Chapter 264: We’re gonna have barbeque tonight!!!

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The wyvern had made a quick turnaround and was now trying to escape.

All of a sudden though, it crashed into a wall in the sky.



“At this distance, shooting it is easy!”


Philia-san shot an arrow without a moment’s delay.

Probably because she judged that the wyvern’s scales would have prevented any real damage to the body even at this distance, Philia-san aimed for the wyvern’s wings.




With a hole in one of its wings, the wyvern lost its flying balance and began twirling down to the ground.


“How nice of it to fall down here! Let’s finish it as thanks!”



Selen’s tempered group of hunters exclaimed so and rushed toward where the wyvern would crash.

They were all quite eager too.

They’re that passionate about defending the village, huh.

Due to the fact that monsters have rarely made it past our walls recently, the hunters haven’t been able to display their dedication much.


“I heard wyvern meat’s hella delicious!”

“““Let’s eat it!!!”””

“Don’t let it escape!!!”


Is that the real reason why you’re all so eager!?




The wyvern desperately fought back, but against the elites of our village, a dragon subspecies who has lost its ability to fly was simply no match at all.


“We defeated it!!! We’re gonna have barbeque tonight!!!”



    ◇ ◇ ◇



“““SO GOOOOD!!!”””


The wyvern meat was so delicious indeed.

As soon as the wyvern was taken down, its meat was readied to be cooked right away. And that same night, we had a barbeque. The villagers had grown accustomed to the exquisite taste of orc and minotaur meat, but even they were giving high praises for the wyvern meat.

Since wyverns were kind of related to lizards and crocodiles, I had no problems believing that its meat was edible. However, what I found hard to believe was how delicious it was.


“Its taste is somewhere between orc meat and cockatrice meat, isn’t it?”

“Well, lizard meat tastes somewhere between pork and poultry, you know.”

“…Selen, you’ve eaten lizard meat before?”

“’Course I have.”


You would think an earl’s daughter would be so prim and proper, but Selen can be quite wild.


By the way, it seemed like the story about wyvern meat being delicious was pretty well-known.


“Everyone says it’s delicious, but until now, I’ve never known anyone who has actually eaten one. People claim they have, of course, but press them a little bit about it and it becomes obvious that they’re just talking shit. But that’s only to be expected, considering how rare it is to defeat a wyvern.”


Alec-san the adventurer said so.

He added that even him, a seasoned adventurer, has never subjugated a wyvern before.


“At any rate, where could have this monster come from?”

“There shouldn’t be any wyverns in the forest to the north, so maybe it’s from the mountains to the east?”


When Philia-san replied with her guess, Banba-san—the dwarven warrior who possessed the [Heavy Blade Techniques] Gift—gave us some useful information.


“We have certainly seen some large monsters that can be wyverns high up in the mountains.”


The dwarves used to live by the foot of the mountains before.

Upon hearing him, the villagers’ eyes sparkled all at once.


“So, you’re saying we can get we can get more wyvern meat if we go to the mountains!?”

“Wyvern meat will be the village’s newest specialty!”


In contrast to the villagers’ excitement, those from the hunting group looked troubled.


“The top of the mountains is extremely steep though. It’s not a place any ordinary person can climb. Plus, it’s still winter, so there’ll be a lot of snow up there.”

“Yeah. Cockatrices live in what can still be called the lower part of the mountains, but hunting anywhere higher would be tough, even in the summer. The slopes there are almost vertical, you see. I mean, how are we supposed to fight a wyvern when we can’t even wield our weapons?”

“Wyvern meat is definitely appealing, but risks are just too high.”


The hunters have hunted cockatrices multiple times already, so they have experienced firsthand how steep the mountains were.

Even Selen, the hunters’ leader, shot the idea down.

No matter how strong the hunters were, it was just impossible to fight a flying wyvern while also doing some rock-climbing.

But what if they have some foothold?


“Ahm…I think I can do something to help in hunting a wyvern.”

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