Chapter 196: These are my pupils

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The beauty salon ran by Gori-chan became well-known throughout the village right away.

The villagers, especially the women, were half in doubt at first of Gori-chan’s services. No, actually, they were fully in doubt. However, when they knew of Selen and Millia’s transformations, they immediately rushed to the beauty salon.


“Aww, I’m so flattered, but sorry, I can’t really help anyone else right now.”         


Gori-chan was the only one to provide the service, so it was understandable that she couldn’t see to everyone. It has gotten to the point that one has to reserve an appointment several months in advance first.

Gori-chan’s solution to this was to take on a pupil. Well, given that the concept of beauty treatments was still new in this world, getting a pupil might not be so easy. And even if someone was interested enough about it, getting them to a point where they would actually be helpful would take some time.

More likely than not, Gori-chan would have to settle to hiring an employee that would do simple tasks for her. …or so I thought.


“““Welcomeeeeeeeeeeee ♡!”””


When I stopped by the beauty parlor after a little while of not doing so, I was greeted by a group of muscular men.

Moreover, these men(?) all wore thick makeup as well as frilly pink dresses.


“There’s more of Gori-chan now!?”

“Hoho, these are my pupils, chief.”


These were apparently the ones Gori-chan hired to help her out.


“Tee-hee, it’s all thanks to Manager Gori-chan that we’ve awoken to the world of beauty!”

“We’ll walk down this path until our last breath!”

“They’re even talking like Gori-chan!”


On closer inspection, I noticed that the employees were in the midst of skillfully cutting the female customers’ hair.

It hasn’t been long yet they had learned this much already.


“’Kay, I’m done. Look at yourself, aren’t you just gorgeous? ♡”

“Wait, is this really me!?”

“Ufufu, didn’t recognize even your own face?”

“I absolutely did not! Woah, my husband’s gonna be so pleased! Thank you, thank you very much!”


Each and every one of the customers that they worked on left the salon happy, satisfied, and above all, better looking than before.

Like that, the women in the village were transformed by the beauty salon.


It was a rude thing to say out loud, but a lot of our female villagers—especially those who were refugees or from poor places—used to be rather unstylish. Now though, all I could find were beautiful people. There might be more gorgeous women here than in the royal capital.


That’s not to say that all villagers were unstylish before, of course. The clothes made by the clothing-focused workshop were fashionable by themselves, but the problem was that only a few women could carry those clothes well.

That changed primarily because of Gori-chan’s efforts. Nowadays, even ordinary people were caring for a thing such as fashion.


Rumors of the beauty salon soon spread outside of the village, causing women from all over to visit the village. Some of them even visited the village expressly for it.

…the rumors also made people wanting to become one of Gori-chan’s macho pupils to travel to the village.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“It’s still popular, huh…”


Selius murmured so while looking at the newly established beauty salon in the village.

Today as well, a large number of women have lined up before the salon.


“Even my sister is engrossed by it. Truly, what incredible sway it has.”


His sister used to not care about her appearance at all, but ever since she went to the salon and got herself fancied up, even she was paying attention to her looks.

Despite being his sister, Selius couldn’t help but admit to himself that Selen indeed got prettier. At times, he even found his sister’s new appearance to be distracting during their training sessions.


“Mhm? What’s that shop? ‘Men’s Beauty Salon’…? No, no, no. It’s one thing for women to care about looks, but men, we don’t need to at all.”


Selius shook his head when he found out that there was now a salon exclusively for men.


“But what if I make myself look better…will Philia-san…no, in the first place, she’s not the kind to care for looks, even for own self. Why would she, when she’s so beautiful already…”

“Mhm? Is that you, Selius-dono?”



Upon suddenly hearing from behind him the voice of the person he was thinking about, Selius unintentionally jumped up.


Did, did she hear me just now!?

Worried about that, Selius slowly turned his head.


“I just tried that popular beauty treatment place, but what do you think? Does it suit me?”


What he saw was an even more beautiful Philia. He was so shocked by her that he forgot his earlier worry. Actually, he was shocked more than that.






Immediately after blood gushed out of Selius’s nose, he fainted and fell.


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