Chapter 255: We didn’t find anything wrong in that village

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Having finished his investigation, Cain returned to the Grand Cathedral of Aldera.

Aldera, whose body was too large that simply moving presented difficulty, was planted firmly in his sofa just like always when Cain arrived in the room.


“So, how was it?”

“Sir, we’ve searched every nook and cranny like you ordered, but we didn’t find anything wrong in that village.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir. We didn’t find any trace of a heretical church or priest. There wasn’t any truth to the village wantonly performing the rite of blessing either. We’ve also found the people who have infiltrated the village before, and after perfectly blending in with the village, they reported that there was nothing suspicious happening in the village.”

“…is that so…”


Despite being unconvinced, Aldera nodded to that report.

He found the report to be unbelievable, but he trusted Cain and he knew that the latter wouldn’t lie to him.


“The village chief, Luke-sama, has also stated that the Grand Cathedral of Areisler’s teachings are absolute. As such, he wishes to make a large donation.”



Immediately after hearing the word donation, Aldera’s eyes glimmered.


“My, my, how thoughtful. Of course, it all depends on how much he donates… and I’ve heard he has had good fortune lately.”



Aldera grinned and it contorted his face to an unsightly degree. Cain couldn’t help but look with disdain, but Aldera was so preoccupied with his greed to even notice.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“E-e-e-emergency, your eminence!”

“What, why are you being so loud!? Can’t you see I’m eating!?”


Aldera, waited upon by beautiful women while enjoying his meal, glared at the impudent priest who entered the room unannounced.

That priest flinched for a moment, but the situation was far more pressing, so he steeled himself and reported.


“T-the cathedral, it’s being attacked by an unknown group!”

“An attack? Hmp, we have the strongest order of holy knights in here. We might not know who they are, but what cause do we have to panic? They wouldn’t even make it inside the cathedral.”

“But, your eminence, they’re already inside the cathedral!”

“What did you say!? What are those knights doing?”

“A-actually, sir…”


At that moment, the door into the room opened once more. Standing on the other side was an unfamiliar black-haired woman who, for some reason, was wearing a maid’s outfit.


“You are Cardinal Aldera, I presume?”

“W-who are you!?”

“I am Millia, a maid and a priest.”

“A priest? I don’t remember anyone like you being a priest!”

“But of course, you don’t. I didn’t receive my [Oracle] Gift from your churches, after all.”

“What did you say!? So, you’re that heretical priest…but Cain’s report…no, more importantly, how did you manage to get this far!?”


At almost the same time that Aldera shouted so, an unknown group of armed soldiers entered the room through the same door the maid used.


“Hiii! What’s, what’s happening!? Oi, where the hell are the holy knights!? Why are none of them coming here!?”


Aldera continued shouting like that even when he tumbled out of his large couch.

And then, as though his thoughts reached them, the holy knights rushed into the room.


“Finally! Remove them from my sight at once! …? Oi, what are you waiting for!? Why are none of you moving!?”


Despite shouting his orders to them, the holy knights didn’t move an inch.

In addition, even the invaders didn’t seem to be on guard against holy knights.


“It’s futile to resist, Cardinal Aldera.”



The one to enter the room in such a calm manner was Cain, Aldera’s righthand man.

And when Cain saw the maid, he uttered something truly incredible.


“Millia-sama, just as you ordered, majority of the people in the cathedral have been put to sleep. The potion you gave us had wonderful efficacy.”

“It’s made by the elves in the village, so that’s only natural.”


Upon seeing the two talk like that, Aldera finally understood the situation.


“Cain, what’s the meaning of this!? Are you really betraying me!?”

“It’s time to change the ways of our faith, Cardinal. It no longer needs an ugly pig like you. From now on, the holy mother Millia-sama and our messiah, Luke-sama, will be the core of the kingdom, nay, the world’s faith!”


Cain has been completely brainwashed, Aldera thought.

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  4. Don’t worry Cardinal. You’ll get a free vacation and stay at the wonderful Village Rehabilitation Center. Were Granny will personally over see your new weight loss and brainwashing err I mean torture, errr I mean rehab… Yeah rehab.

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