Chapter 220: It’s my rays of love, you know!

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Gai-san had let loose an explosion of light.

It was so blindingly bright that Selen had to close her eyes.


Of course, Gai-san took advantage of that and swung his staff. At that point, the crowd thought the match was over.




However, to our surprise, Selen whose eyes were still shut crossed her two swords and managed to stop the incoming attack.



“Based on your movements earlier, I can tell how you’re going to attack even with my eyes closed.”



Selen, who has now recovered her sense of vision, rushed toward the flustered Gai-san.


“Darn it all…!”


Upon being slashed, Gai-san fell down and was unable to get back up. As such, his defeat was declared.

Needless to say, he wasn’t in a state where he could heal himself, so he was carried to the clinic via a stretcher.


“I’ve made it to the semifinals!”


Having advanced to the semifinals, Selen joyfully climbed down from the stage.

While doing so…


“Fufufu, once I become champion, I can ask whatever I want…”


What’s she planning to ask!?

I got a little frightened and my body shivered as a result.


I wanted to cheer for Selen, but at the same time, I didn’t want her to be the champion.

While having mixed feelings like that, the third match of the quarterfinals began.

It was a match between Gori-chan and Alec-san.


“…truth be told, I kinda wanted to forfeit. Obviously not a cool thing to do, so no other choice, I guess.”

“Alec! You’re the only left to represent our party! You better do your best!”

“And then Hazena says something like that…if I withdraw now, she just might burn me alive.”


Alec-san didn’t seem eager to fight. On the other hand, Gori-chan was…


“Ahhn, like I thought, you’re such a fine specimen of a man. You’re just my type, you know. You’ve caught my attention right away when I first laid my eyes on you. I’ve actually been watching your matches since the preliminaries. And now I got the chance to fight you myself! I’m so happy! *kiss* ♡”



Gori-chan blew a kiss toward Alec-san, which made the latter’s face go ghastly pale.

Alec-san received heavy damage before the fight even began!


“I did feel a creepy gaze set on me all the way from the preliminary matches, but…”

“What do you mean creepy? Geez! It’s my rays of love, you know!”


Gori-chan said so and then puffed her face, annoyed.

It might have just been coincidence, but I saw some people in the audience throw up.




Before long, the signal to start the match was given.

Without any delay, Alec-san shouted as though to steel himself and then slashed at Gori-chan.

In response to the greatsword swinging down on her, Gori-chan launched a punch.




“…! What the hell are you!? A greatsword is generally not something you repel with your fists, you know…!?”


How did she manage to do that with her bare fists?


“It’s because of that pink macho monster’s fighting aura. In addition to having tough bones and bulky muscles, the pink macho’s enveloping their fists with dense fighting aura. You might as well consider those fists as hammers at this point.”


Raul explained so.




Gori-chan looked at her fist and noticed something: a little blood was flowing out from the back of her hand.

Being wholly unharmed after punching a greatsword mid-swing was, as to be expected, not realistic.


“Splendid! You’ve wounded my fist!”

“More like, I did only that much damage? You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

“Ahh, so good! Hit me moreeee!”

“Hey, don’t shout so weirdly like that!”


Alec-san unleashed a barrage of slashes, but Gori-chan kept deflecting each one with her fists.

With each punch, her blood splattered around. Yet, instead of pain, her face was that of pleasure.


“Ahhn, your thick, splendid thing’s so hard!”

“Don’t phrase it like!”


Despite appearances, Gori-chan seemed to be an M.


While the crowd was wincing, Alec-san, who might have thought that their fight wouldn’t end as things were, decided to do a risky move.

He assumed a stance where he seemed to be drawing his greatsword back and then launched a ferocious thrust.



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