Chapter 112: That’s bound to cause some trauma…

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Raul was unable to comprehend right away what was going on.

Just a moment ago, he was walking on normal ground. However, in a blink of an eye, he and his horse have fallen into a pool of water.


“Phuwah…a moat!?”


Raul wondered if the moat was simply made unnoticeable at first glance, but when he looked behind him, he doubted that was the case. He had traveled about a hundred meters, so he should have fallen much earlier if the moat was just hard to notice. Moreover, all 500 soldiers that were behind him have also fallen into the water.

The only other explanation he could think of was that the ground somehow instantly turned into the moat’s water.


Fortunately for them, the water was rather shallow.

Raul decided to abandon his panicking and rampaging horse, and swim across the moat.

The other soldiers began doing the same.


“Luke! I’ll make you pay for this!”


Raul screamed so.

However, in the next moment, the water in the moat suddenly vanished.




The result was that all of them fell to the ground.

Thanks to his reflexes, Raul was able to land safely. However, the same couldn’t be said for many of his soldiers. And due to the pain of the crash as well as the fatigue from being presented one bizarre situation after another, most of the soldiers were unable to muster the strength to get back up.


“What’s going on?”

“N-no more…”


While the soldiers’ wills were broken like that, the enemy launched another offensive.

About 40 people approached and aimed their bows at the bottom of the moat.

Although they were the enemies, the soldiers couldn’t help but be captivated by the sight of all the good-looking archers lined up in a row.


“Wait, are they elves?”

“Why are elves…”

“Never mind that! Their arrows are coming! Duck!”


The soldiers panicked and tried to move once again, but to no avail this time as well.

In that first volley, the enemy archers managed to injure more than 30 soldiers.

Shortly after, another volley of arrows was inbound.


“Charge! Break through their lines!”


While deflecting the incoming arrows with his sword and pressuring his soldiers to go forward, Raul dashed toward the enemies.

The about 400 that remained of his army desperately tried to comply, but only 300 of them managed to get out of the moat.

Even then though, they still outnumbered their enemies. Moreover, those that remained were mostly elites that achieved much in the previous war.


“Ha! We’re more than enough! Let’s kill them a–––”



Drowning out Raul’s voice was a terrifying roar.

Its source was a gigantic lizard-like creature that was approaching Raul’s army from the side.


“A dragon!?”


     ◇ ◇ ◇


Raul’s army has made it past the labyrinth I made and was at the outskirts of the village.

We managed to reduce their numbers from 5,000 to 500, yet it was still difficult to tell which side would win in a direct clash.

For that reason, I decided to lay a few more traps.

First, I lured them into the village, and just like I did against the bandit group before, I turned the ground they were on into a moat.


“The ground vanishing all of a sudden…it’s hella frightening…”

“I still occasionally get nightmares of that time…and each time, I wet my bed.”


As though they were reminded of that event, the former bandits became ghastly pale.

Anyway, I managed to get all of Raul’s soldiers to fall into the moat. Not that this tactic was even possible to avoid.


Last time, Selen froze the water, but we thought that there was too much water this time for that move to work.

So, instead of that, I just removed the water while the enemy soldiers were trying their best to swim toward dry ground, causing them to fall into the moat’s floor.


“Woah, that’s bound to cause some trauma…”

“Yeah. I’m sure they’ll remember this moment whenever they cross a river from now on.”


…I feel a bit guilty now, like I’m bullying them or something…but they’re the ones that came to attack, so the fault’s all on them…

While telling myself that, I mercilessly gave the next set of instructions.


“Philia-san, stop their advance!”



The elven archers stepped forward and let loose their arrows.


“Charge! Break through their lines!”


While pushing his soldiers like that and swathing the incoming arrows, Raul dashed forward until he got out of the waterless moat.

He’s deflecting even Philia-san’s arrows! [Sword Master Techniques] truly is something else.


By my count, about only 300 soldiers managed to get out of the moat. They all seemed exhausted too.

And yet, Raul still shouted as though their victory was nigh.


“Ha! We’re more than enough! Let’s kill them a–––”



…you’ll have to fight with the Tree Dragon first though.


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 112: That’s bound to cause some trauma…”

  1. No need to feel guilty, enemies should never be shown mercy.


  2. kenchan223 said:

    “Woah, that’s bound to cause some physical trauma…”

    Sorry, had to add in the physical part because of a certain nanomachine president from metal gear game


  3. Here comes the tree dragon!!!
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  5. Thanks for the new chapter!


  6. Thank you!

    Always fun a game of rock, paper, scissors, dragon, where you’re the only only one with the dragon option.

    (p.s. Just in case you’ve never played, dragon burns paper, melts scissors and crushes rock.)

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  7. If Luke was heartless enough, unless he wants to keep Raul alive for whatever reason, he could have just created a massive block of stone to cover the entire moat and squash them to death.

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  8. thanks for the chapter.
    I still can’t take Raul seriously. He’s like 11 or 12 at most..

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    “Ahh yes more traps, I’m into that shit” – Sun Tzu

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