Chapter 268: To think you have cornered me this much

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“Watch out! It’s coming back again!”

“Get away from it!!!”


While the hunters were preparing to avoid the incoming dragon, I used Facility Customization.

That made a large fissure appear in the middle of the park. Immediately after, the side we were not in rose up almost instantly.




Everyone was shocked from seeing the park bend itself like that.

But even when it had bended itself to a 90 degrees form, I kept going. Before long, the other half was hanging over our heads, almost like it was ready to fall at any time.  




As to be expected, the dragon was in complete state of panic.

After all, unless it did something, it would be sandwiched by the two halves of the park.

Moreover, since the dragon was flying toward where the ground bent, it found itself close to both halves of the park. It tried to change its course, but it was simply too late.




The dragon first hit the half on top. It then bounced toward the half on the bottom, which then made it bounce back up. This cycle repeated a number of times until the dragon got stuck between the two halves.

Even so, as though nothing has happened thanks to its resilient body, the dragon tried to escape through an available gap. Naturally, I didn’t let it. I made the two halves move again, pinning the dragon down further.


“Luke-dono, this…?”

“Ahm, let’s call it ‘certain death through being sandwiched by the ground’.”

“Your naming sense aside, it’s quite the powerful technique…”


I wanted to crush the dragon with this, but at a certain point, the two halves didn’t seem to move further.


“Ahhn, amazing as always, Chief-chan!! The dragon’s now trapped like a mouse!”


Gori-chan said so and then boldly charged at the trapped dragon.





It might not be able to get itself out, but the dragon wasn’t going down without a fight. It swung its relatively free tail and repelled Gori-chan away.

Gori-chan tumbled on the ground until she went over the edge of the flying park and disappeared from my sight.




I shouted so, fearing that she might have fallen out of the park. Thankfully, her large hand stretched up from below just a moment later.


“Ufufu, that almost finished me off ♡”


Gori-chan somehow managed to cling on the edge and was now climbing back up.


“Watch out for that tail! Attack it from long-range, or from its other side!”

“““Yes, ma’am!”””


Upon receiving Selen’s instruction, the hunters launched their attacks in unison.


“Aim for its underside! It’s much softer than its backside!”


The one to shout so was Philia-san.

As to be expected, the scales of the dragon’s body made it hard to deal significant damage, but its underside looked to be considerably more vulnerable.




The dragon still hasn’t given up yet and was rampaging as much as it could.

However, after taking away its ability to fly and even sealing much of its movement, a dragon, for all its might, couldn’t put up much of a fight.

Or so I thought.

The moment the dragon raised its head in a large arc, Gori-chan shouted something while having an uncharacteristically serious face.


“Oh no! Breath attack, incoming! Get away from it!”

“““Breath attack?”””


Immediately after, the dragon released a breath of fierce flames. It then moved its head horizontally, thus engulfing the surroundings in flames.

Before any flames could reach us though, I made the ground rise up to block it. When Gori-chan shouted ‘breath attack’, I instinctively knew what she was talking about despite not having encountered a dragon before. It was likely thanks to my previous life’s memory.

It wasn’t like the walls I put up completely blocked the dragon’s fiery breath though. In fact, the flames were so intense that it melted the earthen walls I built in almost an instant. Even so, it lasted just long enough for us to get away from the attack’s range.




Probably hoping that the breath attack would have given it the upperhand, the dragon looked dejected when it found out that the attack actually did nothing.

Considering that it reserved that attack this late into the fight, it likely had a limit on the number of times it could perform them. And if that was the only one, all that was left to do was to deal the finishing blow.


<<To think you have cornered me this much…well fought, humans.>>


However, I suddenly heard someone’s voice in my head.

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  1. fektthis3353 said:

    Well, we got no dragon waifu yet. We got no loli waifu. Might as well go for the classic two for one. It won’t be the first time. Hedging all bets on Dragon Loli waifu showing up. Although with Millia and Selis around it has no chance and might even die if it makes to many moves on Luke-sama


  2. Thank you!

    Looks like the Tree Dragon might get a new friend.


  3. I would have gone for the backside like Hajime with the pile driver in Arifureta.

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