Chapter 15: They’re all crazy large!

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Name: Millia

Age: 21 years old

Village Bond Level: Ultra-high

Suitable Occupation: Priest

Gift: (Oracle)


Surprisingly, even Millia had a potential Gift.

Furthermore, it was none other than the Gift that allowed its wielder to bless others. Because the church has basically monopolized this Gift, it was extremely rare if at all to see this Gift except on its members.


So, the person who does the blessing has to be blessed first themselves?

However, on top of the fact that the closest church that offered to do blessings was too far away from the village, we also didn’t have enough money for the ceremony.


“What should we do…?”

“Luke-sama? Is something the matter?”



I thought it was not right to hide the issue to the person herself, so I told her. Of course, that meant I had to tell her about Villager Appraisal which I had been keeping private so far.

And in order to avoid the risk of Selen getting mad at me and saying ‘why are you keeping me out of the loop!?’, I decided to tell her as well.


““Villager Appraisal?””


“It seems like your Gift is truly absurd…”

“Amazing, Luke-sama. You’re really beloved by the gods.”


In contrast with Selen who was understandably at a loss for words, Millia unreservedly showered me with praise.


“Well, you see, I secretly used it on you, Millia.”

“I don’t mind at all. I find no issue in exposing it all to you, Luke-sama. Yes, for example, my body…”

“Hey, don’t seduce Luke every chance you get!”


Come on, please stop fighting.

It felt dangerous to ask Millia to continue what she was saying, so I decided to just ignore it. Instead, I spoke about the main issue at hand.


“Anyway, the result of using it on you is that I found out that you have a potential Gift. If we can have you blessed, you’ll be able to use it.”

“It can tell you even that…?”


Selen was shocked once again. I then proceeded to tell them that Millia’s potential Gift was [Oracle].


“[Oracle]… I see. If she has that Gift, she’ll be able to bless anyone in the village who has a potential Gift.”

“Yeah, but the problem is that she herself has to be blessed first, it appears.”


I didn’t really expect to have a solution after talking to them; I just wanted to let them know of the situation.


“[Oracle]…I wonder how I can get that blessing…”


With an uncharacteristically meek look on her face, Millia said so. She was probably thinking how much she could contribute to the village if she unlocked that Gift. Millia, the first villager, probably was more devoted to the village than I was. After all, she had an Ultra-High for her Village Bond Level.

Yup, that must be it.


Three days had passed since we welcomed the new villagers.

At this time, we were finally ready for our first ever harvest.


“Woah, what’s all these!? They’re all crazy large!”

“The vegetables over here too. They’re growing unbelievably large as well!”


Such expressions could be heard in the field here and there.

Thanks to everyone’s help, we were able to harvest the first batch in about 2 hours. The first batch in question was the crops grown in 2 of the 4 fields we had at the start.

The crops were known to grow quickly, but even they would normally have taken about a month before they could be harvested.


“It’s so wonderful, village chief. It might be because the soil in the fields is great, but still, I’ve never seen grow vegetables this big!”


Belrith-san, who was more knowledgeable in agriculture than I was, told me so.

By the way, I managed to bargain what he would call me down to [village chief]. [Village chief-sama] was just too embarrassing for me.


“By the looks of it, even supposedly out-of-season vegetables have no problem growing here.”


On the other fields, vegetables that were normally grown in autumn were growing just fine even though we were still in spring.

I didn’t know anything about agriculture, so I just planted whatever I could in hopes that at least some would grow. Thankfully, the seeds didn’t end up wasted.


“Village chief, since you’ve grown these, how about having a taste?”

“Huh? It’s safe?”

“Why, yes. They’re vegetables that can be eaten raw, after all.”


I’m glad they grew big, but do they taste good…?

I thought so as I cautiously bit into the vegetable—a turnip—Belrith-san gave me.



“Hmm? Village chief?”

“It’s, it’s, it’s delicioussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!?”


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