Chapter 20: Our Savior

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I had used my [Villager Appraisal] on the 76 newest villagers. Among them, 12 had the potential to have Gifts. However, since 2 of those 12 were children, only 10 could be blessed right now.


These Gifts included [Sword Techniques]; [Herculean Strength] which increased the user’s physical strength; [Beast’s Sense of Smell] which heightened one’s olfactory senses to rival even those of beasts’; [Danger Perception] which alerted the user to incoming danger; and [Poison Resistance] which decreases the effects of poison on the user.

Of particular note was [Shield Master Techniques]. It was the superior version of [Shield Techniques]. Much like [Sword Master Techniques], this Gift was exceedingly rare. Because the Gift concerned shields, it didn’t offer much in terms of attacks, but in return, it boosted the user’s defense and even allowed them to take on the damage that should be for their allies.


The one blessed with [Shield Master Techniques] was a 13-year-old boy named Noel. He was only a year older than me, but his physique was already as large as Balrath-san’s. One could say that his body was perfect for his Gift.

He wasn’t particularly skilled at talking, but he was a kind and gentle soul. And apparently, he felt like he owed me a debt of gratitude.


“Village chief… I… Using this Gift, I’ll protect you.”

“Thank you, Noel.”


I replied so to him.

At the moment, he had only a wooden shield, but I hope we could give him something proper soon.


◇ ◇ ◇


“I have gathered you all here to share an important oracle.”


Upon hearing such a solemn announcement in the church, the gathered villagers began to whisper among themselves.

These villagers were the ones who had received Gifts.

For that reason, they had strong feelings of reverence and gratitude toward the girl in front of the altar–toward Millia.


“What I am to tell you is about our village’s chief, Luke-sama.”

“About the village chief?”

“What kind of oracle can it be…?”


Seriousness on their faces, the villagers listened intently to Millia.

Satisfied with their response, Millia continued.


“Luke-sama is someone sent by the gods to save us from the wars of this world!”


Due to the scale of her announcement, the villagers were at a loss for words. Before any of them could recover, Millia continued talking.


“Yes, Luke-sama is our savior. As you all no doubt have seen for yourselves, he has been blessed by the gods with a truly powerful Gift. Yet, Luke-sama has still not reached his full potential.”


Millia had heard from Luke that his [Village Building] could make more kinds of facilities as well as grant him more village skills if the thing called village level increased.


At that, the villagers looked at each other.


“Sure, I thought that the village chief was no ordinary person, but…”

“No, we’re talking about the village chief here. It’s totally possible.”

“It seems we’ve come to a truly unbelievable place…”


They were surprised, but all of them believed Millia’s words. How could they not when the person telling them such things was a priest that possessed the Gift [Oracle].


(Sorry, everyone… what I’ve told you isn’t an oracle at all.. even so, I absolutely believe that that is the truth. That Luke-sama is an envoy of the gods who are worried about the world we live in.)


“Everyone, let’s all give thanks to Luke-sama by doing our best to develop the village!”



Like that, and unbeknownst to the person himself, a new faith was born in Luke’s village.


◇ ◇ ◇




Huh? Just now, I felt a chill down my spine… am I catching a cold? Then, I guess I better rest earlier today.


While thinking that, I suddenly heard shouts of Yesssss! From the church.


“Oh yeah, Millia did say she was gathering those who received Gifts so that they could do some worshiping together. Surely, they must be giving thanks again for the Gifts they received, right? Still, Millia didn’t seem to be the type before, but just by receiving the Gift [Oracle], she became totally like a priest, huh.”


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