Chapter 170: Really got mad and sent someone!?

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“Oh, so that’s Luke-sama’s new home. It’s so tall and amazing.”

“It suits our chief, doesn’t it?”

“Wow. Papa, I want to see what it’s like up there.”

“Looks like we can from the viewing deck at the top.”


The villagers were surprised by the sudden appearance of such a tall building. However, it only took them a moment to realize what happened and say “oh, must be the chief again”.

The villagers were in a commotion not out of fear, but rather out of wanting to get a look inside.


Given that, I decided to customize a part of the top floors into a viewing platform that was open to the general public. Of course, I also added an elevator that was exclusively for that.


“If I remember right, the tallest tower in the royal palace is about 50 meters tall, isn’t it…hmm, yup, once the king sees this, he’s definitely going to get angry.”


Fortunately, the king would never come to our village just to visit, but he could still hear about us. I fear it might escalate into him attacking us.


“You need not worry at all, Luke-sama. Though they might be called the royal family, they can’t easily make a move against any place within the Albert territory.”

“I guess I should worry more about angering my father then.”

“Perhaps, but he should be busy taking over other territories right now, right?”


According to the rumors, my father has finally started to make a move against other domains. At the rate things were going, the entire country could soon be involved in all-out war.


“However, the Albert forces should have expanded to the point where they’re larger than all the other territories’ forces combined. I’ve heard lords with midsize armies are already surrendering one after the other. If this goes on, I think it’s likely that the royal family will also surrender without even giving a fight.”


That analysis was given by Selius-kun.

If what he said happens, my father would soon be ruler of the entire country…

Given my father’s power, he could very well be able to unite this war-torn country. However, the problem was that he wasn’t going to stop at just that.


“Either way, he’d be busy for a while. I just hope that means he won’t shift his attention toward this wasteland.”


My father still seemed to be unaware of this village, so it was probably safe to assume that Raul kept to our agreement. Nevertheless, rumors about the village continued to spread and it was only a matter of time before my father hears about us.


While we were talking like that, Satin contacted me via telepathy.


<<Luke-sama, the North’s governor has arrived in the village.>>

“Wait, you mean Mitchell-san himself? Not a messenger or something?”

<<Yes, the governor himself.>>

“I wonder what could he be here for?”


Mitchell-san was the one to replace Dant-san as the North’s governor. Understandably, he was quite the busy person. Which made this visit all the more mysterious.

I had also attached to him a double of mine, yet I didn’t receive any message from it.


At any rate, I instructed Satin to guide Mitchell-san to a place where I could meet with him.


“…Good to see you again, Luke-sama. I see that in the short while that I haven’t been here, you’ve built another unbelievable thing….”

“Ahh, yeah. I tried to build a palace, but what I got what this skyscraper.”

“Haha…you’re the same as ever.”


Mitchell-san said so and the laughed in a dry manner.

By his side were two people. They had a hood on, so I couldn’t get a good look at their faces, but based on their physiques, they seemed to be women. They didn’t give off the feeling that they were Mitchell-san’s guards though…


“Anyway, what can I do for you today?”

“I’d like to introduce you to someone, Luke-sama.”

“Introduce someone?”


At that moment, one of the women lowered her hood.


She was so beautiful. It was almost like she came right out of a painting.

In spite of the normal-looking travelling clothes she was wearing, I could tell at a glance that she was a woman of noble birth.

But why would a woman like her come to our village?


“Are you Luke Albert-sama, the one who built this village? I’ve heard many tales about you beforehand, but I didn’t imagine you’re this young…”

“Ahm…may I ask who you are…?”

“I hope you can forgive the late introduction. I am Darinea, King Darios III’s eldest daughter.”


The royal family really got mad and sent someone!?

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