Chapter 180: Something’s flying at us!

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“Let’s go!”



With that command, they climbed up the stairs.

The place they were climbing up to was a place with a great many tents and some bonfires burning brightly in the middle of the night.


“That should be where they’re storing their food supply.”

“Alright, let’s burn it.”


Upon throwing a torch on a certain tent, fire began to engulf it.


“E-enemy attack! Enemy attack!”


Like that, their raid was finally noticed. However, it was already too late; they have already climbed down the stairs. And once all of them have descended, the stairs itself vanished.


“Where did they go?”

“This should be where the intruders have gone, but…”


They had vanished into the night, leaving the soldiers dumbfounded and confused.



   ◇ ◇ ◇


“Hmm-hmm, it looks like we’ve managed to reduce their numbers by a good deal.”


I nodded while confirming the chaos we dealt to the Albert army. I was able to do this safely and also accurately thanks to me possessing a body double that was in the site.


“It seems they still don’t suspect that we’re hiding underground.”


We were actually following and matching the Albert army’s march, only we were travelling underground. And whenever they would camp for the night, we would begin our raid.

Some of the villagers had infiltrated their ranks and posed as soldiers. This allowed us to obtain some information. And apparently, they were having a hard time stopping soldiers from deserting.

However, due to the fact that we have been constantly burning their food supply, their commanders seemed didn’t seem to mind too much their declining numbers. That being said, father seemed quite irritated. Our spies reported that they could often hear him shout.


Even before our raids, the Albert army has been marching as quickly as they could. They must really be worried that the other lords would get involved with the affairs in the royal capital.

In fact, now that there was a chance to defeat the Albert army, the opportunistic court nobles have simultaneously switched sides and were now convincing other lords to do the same.


And when the Albert army finally reached the capital…


“We managed to reduce them to 10,000 troops? I’m glad we reduced them to half of their original size, but I’d like to decrease them some more…well, are you all ready?”


At that time, I transferred my consciousness to the double that was at the top of the ramparts surrounding the capital.



“We’re ready to go anytime!”


The village’s dwarves enthusiastically replied so.


“Dona, this range has been set, right?”

“Mhm, it’s perfect.”


The dwarf girl named Dona confidently replied so.


“Then, fire!”



At my signal, the dwarves rushed to the iron objects set beforehand.

These objects that they built themselves sent iron projectiles to a given destination…in other words, they were cannons.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“That’s…the royal capital…? I’m sure the walls didn’t look like that when we left…”

“A-and next to the capital’s another city…what the hell’s going on here…?”


The Albert soldiers were finally close enough to see the capital. However, upon looking at it, a huge commotion among them occurred.

After all, the capital’s walls were clearly more imposing than before.

What’s more, next to the capital was something that shouldn’t have been there at all: another city.


“Edel-sama…it would seem that the reports were true…”

“…that much is obvious from looking at this.”


Now that they were here, they had no choice than to believe those ridiculous reports.

The city that should have been in the wasteland has somehow relocated itself here.


“And the walls, did they replace it with something new?”

“It looks like that to you too?”

“For me…too…I hope…this is just…an illusion…”


The generals, who were fierce and battle-hardened, had no choice but be dumbfounded before the series of things they haven’t experienced until this moment.


But then, something else happened.

From the mysterious objects that were lined up on the walls, smoke as well as thunderous sounds emerged.


“What is that?”

“…! R-run! Something’s flying at us!”




Lumps of iron crashed in front of the Albert army’s vanguard one after the other, each one making the ground shake more and more.  

It also sent the shattered earth flying down on the soldiers’ heads…




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  1. Yeah, this definitely seems ooc 🤔 Raul’s 5k soldiers who attacked before was spared… But these 10k was shot with cannons 😶 but I guess unless we have enough grannies and rehab facility… These (probably) loyal soldiers of the warmonger, reincarnation’s the only solution 😂


  2. kenchan223 said:

    commanders seemed didn’t seem to mind too much their declining > commanders didn’t seem to mind too much of their declining


  3. Daeng Yoja said:

    Capturing castle with high wall is already hard, then Luke adds canon to the wall

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  4. “Hmm, maybe we should reevaluate following Edel-sama. He basically traded away a God of Creation because he didn’t swing a sword good enough’
    Thanks as always

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  5. That’s what Edel gets for underestimating Luke. Granny will give him a lesson, or a good spanking. He needs it.


  6. the court noble’s are still corrupt… they need to be send to the rehabilitation facility!!

    thanks for the new chapter!!

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  7. Thank you!

    Are they actually killing people? I know they are at war, but that was still surprising.

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    • nonono, those are fireworks, yep, just fireworks, it looks like a cannon ball but they don’t hurt people… it just… bounces! yes! it bounces around and knocks them out cold!!!

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  8. kirindas said:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  9. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    This chapter is FIRE!! Literally.


  10. Mychael Dark said:

    I honestly feel sorry for the Duke. I mean he’s an asshat and all that, but this is just…. smh.


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