.

Did she dive down?


“They’re being dragged downed to the bottom of the sea!”

“Hmm, I don’t know if it’s that, but she’ll probably be alright.”


This was Gori-chan we were talking about, after all.

And soon enough, she did resurface.


“She’s coming back.”

“Is she carrying something?”


While Gori-chan was swimming back toward the shore with a butterfly stroke, we couldn’t help but notice the large shadow behind her.


“Is it the kraken?”

“D-don’t be absurd! How can anyone defeat a kraken under the water!?”


The old man was in disbelief, but as the identity of the shadow became clear…


“It, it really is a kraken…! But that doesn’t look too big…? Ahh, it must be a child then. Even so, what a feat…”

“Ahm, considering that that person is larger than normal, I don’t think that’s the case.”



Before long, Gori-chan reached the beach.

Upon seeing her muscular physique, the old man’s jaw dropped once more.


“So, so big…”

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