Chapter 231: But wouldn’t they be pleased?

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A mysterious, beautiful girl was in the body double’s room.

Raul tried to ask her where the double could have gone, but was answered with something he totally didn’t expect.


“Ha? What are you saying? You’re definitely not…no, wait a minute…your voice just now…no…”

“Yup, I’m the double.”


Raul was shocked.

And when he looked closer, he realized that the girl did look like Luke.

“Why are you in that getup!?”

“Because the real Luke told me so.”

“What’s that guy thinking!?”

“Ahh, I guess I should also mention that the real Luke also look like this.”

“…this is making less and less sense.”


Despite saying so, Raul thought this in his mind:


*But he does look good in it…too good, in fact…c-could he have been a girl all along?? I mean, he always had a girlish face…no, there’s no way that’s the case, right…?*


Raul unconsciously began doubting his brother’s gender.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


“Luke-sama ♪  Luke-sama  ♪ meeting Luke-sama in the castle ♪”


Humming that curious tune and skipping through the royal palace’s halls was the kingdom’s Princess Darinea.

Ever since she was helped by Luke, she has been secretly (?) in love with him.


“Fufufu, if you think about it, Luke-sama’s body double is always within reach. It might not be the real him, but at least this one makes it possible to get my dose of Luke-sama anytime I want.”


After all, the real Luke and the body doubles were extremely alike. Not only did they share the same appearance, they also had the same voice and way of talking.


Like that, the princess reached the body double’s room. After gently knocking, she proceeded to enter.


“Luke-sama’s body double, I’ve finished my morning lessons and have come to visit!”


The princess said so with a smile on her face, but immediately after, her smile was turned upside-down.


“…who might you be?”


Within the room was a beautiful girl that princess has never met before.

Without meaning to, she ended up scowling at the girl.


“?? Wait, this scent…*sniff**sniff*…!? Luke-sama!?”


The princess incredibly managed to guess the girl’s identity through just scent.


“As similar as your scents might be, I know that you’re Luke-sama’s body double and not really him. I’ve been sniffing his scent while he was beside me during the fighting tournament, after all!”


Without anyone asking her to, the princess explained so.

At that, the body double let out a ‘eh…’ while its face twitched a little.


“That being said, why are you dressed like a girl…”


Despite being surprised by the double’s appearance, the princess…


“Oh my goodness, you’re sooooooo cutttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”


She was greatly infatuated with Luke’s appearance while in drag.


“Luke-sama Luke-sama Luke-sama ~~ ♡”



The princess then unthinkingly embraced the double and rubbed cheeks with it.

Paying little notice to the double’s bewilderment, Princess Darinea asked something while breathing heavily.


“Fuaaaaaaaa! Can…can I lick you!?”

“Most definitely not!”


Body doubles were supposedly less emotional when compared to the original, but in this instance, the double was denying the princess’s request with all its might.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


<<I guess it’s safe to assume that this look is causing a bit of commotion everywhere…>>

<<…yeah, probably.>>


After receiving reports from my doubles stationed in various places, I nodded with a complicated expression on my face.

It was, after all, as expected.


<<Well…just tell the people around you to not worry, it’ll only be for a month.>>

<<No, I did tell them that, but…>>

<<But? Do they find it unbearable?>>



The double hesitated at first but proceeded to tell me something.


<<Rather than just a month, they say they want this to last for longer.>>

<<Absolutely not!>>


It was already too embarrassing for me to look like this for a month, so any longer was just impossible.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve heard of such a request. People in the village have also been asking so, but I simply ignore them whenever I can.


<<But wouldn’t they be pleased?>>

<<Wait a minute. Hey, body double, you don’t happen to like this look, do you!?>>

<<………………………………………..I don’t??>>

<<What’s with that delayed answer!?>>


Upon hearing the double’s reply, I felt a sense of impending danger.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 231: But wouldn’t they be pleased?”

  1. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    “Sometimes it takes a real man to become a best girl”- Gigguk

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  2. I held off reading since the start of the tournament arc because it was just a pain and for me, irrelevant to the story. Now that it’s done, i expected to see why I read this novel in the first place, city development and character’s rise against skill bias. Now the MC is just the author’s toy, no will of his own, atleast the MC of Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire has his likes and dislikes, this mc is just dead inside.

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    • otakubalor said:

      This is kinda slice of life, what do expect for a child lord not like the evil lord of galactic empire who have complete memory of his past life

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      • Exactly because he is a child that he should have honest likes and dislikes. He has no aim, well he had one and that was to make the village and i wanted to see more of that but the author seemed to run out of ideas after dumping too many advanced technologies too early in the story.

        Speaking of slice of life, that is pretty much the reason why i waited to skip the tournament arc. Isekai nonbiri nouka is a good example of a SOL that handles tournaments well. Just a casual competition with simple rewards and returns to SOL the day after aka back to farming.

        Just checking again but it seems the review on NU was right about this novel. After ch170+, the author just gave up on his skill system (costs, being able to inspect villagers, his skill talks, etc) and proceeds to just ‘make new op building’ ‘people reacts’ repeat.

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  3. The body doubñes are likely exposing Luke’s hidden desires…

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  4. kirindas said:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  5. Sounds like the doubles are gaining sentience. Rise of the doubles! Revolution!

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  6. Thank you!

    Sigh … just say no!


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