Chapter 161: Have your rotten nature be whipped out of you

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“Hahahaha! All things considered, it’s all worth it! Ahh, to walk as I please in that bastard’s castle! It’s a shame I can’t see his miserable face, but what can I do when he’s such a coward and escaped! Hahaha!”


Viscount Frenco had recently triumphed against his old nemesis Viscount Dolz and conquered the latter’s territory.

He had pushed all post-war cleanup to his vassals, and instead reveled to the fullest each day.


On a certain day, he was drinking as usual in the middle of the day. He also once again took advantage of the fact that his wife stayed behind in the Frenco territory by snatching another young girl in the castle and taking her to the bedroom he was using.


“P-please sir…”

“Kukuku, it’s fine, isn’t it? I’m the lord of this place now, don’t you know? If you do as I say, your family will be blessed.”


Many of the people working in the castle under the previous lord were allowed to continue their service. However, true to his reputation as a philanderer, Viscount Frenco had already laid his hands on many of the women with at least decent looks.


“S-s-sir! An emergency!”

“What’s the meaning of this!?”


While Viscount Frenco was in the middle of doing the deed, a vassal of his suddenly barged in. In response, the naked viscount shouted.


“Who the hell do you think you are, coming in here without even so much as a knock! Don’t think you’ll get away of this easily!”

“S-sir, it’s an enemy attack!”

“What did you say? Certainly, you don’t mean it’s an attack by the Dolz army, do you…? Ha! That fool! Has he forgotten already his series of defeats? Or how he had no choice but to abandon his precious castle? There’s no way he could have assembled a competent army in such a short time. Well, how strong are their forces and where are they now?”


In contrast to his panicking vassal, the viscount laughed out loud.


“W-we’re still not certain of their numbers, sir! But the enemy, they’re already here. They’ve already made their way inside the castle.”

“What!? Never mind that they got into the capital, you’ve allowed them to get inside the castle!? And why am I only hearing about this now!?”

“We didn’t know they were here until just now, sir…! We’ve not received any report from guards on the ramparts and the guards outside of the castle that says there’s an incoming attack!”


Such a thing was supposed to be impossible.

First of all, the capital was surrounded and protected by its ramparts.

The only way in and out of the capital was through the castle gate. This gate was under careful and constant watch, so it was pretty much impossible for anyone to slip through without at least being noticed.


As for the perimeter of the castle, it was heavily guarded.

Forcing one’s way through was hard enough, let alone appearing within the castle undetected.


“Did they use the secret passage!? We’ve posted soldiers there, didn’t we? But could there be more…? I doubt this castle has more though…”


They had already searched all over the castle and found the secret passage that Viscount Dolz used to escape. It should be difficult to use that one to invade now.


While they were talking like that, the door into the room slammed open once more. This time, a group of people rushed in. Viscount Frenco recognized one of them.


“…! Y-you!”

“It’s been a while, Viscount Frenco.”

“You really must be a fool to come back here, ha!”


The man who once abandoned and fled from the castle was back, despite the fact that the castle was now fully occupied by Frenco soldiers.

Seeing such absurdity, Viscount Frenco was quite unsure if this was real or if he was simply dreaming it.


“Well, how was it? The short time you were able to have to have my castle, I mean.”

“Tch…what are my soldiers doing!? Everyone, come here at once and arrest this fool!”


Viscount Frenco shouted so, but no matter how much time passed, no soldier of his ever rushed into the room.


“I’m sorry to inform you, but no one’s coming. We’ve already occupied the castle. Wait, occupy isn’t the right word. This was mine originally, after all.”

“L-lies…! How can you––”

“How can I assemble an army in this short while and be able to take back the castle? Is that what you want to know?”


“Very well, I’ll tell you. But before that…”


Viscount Dolz then said something that Viscount Frenco was not able to comprehend.


“Enter the rehabilitation facility and have your rotten nature be whipped out of you. Just like what happened to me.”


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  4. oy oy oy. I think this guy is just rotten enough he’s gonna need some TLC from Granny. Rehab might be a bit rougher for him than the last guy.

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