Chapter 142: Well, it is the village chief we’re talking about here

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[Everchanging dungeon], that was what adventurers like us have dubbed the dungeon in the wasteland village.

Perhaps this dungeon’s most distinguishing trait was that the scenery and the atmosphere totally change every 5 floors or so. Because of that, one had to be prepared not only to face different kinds of monsters and traps, but also to be ready for the new environment.


For the first floor up to the fifth, the dungeon was a typical cave-type dungeon.

The monsters that appeared there were mainly goblins and kobolds, making the area a good hunting ground for novice adventurers.

Some of the most popular items to be gathered in the area were the goblins’ rusted weapons and the kobolds’ fur. The rusted weapons could be melted down and be reused in making new weapons and other metallic items, while the kobolds’ fur could be used in making clothes.


At the fifth floor, there awaited an area boss called the Elder Kobold. Being a higher-rank kobold, it served as the first major obstacle for many new adventurers.

But then again, escaping from the boss and going to the next floor was also an option. Moreover, because it takes about an hour for the area boss to respawn, it was possible to not have to face the boss at all if the prior adventurers did manage to defeat it.





At our level though, an Elder Kobold could be killed instantly.

After Gai thwacked it in the head with his staff, it fell to the ground. And when the kill was confirmed, Dill immediately proceeded to use his knife to expertly tear off the Elder Kobold’s fur. An Elder Kobold’s fur tended to sell for a high price, so we always made sure to bring it back.

Kamuru was the one carrying our luggage, so adding a bit more to it didn’t affect our combat strength much.


After the boss room was a safety zone.

In such a place, no monsters would ever appear. And thanks to the simple lodgings there, adventurers could even stay the night. There were also some restaurants here, making it possible to enjoy a good meal even deep into the dungeon.


As for us, we simply passed through. We still have far to go today, after all.


From the sixth floor up to the tenth, the dungeon still looked like a cavern system, only now it was a lot greener thanks to the moss and other vegetation.

Many insect-type monsters inhabited the area, such as the spider-like Tarants and the ant-like Armored Ants. Unsurprisingly, this area wasn’t popular with female adventurers.


As for the area’s most popular items, it included the materials from the Armored Ants that could be used in making defensive equipment, as well as a type of honey from the lair of bee-like monsters called Mad Bees.

Medicinal herbs could also be gathered here, but since basic medicinal herbs were being cultivated back in the village’s fields in large amounts anyway, no adventurer picked up the herbs here in order to sell them.


This dungeon was set up so that there was an area boss every 5 floors. For the tenth floor, the area boss was the Mother Tarant, the higher-rank version of the Tarants.

The thread that could be obtained from the Mother Tarant’s gigantic web was extremely durable, so it understandably sells for a high price. However, because it was difficult to collect, we usually don’t bother with it.

Much like the previous area boss, it was possible to get through the boss room without defeating the Mother Tarant. Even better, since it didn’t attack unless approached really closely, we simply walked straight ahead.


There was another safe zone afterwards. This time, we decided to take a short rest.


For the eleventh floor up to the fifteenth, the dungeon began to look like some kind of ruin. It was almost like a labyrinth made of stone, to be honest. There were noticeably more traps in here, but more noteworthy was the frequent appearance of minotaurs.

And because minotaur meat remained in high demand, this area was where most adventurers gathered.


Serving as the area boss at the fifteenth floor was a Black Minotaur. Like its name would suggest, it was a higher-rank minotaur. Its meat was also of a higher rank in quality compared to ordinary minotaur meat.

However, when factoring in how hard to defeat a Black Minotaur was, it could be argued that the meat wasn’t worth it. As such, there was only a small portion of adventurers that repeatedly hunted the area boss.


By the way, it used to be that we could hunt minotaurs in the first couple of floors of the dungeon. However, probably because we hunted down too much of them, we now had to descend a good number of floors just to meet one.

Such sudden changes were not at all rare in this dungeon.


“I did hear that the village chief is close with the dungeon master, so maybe, I don’t know, they adjust it based on the current situation.”

“I’ve never heard of a dungeon that does something like this though…”

“Well, it is the village chief we’re talking about here.”

“Indeed, it is the village chief, after all.”



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