Chapter 266: That one’s a mighty big wyvern!

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“There’s one! It’s a wyvern!”

“““Meat, here we come!!!”””


Upon discovering the wyvern, everyone’s excitement shot up.

Even this early in the fight, they were treating the wyverns as nothing but game.


I made the flying park we were on get closer to the wyvern.




The wyvern noticed us and suddenly made a throaty cry in its surprise.

Which was probably the natural reaction when seeing a landmass flying your way.


While the wyvern was still stunned, I made the park descend diagonally until it crashed into the wyvern.




Upon impact, the wyvern was blown away and tumbled on the ground it was on.

The hunters took that chance and sprung at the monster.





As though it was frightened by the humans who regarded it simply as a slab of meat, the wyvern tried to fly up and escape. Unfortunately for it, I immediately moved the park and blocked its way.





Meanwhile, Philia-san shot an arrow at the wyvern’s wings. With the wyvern deprived of its flying capabilities, killing the wyvern was as good as done.



    ◇ ◇ ◇



As we expected, there was indeed a great number of wyverns living this far up the mountains. Thanks to that, we have been able to hunt wyvern after wyvern.

Even though wyverns were classified as a dragon subspecies, as long as they were kept grounded, defeating them wasn’t too hard.



“Look, there’s three of them together!”


There were times where our group encountered many wyverns at the same time, but just as we had discussed beforehand, we divided ourselves according to the present wyverns.

However, each time we had to split up, Gori-chan always fought alone. I thought that even if it was her, fighting without any help was suicidal, but…



“Gori-chan, are you ok!?”

“Nothing to worry about!”



The wyvern she was fighting had its mouth open in an attempt to bite her, but before it could, Gori-chan seized its open mouth with her bare hands.




After her muscles swelled even more to the point that I thought her clothes would burst, she hurled the wyvern that was several times larger than she was.

That’s, that’s beyond human strength, isn’t it…


From that, the wyvern completely lost consciousness.

…that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was fine even on her own.


By the way, I wasn’t just moving the park this whole time. I had also made golems and occasionally operated them so that they would prevent the wyverns from moving away.


A few hours then passed as we continued to hunt the wyverns.


“We should call it a day, I think.”


When the satisfied-looking Selen told me so, we had gathered about 20 or so wyverns in the Cold Storage Facility I had prepared.


“Mhm? Luke-dono, there’s a wyvern approaching us from over there.”


Philia-san called out to me and informed me so.


“Let’s go catch one more and then get home!”

“Mm? Wait a second. Isn’t that one a little larger than usual?”

“‘A little larger’ is quite an understatement. That one’s a mighty big wyvern!”


Selius-kun rushed up the observation tower with all his might in order to confirm. With his eyes wide open, he shouted something to us.


“It’s, it’s not a wyvern!”



By the way its figure was getting larger and larger, the incoming creature seemed to be flying at a great speed. And in no time at all, we were able to confirm its identity with our own eyes.


It certainly wasn’t a wyvern.

It had a similar lizard-like appearance, but it was several times larger than a wyvern. Moreover, unlike a wyvern which were two-legged and had wings that acted as its forelimb, this creature had four full legs.


“““It’s, it’s a dragonnnnnn!?”””


As soon as we ascertained its true identity—and shouted in surprise—the dragon gave a thunderous roar.



TL note: I’ve translated Cold Storage Facility as Refrigerator. Well, I’m changing it into Cold Storage Facility. Sorry for the inconsistency.

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