Chapter 115: You’ve lost

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“Shut up! I haven’t lost yet!”


Raul rejected Selen’s advice to surrender.


“Haven’t lost…look around you. Can you really say that?”



While they were talking like that, Raul’s remaining elites were falling one by one.


“Ghh…they’re so strong…”

“How can you be just a villager..ghh…”



On the other hand, none of the villagers have been injured severely.

And even if they have, we had many elves who could perform healing magic to return them into fighting condition in no time.

In other words, our war potential would remain the same while Raul’s troops continually dwindled.


“Tri-chan, great work! You can go now. Thanks ever so much!”



Neruru said so while guiding the Tree Dragon who was trampling the rearguards of the enemy army just a few moments ago.


“You’ve brought more than 5,000 soldiers with you, but look how many of them are left. No matter who looks at it, you’ve already been defeated.”

“S-shut up…there’s…there’s no way that I…that I would be defeated by the likes of you!!!”



All of a sudden, right after Raul shouted so, his whole body was enveloped by some kind of light.


“Lukeeeeeeeeeeeee! As long as I kill you….I’ll winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!”


With bloodshot eyes, Raul glared at me and then charged at a great speed.


“What fierce fighting aura! Luke-dono, retreat at once!”


Philia-san yelled so while firing her arrows.

The arrows hit Raul, but as soon as they did, each one shattered and fell for some reason.

What’s going on!? Is that really because of that fighting aura or something!?




Intercepting Raul this time was Noel-kun.

It looked as though he was about to do what he did a while ago.


“Shield Bash!!”

“Don’t think that’ll work again!”


With a roaring sound, Noel-kun and Raul clashed once more.

This time though, Raul did not get sent flying.


Wait, is he pushing Noel-kun back!?

I hurriedly increased the strengthening effect on Noel-kun, but it was already too late.





In a reversal of earlier events, Noel-kun got sent flying.

And though he has slowed down a bit, Raul was still headed my way. But now, there was no one else who could protect me in time.

So, is this it? No, not if I can still help it!




I constructed a rampart before me and immediately sent it forward.

Before long, I heard a boom and saw a trembling in the rampart, suggesting to me that it crashed with Raul on the other side.

What a crash it was though! I couldn’t help but wonder what would have become of me if I was hit with Raul’s charge.


I was just glad that the rampart held up. Which was to be expected, I guess, but even I was worried that Raul would smash it down.

I then used Intruder Detection and found out that Raul seemed to be stationary somewhere in the middle of the rampart.

I hope it’s because he’s finally tired himself out.


“D-damn…I’m…I still haven’t…lost…ya hear…”


But then, he somehow had the strength—physical and mental—to start moving again.

I had no idea what could push him this hard, but no matter what it was, I could not allow myself to be defeated.




I used Facility Customization on the rampart I built and turned it into a golem.




If his dropped jaw was any indication, Raul seemed dumbfounded by the gigantic golem that was suddenly before him.

Also, the enigmatic light that covered his body was growing dim by the moment. Along with it, his movements looked more sluggish.


“Raul, sorry, but you’ve lost.”


I said so and made the golem swing its fist.

Raul tried to guard against it, but was still blown away for about 10 meters.


“No…I won’t…I won’t lose to…the likes of you…”




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12 thoughts on “Chapter 115: You’ve lost”

  1. This battle was better than I envisioned.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! I do still worry/wonder about Raul though. He’ll likely be taken prisoner by Luke, but will he be able to accept that he has lost and move on?

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    thanks for the chapter!!


  4. Thank you!

    Cliché evil villain dialogue at defeat, check, next the cleanup and victory party.


  5. Strawberry Milkshake said:

    His pride high as Yukino’s from PLIC


  6. Even though he’s trying to kill you. Kill your villagers. Has already killed many people before age 12… Just say, can’t we be friends and let him go and reform.
    I know it’s gonna happen and it makes my stomach turn.
    Let’s get past it so I can forget it and move on


    • Well, that’s Japanese MC morality for you, the MC “can’t” be good unless he’s naive~to~the~point~of~stupidity~good.

      AFAIK, in Japanese media, the MC is supposed to be “pure”, as in, “unblemished” and I mean completely devoid of “any” character that could be considered “bad”, so… no killing EVER (unless it’s a last LAST resort against an ULTRA EVIL being… and even then the “evil being” will probably kill itself)

      This also means “kindness” to the point of being a “door mat”

      Also, “no impure thoughts” against ANY female character, he’s asexual, he can “love” but if it’s something sexual? only for procreation.

      Funnily enough, most of those are christian values, a “theoretical saint” I’ll never understand why most Japanese authors have taken a hold of that character and use it as the staple good MC hahahaha


  7. Nice~ Just slam him with a wall and golem punch. XD
    Thanks for the new chapter!

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