Chapter 149: Why is there so much noise from the workshop today?

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My name is Leonius.

I previously was the patriarch of an elven hamlet, but right now, I was simply a villager in what used to be a wasteland. That might sound like my fate turned for the worse, but life here was actually so much more comfortable.

Most of the humans here were quite friendly too.

It took no time at all for me and my brethren to get familiar with our new lives.


Upon Luke-sama the village chief’s request, we were producing potions—the medicine whose formula we elves have been passing from generation to generation—as much as we could.


Prior to coming to this village, we needed to put in an awful lot of time and effort to concoct a single potion. The bottleneck to the whole procedure was the procurement of the necessary medicinal herbs. Some of the ingredients grew so rarely, even in the forest. We, of course, had tried to cultivate it over and over again, but our efforts ended in failure.


Now that we live in this village though, we could easily produce so many potions in a short amount of time. Unlike before, the herbs were growing in the village’s fields in large quantities. To be honest, the sight of those herbs in the fields made me almost soil myself.

Moreover, the time it takes us to concoct the potions was significantly shortened. At least, it seemed so while working within one the so-called workshops built by the village chief.


Merchants were coming by one after another to buy the potions that we made. Our potions were also sold at the village’s apothecary, and was greatly valued by adventurers and travelers.


“Potions are sold here like common items!?!?!?”


In their surprise, a visitor shouted so.

The visitor was a young human man. It seemed like what surprised him was the price and the availability of the potions.


We actually were making two kinds of potions at the moment.

The first kind was what we usually made. The other kind—what we referred to as the high potions—was significantly more potent than the regular ones. Unlike the regular potions, the high potions could cure the severely wounded.

The knowledge on how to make high potions was passed down to only a few in our hamlet. And for many years, it had been impossible for us to make one. After coming to this village though, we’ve secured the means to make it again.

That being said, it was currently still hard for us to mass produce the high potions. Due to that, we decided not to have those for sale. Hopefully, our research would change the situation one day.


Speaking of research, we were also working with the village’s alchemists and doctors to develop another kind of potion.

While the regular potions and the high potions could treat wounds quickly, they had no effect at all against illnesses, poisons, and other abnormal status conditions. So, the new potion being developed—we decided to call it cure potion—would focus on curing those things. Once completed, this should be able to help old people like me live a little bit longer.

We have already succeeded in producing a potion with such effects, all that remained now was increasing its potency.


“What’s going on? Why is there so much noise from the workshop today?”


I thought so when I was near the potion-making workshop.

Unlike the usual where everyone was quietly devoting themselves in research as well as in making the potions, the atmosphere within the workshop was completely different.


“Leonius-dono! W-we have a situation!”

“What, what is it?”

“I-it’s…for now, follow me this way!”


The I was brought to a place where they were keeping a certain liquid within a vial. The liquid was glowing a faint light.


“I don’t think I’ve seen that liquid before? Is that a potion?”

“While doing an experiment for the cure potion, we unintentionally made this one. Please observe the mouse.”



The elf acting as a lead researcher opened the vial and then poured some of the liquid over to a mouse we were using for our experiments. The mouse had its tail was cut off at the base, but as soon as the liquid touch the mouse, we could see before our eyes the tail growing back.


“It can grow lost limbs…? But…but that sort of thing can only…no, it can’t be…is it that?”

“Yes. We’ve managed to create the miraculous medicine of legends…an elixir.”


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  1. kenchan223 said:

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    Elixer? What’s next.. a Panacea?


  2. thediabolicalgenius said:

    Well, now you’ll be fine so long as you don’t die. At least, assuming they can produce enough for their soldiers. Probably best to keep it for themselves rather than selling.
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