Chapter 247: But isn’t this too useful?

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Some time passed and spring was drawing closer to the wasteland village.

It still continued to be cold, but the days have been gradually getting longer and longer. In addition, the snow that piled up during the winter was slowly but surely melting away.


According to the merchants who have come to our village, it was already warm in the southern side of the kingdom.

In fact, the royal capital has apparently recently celebrated the advent of spring.


“I hope this year will be a laidback one.”


Immediately after I said so, I thought ‘wait, did I just set up a flag?’.

And almost like it was on cue, the body double in the capital contacted me for an urgent report.


<<Huh? The neighboring country attacked?>>

<<Yes. Because of that, the king wanted to consult with the main body.>>

<<Consult, you say…>>


I could sense only trouble from this.

That said, it wasn’t like I could simply turn down the request.

…it’s because of these things that I didn’t want to get too involved with rulers and such.


Like that, I reluctantly teleported to the royal capital.


“Oh, Luke! You’re here!”

“Yes, your majesty. My body double has given me a rough summary of the situation, but care to elaborate?

“Very well. To be completely honest, this situation is quite grave.”


Uneasiness on his face, the king gave me further details.


“The kingdom to the south of ours, Barste, have invaded us.”


Barste was originally a small nation.

However, while our kingdom kept fighting amongst ourselves, their nation dedicated their time in expanding. And now, they have expanded enough to rival our military might.


“It’s likely that they’ve been aiming to attack our kingdom for quite some time now. And when they caught wind that our internal fighting was about to cease, they decided to attack before we could be fully united.”

“Ahm, and how are things currently?”

“…I’m afraid things are currently abysmal. The burden of protecting our south falls to Duke Talister, but his army is exceedingly outnumbered by themselves. Which is no wonder, considering that the enemy army is said to have a strength of 50, 000 soldiers.”


Rivaling Duke Kaion of the north was Duke Talister of the south.

Even then though, the best they could muster up was about 10, 000 soldiers.


“I hate to admit it, but father’s prediction was spot on.”


The one to interject was none other than Raul.


“Not that we’d be better off if he got his way and became king. I doubt he’d be able to mobilize troops in time, after all.”


While Raul was saying so, the king made a wry smile.


“…we have called for the support of the lords of the kingdom as well as preparing the royal army to deploy. Thanks to the railway system you built, we’re able to travel to faraway places in a short time…but even with that, I fear that we still will not make it before any damage is done. After all, winter has just ended in our kingdom, while theirs have been in spring for some time.”


The royal family could deploy the royal army right away as it was under their direct control.

However, it wasn’t as simple when it came to calling for reinforcements from the other lords.


“Which brings us to why I invited you here. I was hoping that you, who has overcome challenges after challenges, might have an idea on how we can overcome this.”


A-aren’t you expecting too much of me…



    ◇ ◇ ◇



And so, I teleported to the Talister duchy.

My body doubles have already made this part of my village when they built railways here, so teleporting here was no issue.


“I’ve thought this before, but isn’t this too useful…like, can’t you move an entire army in a flash by yourself?”


I had brought along Raul and he expressed his wonder at my teleportation ability upon our arrival.


“People have to be touching a part of my body though, so it’s not as good as you might think.”


I could probably bring a maximum of ten people at once.

So, when talking about an army of thousands, I would need to do so much back and forth.


“Rather than do that, I’m thinking of doing something far simpler.”

“You have something else for moving troops?”

“No, not that. I’m talking about a simpler way of driving back the enemies.”


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