Chapter 189: I just closed the doors

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<<Beauty Salon (200): a facility for improving one’s appearance. Make everyone pretty!>>

<<Railway (50): the path for trains to travel on. Allows for mass transport of people and cargo. Has a function that prevents monsters from coming near.>>

<<Railway Station (500): a terminal for trains. It is the place where people and cargo board and alight. Comes with a train.>>

<<Historical Museum (500): a facility for preserving and exhibiting various relics. Also allows for examining and studying said relics. Prevents the deterioration of the relics. Has security features to prevent crimes. Improves the villagers’ culture.>>

<<Factory (1,500): a facility for the mass production of various goods. Safety first.>>


My village level went up, and I became able to build new kinds of facilities.

All of them seemed noteworthy, but what surprised me the most was…


“Huh!? I can build railways and stations now!?”


It goes without saying but in this world, this kind of transportation system hasn’t existed yet.

I wanted to build one as soon as possible, so I immediately went to a vacant space near the ramparts.


“I guess I’ll start with a station…”


What appeared was a relatively simple train station.

Inside the simple building was two sets of platforms. There were also two platforms that sandwiched two sets of railways.

Parked on each of the railways was a single-car train. I went inside of the trains and immediately felt nostalgic.


“Yup, it almost feels like the trains I used to ride in my previous life.”


I then entered the driver’s compartment and sat on the seat there.

…I was too short to see what’s ahead though.


“Fine, I’ll kneel on top of the seat. Alright…hmm, but how do I drive a train anyway?”


There were so many levers, buttons, and meters, but I had no clue what each one did.


“There’s no else here, so I guess it’s fine to just try things out. I mean, it might not even start.”


While thinking that, I heard a shout from behind me.


“What the heck!?”


I turned myself around and saw that Selen had gotten on board.


“I thought for a moment there that this was some kind of worm monster.”

“It’s called a train, Selen.”

“A treyn…?”

“Yup, a train. This, ahm, is a vehicle that travels on laid out track on the ground.”

“This thing moves?”


Hmm, I wonder which button I should press…well, the door’s open, so…


“Ahh, is this it?”






Selen’s reaction to the sudden closing of the doors was to be ready to draw her swords.


“It’s alright, it’s alright. I just closed the doors.”


After that, I proceeded to press buttons and pull levers left and right until I finally figured out how to get the train to move forward.


Once I pull this lever, it’ll finally move, right? …but, I wonder, how can it move at all?

There were no overhead powerlines that could provide it with electricity and the railways didn’t seem to transmit power either. But then again, considering we already had houses in the village which had electricity and gas flowing into them, it might be too late to wonder about the source now.


“Wow, it’s really moving! B-but shouldn’t we stop soon!?”


Selen shouted so, fearing we would crash into the village’s rampart.

As quickly as I could, I used my Facility Customization to reshape the rampart to have a tunnel and then extend the railway tracks.

Like that, the train went to the fields outside of the village. Well, technically, the fields were still part of the village though. We continued to cut through the fields until we were truly out of village and were in the wasteland.




The train made such sounds, almost like it was humming a tune, as it dashed across the wasteland.


“It’s so fast! And we’re still speeding up!”


“We’ve just left and we’re already at end of wasteland! It’s almost like we teleported!”


“Hey, what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet for a while now.”

“Ahm…promise not to get angry?”

“I can’t promise that, but if you don’t tell me now, I promise I will be angry.”

“Well…see…I don’t know how to stop this thing.”


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 189: I just closed the doors”

  1. he is literally ruining this world. Can you imagine a world where everything is simply handed to you? He is making everyone entirely dependent on his power. I mean even if his descendants inherit his power, eventually one of them is going to be insane. This story, just like the train in this chapter, is out of control.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Unianonanymity said:

      Yeah, he’s mild mannered, but his kid, or maybe a grand kid, if they inherit some, or even all of his powers, might start a genocide, or a war. It’s likely that he’ll eventually be able to make powerful weapons. I mean, if he can make fertiliser, he can make bombs. And if he can make bombs, he can make even bigger bombs, and it’ll snowball from there

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  2. why not make a roller coaster using railways instead? lol

    thanks for the new chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just wait for it. There is no doubt at some point he’s going to get an amusement park on his facilities. Not sure when. Might not be tomorrow or the next day but it will happen. Also since he’s Japanese I’m guessing baseball stadium at some point as well.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. I just started reading “Fire arrow? No, This is a rifle” which haves a similar premise, that one is a bit better thought out and more elaborate, but I still like this one because it’s very funny in its ridiculousness, the other one is played a bit more straight, this one is just… so dumb I always laugh at it.

    Thanks for the chapters and the translations noob.

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  4. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Well, guess i should say, THE HYPE TRAIN NEVERS STOPS!! 😂


  5. kirindas said:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  6. How the train move without making the rail? Or did the MC making the rail after making the station? Did I miss something?

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  7. Thank you!

    Last chapter I was wondering what use a Railway and Railway Station would be without trains. I guess his gift now has a ‘buy one, get one for free’ feature.


    • abillity too op please nerf
      kinda funny too that he has too much point that he doesn’t even need the free stuff anyway because he can straight up buy one or heck he can even buy more than thousand of the station with his point

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