Chapter 213: You’ll serve as the first step toward my life of fame!

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My great worry about the champion’s prize aside, the fighting tournament’s qualifying rounds have begun.

The participants have gathered in the 8 venues we prepared for the qualifying rounds. Most of them had anxious expressions as they waited for their turn to fight.


By the way, we had also prepared audience seats for the qualifying rounds.

We assumed it would mostly be just the participants’ family who would come to watch, but for some reason, each venue was packed.

Even though this was just our first fighting tournament, it has already gained the attention of the whole village.


As for the rules, the qualifying rounds and the main rounds had the same ones.

The following were just some of the rules on determining who lost:

They were deemed unable to continue fighting;

They declare defeat themselves;

And if they were to exit the fighting ring.


The following would not only have them forfeit the match, it would also get them sent to a rehabilitation facility:

Attacking an enemy’s vital points;

killing the opponent;

And disobeying the referee’s instructions.


<<Rehabilitation facility: A place to rehabilitate criminals and wrongdoers. The likelihood of reforming is increased for the targets.>>


Each venue was stocked with plenty of potions. Moreover, the venues were actually built next to a hospital, so as long as the injury wasnt too grave, it’s alright.


<< Hospital: A medical care facility where patients can stay for further treatment. Abates the patients’ pain. Improves self-healing. Improves the effect of medical treatment.>>


“Hmm? Isn’t that…”


When I came to check the venues, a certain person who was about to enter the fighting area caught my attention.

It was none other than Manta-san, Mack-san’s son. The both of them have moved here from their village in the former Albert territory.


“If I recall correctly, he’s supposed to spend some time in a rehabilitation facility. Has he been properly rehabilitated?”


Sometime prior, Manta-san declared that he was going to split a watermelon in half using only his thing. That declaration alone was cause for concern already, but he actually proceeded to take off his pants. Thankfully, the guards were able to stop him in time.

That wasn’t his only offense, either. Apparently, he has been regularly pestering others by doing things such as persistently hitting on women.


“Hahaha! I’m not who I used to be! I now pursue women appropriately! Yes, I’ll use this tournament to show off my good points and be popular!”


Yup, his character hasn’t changed much, has it?

That said, it might be true that he was now more, uhh, appropriate.


Whichever the case might be though, I had no idea what he intends to do to win. He didn’t have any Gift or any combat experience, after all.


“I’ve been practicing the sword for this very day! Oh yes, I know! I know that if you train in the training ground, you’ll improve several times faster than normal!”


Manta-san declared so and then gleefully drew his sword.


“You’ll serve as the first step toward my life of fame!”


As soon as their match officially began, Manta-san rushed head-on toward his opponent.






Manta-san’s attack was easily deflected, leaving him dumbfounded.

His opponent made use of this chance and launched an attack of their own.




Taking care to not gravely injure Manta-san, his opponent used the flat of their sword to hit the top of Manta-san’s head.

He immediately fainted and dropped to the floor with a thud.


“Expected as much…”


After all, his opponent has been training in the training ground way before he has.

It was only natural that his first set of training sessions couldn’t compare to his opponent’s.


Manta-san had lost his consciousness and showed no sign of getting back up anytime soon.

After being deemed unable to continue the fight, his defeat was declared.


“Oh, that’s Mack-san over there, isn’t it…”


He was probably a bit worried about his son and came to check.

But when he saw his son’s instant defeat, he breathed a sigh and turned back.

Well, Manta-san might have trained just to enter the tournament, but the fact was he still trained. That, in my opinion, was plenty of growth already.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


Even though they didn’t have any combat Gifts, many villagers have been regularly training in the training ground. Largely thanks to that, the matches, even though it was still only the qualifying rounds, were all impressive…all besides Manta-san’s maybe.

That being said, some participants were able to win with relative ease. These of course included people like Selen and Philia-san, both of whom were top contenders for being the overall champion.

In all of their matches since the start, Selen has been able to defeat all of her opponents in 10 seconds or less, while Philia-san was able to defeat her opponents without any of them getting close. Needless to say, both of them have advanced to the main round of the competition.

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