Chapter 128: Then, I think I shall turn this one into a public lavatory

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“And we’re here.”

“W-we really walked all the way to Riesen…on foot…and we’re not one bit tired…”


We finally made it to Riesen, the North’s largest city.

It took about 3 hours to get here from the village, but that was while I was extending the road and upgrading it. If we were simply to travel from one point to the other, I suspect we would reach our destination in half the time.

Moreover, thanks to the “fatigue reduction” effect, we weren’t tired at all even after all that walking.


At first thought, this seemed like it would speed up the immigration of people to the wasteland village, but this road might just do the opposite.


“Indeed…If people can come and go in such a short time, they’re less likely to think of immigrating…”

“Yup. Plus, if we set up carriages at fixed locations, people will be more capable of travelling between points.”

“That’s a great idea!”


Until now, people have been flowing almost exclusively toward the village. If we could also make them to go to and from Riesen frequently, both territories should benefit economically.


<<Turn the citizens of Riesen into villagers? *Yes||No>>

<<The 9,531 citizens of Riesen are now villagers.>>


Like that, I gained a whole lot of villagers at once.


“Now then, what should I do…”


Before this, I was able to build facilities as I wanted. There originally was nothing in the wasteland, so I was free to build whatever I liked and put it wherever I wanted.

Such wasn’t the case with Riesen though. Riesen was a city rich in history, so even simple dwellings had some kind of significance, making it regrettable to destroy. Especially so when taking its place were the cold and utilitarian apartment buildings.

I could expand the city and prepare a new residential area, but even that felt like it could mess with the city’s landscape.


Thankfully, so long as they were within the range of my Gift, I could use Facility Customization and Facility Upgrade on buildings not made by my Gift.

And so, I decided to keep the current buildings in the city and only modify them.


“First, I should repair and restore the broken and filthy ones…”


From atop the tallest tower in the city, I began to use Facility Customization on the buildings below.

This tower, by the way, have already been converted to have the features of an observation tower.


<<Observation tower: Tower made of sturdy stone that allows one to see further. Greatly improves one’s vision.>>


Thanks to that effect, I could see even the tiny details of the buildings below.

Naturally, even with this, I couldn’t see through the buildings, so I had given up on trying to make adjustments to their interior. For the meantime, I’m more than content if I could make their outward appearance look great.


“T-the city’s become so tidy in an instant…”


I decided to not react to the dumbfounded Mitchll-san’s comment for now, and proceeded to improve the “comfort”, “fragrance”, “security”, and “durability” aspects of the buildings through Facility Customization.


“…phew. That should make them more comfortable to live in. I wanted to install toilets and baths in each home, but as to be expected, that’s a bit hard to do…”


“Can we go check out some buildings that I can use freely?”



“…oh, y-yes, of course!”


It was hard to tell which buildings were unoccupied, so I thought it would be faster to just ask Mitchell-san to tell me.

After going down the tower, Mitchell-san guided me toward the city.


“Luke-sama, here is the first one. No one owns it, so feel free to use it however you want.”

“Thank you. Then, I think I shall turn this one into a public lavatory.”

“The inside really did become full of toilets…”

“Let’s go to the next one.”

“T-that one is also unoccupied.”

“It seems spacious, so let’s turn this one into a public bathhouse.”


By customizing vacant buildings like that, I was able to install public lavatories and public bathhouses at various points throughout the city.

I might not have been able install baths and toilets at each home, but this should make up for that.


“Let’s see. I guess we should check the roads in the city too. Maybe install hand-pumped water wells too. And then, I think I should build some ramparts…”


Like that, I spent the day remaking the city of Riesen.


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