Chapter 218: I wonder whom I should cheer for…?

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The 7th match of the second day was between the Dwarf Banba-san and the former bandit leader Dorial.

Banba-san had the [Heavy Blade Techniques] Gift, which allowed him to expertly use swords so much larger than him.

Dwarves were usually timid people, but Banba-san was curiously quite the hearty and loud person. He lived where the sun’s rays reached instead of underground and was even thriving in places with a large number of people such as these venues for the competition.


As for Dorial, he possessed the [Axe Techniques] Gift. He was a giant of a man at over 2 meters in height.

…it might just be because I have gotten used to seeing Gori-chan, but he didn’t seem as imposing now.

The battleaxe that Dorial wielded was so big, an ordinary person might not even be able to lift it, much less use it in battle.


Simply put, this fight was between two people who wielded colossal weapons.

And just as the crowd expected, the two clashed swords as soon as the fight began.




The impact of their blades clashing sent out a sound so intense that the crowd fell completely silent.

As soon as they recovered though, they resumed cheering.


“Ha, you’re quite something! Didn’t expect there’d be someone who can take me head on!”

“Right back at ya! I’m surprised a dwarf can hold their own against me!”


Compared to the previous fighters, the current fighters could be said to be moving slower. However, what they lacked in speed, they more than made up with intensity. Unsurprisingly, their exchange excited the crowd.

The conclusion of the fight came suddenly though. After they exchanged multiple strong attacks, their weapon reached their limits.


“My, my, looks like you can’t fight anymore.”

“Whacha talkin about? The fight’s just begun.”



With both of their weapons broken, Banba-san thought that it was impossible to continue the fight was over. Dorial who had excellent brawling capabilities very much thought otherwise.

Dorial suddenly punched Banba-san, sending the latter back. In addition to catching Banba-san off-guard, there was the great difference of their sizes.


“It’s my win!”

“A-and my defeat…”


Dorial raised his fist up, while Banba-san lost consciousness.

And so, their fight that turned into a brawl ended up with Dorial as the winner.



    ◇ ◇ ◇



The last match of the day had Selius-kun as its winner.

And now, only 8 fighters remained in the tournament.


“…no matter how I look at it, this tournament’s definitely at a much higher caliber than usual. Just how…just how can such fighting power be gathered in one place…?”

“My dear father, it’s best not to dwell on it.”


The matchups for the quarterfinals were as follows:


Philia-san vs Noel-kun

Gai-san vs Selen

Gori-chn vs Alec-san

Dorial vs Selius-kun


These people have won through each of their matches thus far, so there was no doubt that each one of them were strong.

As such, the next fights were bound to be worth watching.


At any rate, all the matches for today were done.

Up next was the quarterfinals and it was scheduled to be held tomorrow.


“Say, who do you think will be champion?”

“I’m going to be rooting for Selius-kun! Haahaa..”

“He is good-looking, I’ll give you that. But for me, I’d say I’m rooting for Noel-kun.”

“Ehh? So that’s your type?”

“Goodness, you two have poor eyesight or something? Can’t you see that Alec-sama is the only real choice!?”

“Eh? You like old guys?”

“Then, what about Dorial or Gai?”

“Baldies are a big no, you know.”




“Hey, who do you think will be champion?”

“Goritiana, I think. Among the remaining 8, that one seems to be the strongest by far.”

“Oh no, my friend, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s definitely going to be Selen-chan. I mean, ain’t she just the cutest?”

“What does cuteness have to do with anything…?”

“You’ve got a point! But if we’re talking about the cutest of them all, then Goritiana-chan’s definitely it.”



That night, the still-excited audience discussed among themselves who they thought was going to become the champion.


“Selen and Selius are both still in the competition! Nothing less from my children! Hahaha! …but hmm? If those two face each other, I wonder whom I should cheer for…?”

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