Chapter 262: Of course, I’ll play there too~~!

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“Hmm, about that amusement park…it’s frighteningly splendid.”


The king seemed to be very pleased with the amusement park I built.


There hasn’t been any amusement park in the kingdom before, and I was kind of worried they wouldn’t like having a large piece of land be used solely for recreation. Thankfully, it worked out somehow.

Well, rather than the king, maybe it was Princess Darinea who really liked it.


“I’d like to open it to the public as soon as possible. I’m sure my people will love it. *(of course, I’ll play there too~~!)*


Much like the railways, I had decided to leave the management of the amusement parks to the kingdom. It didn’t cost them any gold to build it, so it should be quite a favorable deal for them.

And that was probably why Duke Talister expressed a desire to have one in his duchy.


“Please, my territory must have one as well! *(That way, I can play in there every day~~~!)*


He was likely anticipating a large boost to their local economy based on his enthusiasm.


“A-alright, I’ll build one for you.”

“Truly!? Much obliged!”


Sometime later, it would seem news of the amusement park has spread wide as I have been receiving requesting from many prominent lords. Soon enough, an amusement park could be found throughout the kingdom.


“Well, while I’m at it, might as well give each one a theme.”


Amusement parks with a sea theme, a plant theme, a food theme, and a hot springs theme would be nice, I thought.

If each amusement park had its own distinct thing going on, people who have already visited one would be more likely to visit the amusement parks in other places.

And the more people travel around, the more the involved territories would improve in terms of economy. Fortunately, thanks to the railway system we had set up throughout the kingdom, travelling even to faraway places were so much easier now.


Moreover, one of the reasons people rarely ventured outside of their home regions was the constant wars between the nobles back then.

But as people traveled more and interacted with those from other territories more, I firmly believed that wars like that would be avoided more easily.


“So, yeah, I’ll leave it (all the hard work) up to you, my body doubles!”


The body doubles sure were convenient to have around.

At present, I had about 50 doubles deployed throughout the kingdom.

Even with that many though, building all of the planned amusement parks in the kingdom from scratch would be quite an ordeal. Thankfully, I had obtained the [Copy and Paste] village skill when my village leveled up recently.

[Copy and Paste] allowed me to ‘copy’ any existing facility and ‘paste’ it exactly as it was in another location. From then on, I could just use Facility Customization as I saw fit. Moreover, I could copy and paste more than one facility at a time, so a whole area or even the whole wasteland village could be replicated.

And so, I could use the rather orthodox amusement park in the capital as base and then just customize it in accordance to the theme.


But to make this even more convenient, we could set it up so that one body double copies something and another double pastes it somewhere else like a faraway location.


“Replicating something requires the same number of points as building it from scratch though…but then again, if copy and pasting something meant using a lower number of points, the points system itself would be rendered trivial.”



    ◇ ◇ ◇


Naturally, I built an amusement park for the wasteland village as well.

As for its theme, it was based on a certain amusement park in my memory.


“What are those strange things?”


Selen asked so while tilting her head at the buildings and contraptions the likes of which she hasn’t seen before.


“What can this large cylinder be?”

“That’s supposed to be a space shuttle.”

“A space shuttle…?”

“It’s a rocket that transports you to outer space.”

“Outers face? Racket?”

“Outer space is the place where the sun, the moon, and the stars are.”

“…I don’t get it at all.”


Yes, the theme for the village’s amusement park was [Outer Space].

Unfortunately, it proved to be unpopular for the people of this world. I might have to close it down to renovate as something else.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 262: Of course, I’ll play there too~~!”

  1. what a useless copy and paste.
    I thought it was copying gifts but no its buildings or even a whole village.
    Whats the point of that he can build a village/city in 10 minutes and redesign it as he pleases it just takes a bit more time, its not like he’s in a hurry.


  2. Thank you!

    Ah yes, nothing says village like an Outer Space amusement park. You can just feel the old-fashioned wholesomeness.

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  3. Ok, don’t change the park. Just create NASA and make them appreciate the park more!
    Thanks for the chapter


  4. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    I wish Luke will make something like beach resort soon.


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