Chapter 274: It can’t be that they’re just making me fat before they eat me, can it!?

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Dora had come out of the bath.

She was wearing a cute dress with lots of frills, likely prepared by Millia.


“Fufufu, it suits you really well, Dora-sama……say, Luke-sama, would you like me to prepare a dress like this for you as well?”

“No thanks.”


Her clothes aside, Dora looked a lot nicer than before. Her complexion has gotten better too.


“I-is this…can this be food made out of wyverns…?”

“Yup, and cooked by the village’s excellent chefs.”


The chefs have already finished making several dishes.

Each of the dishes looked delicious as they were laid out on top of the large table in my home.

For most of the chefs, this should be the first time they used wyvern meat yet they didn’t seem to have any trouble at all producing such dishes. If the dishes’ looks were anything to go by, I was certain that their taste would be excellent as well.


“Is this for me…?”

“Yup. I did say that we were going to treat you to some food made out of wyvern, right?”

“Ohh… *(…so I was worrying for nothing, huh)*



For some reason, Dora breathed a sigh of relief.


“Anyway, please don’t hold back and enjoy the food.”

“Alright, I will take you up on your offer.”


By the way, the only people here were myself, Dora, Selen, Millia, Selius-kun, Philia-san, the village’s chef. I thought having only a few people would make Dora feel more comfortable.


*munch**munch**munch*…waah, wyvern’s really something! And it goes so well with alcohol too! *glug**glug**glug*, phwaa~~”

“What, Miranda-san!?”


But then, one uninvited person showed up.


“Why are you eating here all of a sudden?”

“What do you mean? I smelled something nice, so I checked it out. And when I saw that it was all this food, I’m naturally going to eat it, right?”

“What kind of logic is that!?”


Miranda-san was a shut-in that normally eats in her room, yet now…

Man, this freeloader…


And then, Dora and Miranda-san’s eyes met.


“What is this person…? *(I don’t know about the others, but I can tell that even though this person’s human, they’re hiding great power….)*

“Oi, what’s the deal with this new girl…?*(I don’t know about the others, but I can tell that this girl ain’t ordinary…they’ve probably lived for long, long time.)*


Miranda-san uncharacteristically stopped eating and just stared at Dora. Likewise, Dora locked her eyes on Miranda-san. Just like that, the atmosphere turned serious.

I decided to intervene.


“Now, now, you two, there’s plenty of food for everyone, so there’s no need to fight over it, ok?”


It might not be obvious from their appearance, but both of them have lived for a long time. As such, I would like them to refrain from doing childish things like fighting over food when there was no shortage of it.


*(…was it just my imagination? For one, she has sauce all over her mouth…she’s a fool, not someone strong.)*

*(I can feel a tinge of stupidness from her though, so maybe she really is just a regular girl. Those horns and that tail must be just some kind of accessory. Bah, whatever. I have no time for her when there’s all this food and drinks.)*


The two finally stopped staring at each other.


“Alright, now, please enjoy the meal.”

“M-mhm. *(that girl is eating the food normally. I suppose it’s safe to assume that there’s no poison in the food. Not that poison works on me.)*”


Seated on a chair that was probably a bit too large for her, the first thing that Dora stretched her hand toward was the hamburger steak made using wyvern meat.

She picked one up, took a large bite with her tiny mouth, and accidentally scattered all over the juices overflowing from within the hamburger steak.


“~~~~~~~~!? It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!!”


She shouted so with her eyes wide open.

I was so glad to hear that it was to a dragon’s taste.

From then on, Dora consumed an unbelievable amount of food for someone of her small frame. It would seem a dragon’s appetite remained the same regardless of their form.


“Pwah, that was so good *(so, in the end, they didn’t want to eat me…wait! It can’t be that they’re just making me fat before they eat me, can it!?)*

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 274: It can’t be that they’re just making me fat before they eat me, can it!?”

  1. Like Kobe lobster fed with Kobe beef, a dragon fattened up on wyverns is a decadent delicacy.


  2. Thank you!

    Second thought: *(But with such delicious food being used, perhaps it’s worth it …)*


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