Chapter 201: Excuse me for a moment

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In addition to the monsters we had encountered so far, undead monsters like mummies, zombie slimes, six-armed skeletons, and man-eating ghouls prowled within the ruins.


Unlike the normal slimes which were adorable and weak, the zombie slimes were quite atrocious. It stood at about 3 meters high and smelled so foul.

Moreover, it was essentially immune to physical attacks. Even though it was cut, it instantaneously fixed itself by reintegrating the cutoff part into its body.

To defeat it, we had to rely on Hazena-san’s fire magic to burn it down as well as Selen’s ice magic to freeze it solid. I had no idea what we would do if all of us relied on physical attacks.


The traps also became more dangerous the deeper we went.

There were traps like both sides of the wall closing in so as to crush you or those where spears rise from the ground to impale you. Needless to say, getting caught in one of those was a guaranteed death.

Fortunately, we had Kamuru-san who could sense each trap beforehand.


The puzzles and gimmicks were also becoming more and more complex. We had encountered an area with countless doors that prevented backtracking as well as a place where multiple switches must be activated all at once to reveal the hidden path forward.

That said, my teleportation rendered them nothing more than a slight inconvenience.


“T-this place gives a dangerous vibe…”


At the entrance to a large room, Kamuru-san’s body shivered.

Within the room were a hundred or so trunk-like objects, each one made of stone.


“This is the short route, but I think we should take a detour…”

“If this way lets us go forward, let’s just go already.”


Raul disregarded Kamuru-san’s proposal and entered the room.       

We were then left with no other choice than to follow.


A good ways in, the lids of the trunk-like objects began to move. And when the lids were removed, something arose from within: mummies.

It turned out that the trunk-like objects were their coffins.                    


The mummies descended upon us like a raging wave.

Suddenly though, I heard a creaking sound from behind us. When I looked back, I discovered that the door we used to get in has closed shut.


“T-this is what I was telling you about…”


Kamuru-san said so, exasperated.


“What are you doing now, Raul!?”

“Ha! We just have to take them all down, don’t we!?”


Raul replied so to an already agitated Selen while dashing alone toward the group of mummies.

And then, almost like a storm, he slashed at each approaching mummy.

However, mummies—who didn’t feel any pain—still continued to move even after their arms and heads were cut off.




Perhaps fearing that Raul might get surrounded and overwhelmed by the mummies, Marin-san rushed toward him.


“Hmp, I can handle these guys myself!”


Raul did seem to be doing just fine by himself. He even seemed to be doing better than I expected him to.

Maybe he’s gotten stronger since the last time.


“Screw it, we’re going as well!”

“Understood, sister!”


Selen, Selius-kun, and the rest followed suit.


The thing we needed to watch out for when fighting mummies was the fact that they could unfurl the bandages around their bodies and then hurl it at us so as to restrict our movements.

Given how many they were, it could spell doom for us if they manage to immobilize all of us. But then again, such a strong group of people wouldn’t be caught that easily.

The fight has just started, but we had already taken down a considerable number of mummies.


“Javelin spear!”


Since the mummies were covered from head to toe with bandages, Hazena-san’s fire magic was quite effective.


“Let me help too.”


I said so and then built a 3-meter-tall golem. Immediately afterwards, I made it charge toward the group of mummies and punch them with its giant fist.


“Luke-dono, excuse me for a moment.”


Philia-san climbed up the golem’s shoulder and then rained down arrows from there.

Since regular arrows dealt unsatisfying damage against the undead, Philia-san enveloped her arrows with wind using her green magic. Like that, her arrows didn’t just pierce, they gouged the mummies flesh as they passed through.


 Before I realized it, the over 100 mummies were all annihilated.


“Over already? Gotta wonder if this team here can take on an entire country by itself.”


Raul, who probably defeated the most mummies among us, said so as though he was having fun.

In contrast, Marin-san looked at the corpses(?) of the mummies and shuddered.


“They’ve defeated all these mummies in such a short time…each one here is definitely outrageous.”

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  1. Javelin spear? I doesn’t like a fire skill? And more or like a spear skill to me..


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I get the feeling that 100 mummies can’t quite be compared to thousands of troops though? Moreover, I feel that it would be nigh impossible for that team alone to take on a country without increasing the kill count, even if they could fight thousands of soldiers.


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