Chapter 121: For now, just eat, ok?

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“Was…was that just a dream…?”


Raul who has just woken up breathed out a sigh of relief.

In this supposed dream, despite leading an army of 5,000 soldiers, he was still defeated by Luke.

It was so impossible that it could have been nothing but a dream.


If it was indeed a dream, he thought he and his army might still be in their camp in the wasteland the night before the battle.

However, when he looked around, he found he wasn’t in his tent.


“…a prison?”


Raul was lying on a bed surrounded by stone walls and iron bars.


“Good morning, Raul. How are you feeling?”



When Raul saw the person on the other side of the iron bars—and to whom the friendly-sounding voice belonged—he reflexively shouted their name.




Even though Raul was fiercely glaring at Luke, the latter kept smiling.


“You’re hungry, right?”

“You! Have you come to mock me!?”

“Nope. Look, I brought you some food. They’re the village’s specialty, you know.”


Luke said so and then slid in a tray of food into the dedicated hole in the middle of the iron bars.


“What are you scheming here!?”

“Nothing. I just want you to eat. There’s no poison in it, if that’s what you’re worried about.”


Angered, Raul tried to throw the tray away, but paused to look at its contents when the aroma hit him.

There, he found a massive steak. It was still making sizzling noises on the metal plate it was served in. Based on its looks alone, Raul could tell that it was some high-quality meat.





His throat and stomach told him so at the same time.

While his pride and his appetite were battling it out, Luke proceeded to tell him something.


“It’s minotaur meat from our dungeon.”

“Minotaur meat!? No, more importantly, what!? Your dungeon!? There’s a dungeon near here!?”

“Yup. But let’s talk about the details of that later. For now, just eat, ok?”



The only time that Raul has ever eaten minotaur meat was during the celebration feast after he got his Gift.

Its taste still lingered in his mind, and just remembering it was enough to make him salivate.


Given that all his equipment was taken, and that he was being imprisoned by the thick iron bars, there was nothing much he could at the moment to help himself.

Starving himself would only serve to worsen the situation. So, instead, he thought he should utilize the foolish generosity of his enemies.


…he came up with such reasons, but the fact of the matter simply was that his appetite won.




The moment he took a bite, an explosion of flavor—and juices—happened in his mouth.

He had no doubt that this was indeed minotaur meat. Only, this was so much better than the one he had before.


From that point on, he was couldn’t stop himself from eating.

He was apparently so hungry that the whole 200 grams of meat vanished in an instant. All that was left was the vegetable garnishing.

Raul wasn’t fond of vegetables, but in an effort to distract himself from the sorrow of having eaten all of the meat, he reluctantly put the vegetables in his mouth.


“~~~~~~~it’s, it’s good!?”


Much to his surprise, even the carrots which were one of his many least favorites tasted sweet, like it was some kind of fruit.

In an instant, he finished the vegetable garnishing as well.


“Do you want more?”

“G-give me!”


Raul forgot his rivalry with Luke and demanded for a second helping.

Before long, that second helping was gone as well.


Now full though, Raul has finally relaxed. And at this point, he no longer had a choice but to recognize something.


“I lost…didn’t I?”


It wasn’t a dream.

All of those things really happened.

He lost.


“Huh? What are you talking about?”




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16 thoughts on “Chapter 121: For now, just eat, ok?”

  1. thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As the saying goes, the quickest way to man’s heart is thru his stomach. Luke won. I think Luke wants to team up with Raul to get back at their dad.


  3. so raul was won using food…… welp… all of his soldiers are won with food…

    thanks for the chapter!!


  4. Daeng Yoja said:

    No granny rehabillitation?
    I know that this is not serious novel and comedic one, but granny rehab is count as comedic too.
    At least raul should get rehabilitaton before released


    • It’s for the best that it ended like this, though. Luke knew that it was mainly due to his bastard of a dad that this happened. Raul was only like this because he felt that their father was about to give the position of Head to Raul for being his legitimate heir until they had received their Gifts. Then once it was found out that the “failure” not only did what he was ordered to do (even though his dad only gave him that task so he could get killed)…


  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    It seems that the situation may turn out fine, but also it seems to have ended so anticlimactically, it’s just like: how much more of the same thing can be written? There isn’t really much of a story if there are no consequences to actions. Actions chain, and consequences fluctuate, and to create a compelling story, that needs to happen. There should be a natural flow of why certain decisions have been made, and repercussions and/or benefits of the consequences.


  6. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    Raul aside, now I just want to see how their dad will do after he know all of this.


  7. Thanks for the new chapter!


  8. And so the brothers made up and all was well in the kingdom 😜


    • Sadly, this is most likely exactly what’s about to happen.
      Oh, you tried to kill me, destroy my city, imprison torture and murder my friends and citizens? Ehh, don’t sweat it. It’s all good…
      I’ll overlook it since eventually we’ll get to a point were it’s not really mentioned again but I’ll never accept this kind of lazy writing that goes on far to often in fantasy and fiction.
      Anyhoo, thanks for the chapter!


      • TBH I kinda prefer this, because the other options, while more realistic, don’t really suit an upbeat, comedic story. Like what, he’s just going to execute his brother? Leave him in jail for the rest of his life? Luke is a very interesting ruler, because he is well liked by the people that support him, and the people that support him are also very powerful, so he has the power to have the leniency with those that have done bad. HOWEVER, I would like to see an uprising of some sort from the soldiers or someone, because it is kinda unrealistic that they don’t even try to rebel after they have been essentially set free in the city they were trying to take over. I mean, no matter how good your living conditions are, there will be people with evil in their hearts, that do evil things.


  9. Thank you!

    He’s going to let him go after saying he doesn’t want to be the next lord isn’t he? 😡

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally see that happening. Though I expect it won’t go well when all those soldiers don’t want to leave.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Or he is going to let Raul claim that Raul won, so that their father won’t be disappointed in Raul. That’s what it looks like based on the ending there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Father, I won against luke”

        “At what cost?”

        “5000 army”

        “Did they…. Die?”

        “No they became luke’s villagers”

        Liked by 1 person

      • That I would like, but I have a feeling those soldiers will be the problem. Some might be loyal to Raul, but a lot of them will only return briefly to have their families pack their stuff so they can move to this ‘village’. A territory without people (to protect it), isn’t much of a territory. So Raul would have a tough time selling it as a win. Basically I’m pretty much agreeing with Tama, but my wording is less playful.


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