Chapter 19: Undead noble

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Around forty minutes left to prepare.

First off, I had asked Elder Dwarf to optimize the Golems’ programming for this [War].

Golems were only able to do the things they were programmed to do, so it was necessary to configure their behavior and routines beforehand.

Their orders this time was exceedingly simple so it didn’t take too much time.


“Master, I’m off.”

“I’m relying on you, Elder Dwarf.”


Just like that, Elder Dwarf who had already finished the program vanished into the Dungeon together with the Golems.

She was going to deploy the Golems, install the guns and the traps, and many other tasks but with her at the command, there was no doubt she would handle it easily.


“Is it alright for Tenko to not help?”

“Yeah, it is. This is Elder Dwarf’s forte, anyway.”


Elder Dwarf was, in a sense, much more proficient than I was in regards to modern day weaponry while the Golems were much better at manual labor so there was little help we could really offer.

I’d rather use that time at focusing on my own tasks.


I bought a [Person] imitation medal and placed it together with [Death] on my hand.


About [Death], I only just got it at the [Evening Party]. There was a Demon Lord who wanted a [Flame] imitation so we agreed to exchange imitation medals.

The [Flame] imitation was in high demand, and it was only natural considering it was originally an A rank medal. Also, its owner was a perished Demon Lord so it was on even higher demand.


“Tenko, I’ll now make a monster with [Death] and [Person].”

“Tenko’s friends will grow again!”

“You say that but this monster will be much weaker than Tenko and Elder Dwarf.”


[Death] was the undead monsters’ attribute, and [Person] was so that the monster would be humanoid as well as giving some intelligence to the monster.

If I were able to make a high-ranking undead right now, I would then have an easier time at making use of the Skeleton squad than before.

As I prayed for such, I gripped the medals tightly.




Furious light stemmed from within my hand.

[Death] and [Person] was combining.

If it was as always, this was the part where I would select the things I wanted from the myriad of possibilities using the power of [Creation]. But I couldn’t do so this time since this was just a normal [Synthesis].


I was awfully anxious; I didn’t know what monster would be created.

I was now realizing how truly a blessing [Creation] was.


The light ceased and a humanoid monster was born. Its size was close to a human’s at more than one and a half a meters tall.

It was a skeletal monster but it couldn’t be compared with a regular Skeleton for it was clad in deep darkness as it wore a high quality robe over its body.


“I am the [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Tell me of your race.”


Expecting it could understand my words, I asked the skeletal monster so.

It didn’t answer.

Was it as I feared? Was even this not a highly intelligent monster?

As I was thinking so, the skeletal monster spoke.


“My lord, I am a Wight. I am also a marquis in the land of the dead. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”


The skeletal monster gave an elegant bow like those of a noble.

I was now convinced I hit the jackpot.


“I’ll be counting on you, Wight. I see you could speak with me but can you do the same with them?”


It wasn’t only Ske-san that was out right now, I had summoned all of the Skeletons from my storage.

Each of them had received training and thus were able to use guns. They were my prized Skeleton squad.

Its bones clattering, Ske-san approached Wight.


“But of course, my lord. Ooh, how pretty and beautiful you are.”


Wight knelt before Ske-san and kissed the back of its hand.

Two skeletons kissing was widely surreal.


“That Ske-san was a girl……?”


I was in a great shock.


“My lord, no matter how you look at her, she can’t be anything but a fair maiden.”


Wight and Ske-san made clattering noises together.

And then, Wight acted as though he was thinking of something.


Wight was all bones so there was no way to see any expression on his face but each of his actions were so exaggerated, it was actually easy to tell what he was thinking about.

When Ske-san was no longer making any clattering noises, Wight turned my way.


“My lord, I have something I want to show you by all means.”

“Show it.”



As I looked at Wight, using the magazine that was in her pouch, Ske-san changed the one on the assault rifle which hanged from her shoulder.

The Skeletons had never learned to do that no matter how much I taught them but here it was, put into practice. I was deeply moved.


“Wight, did you teach her that?”

“Yes, in a way. I have the ability to read the memories of the lower ranking undead as well as the ability to control them. So, I read their memories and made them perform the action which frustrated them because they were unable to live up to your expectations.”


Wight received an assault rifle from a Skeleton. He then smoothly loaded a bullet in it and shot it towards the sky.


“In addition, by reading their memories, I’m able to do the things they could as though I was the one to have experienced it.”


Those words were comforting.

After all, I didn’t have the time to teach him how to use a gun.

He respectfully received the spare assault rifle as well as the pouch containing magazines and ammunitions that I handed over to him.


“…Thus, my lord, let me once more swear my fealty to you not because you’re my creator but because my own little heart has acknowledge you as my one and true lord.”


Wight knelt down.

In that form, he exuded his elegance and resolve.


“I am certain of this because of the Skeletons. You’ve cherished them despite being the weakest of monsters; you’ve made them feel important. And, if permitted, all they desire is for them to serve you further and become your strength. You are deeply loved, my lord. I thank god for being born under the rule of someone like you.”

“Raise your head, Wight. I will be relying on you from now on.”

“I shall be by your side until I can no longer move.”


Thus, the exchanging of oaths between master and servant concluded.

Wight immediately taught all the Skeletons how to change their magazines.

When I looked closely, the squads’ movement had gotten smoother in this short passage of time.

Just what one should expect of a marquis of hell, they excel at leading people.

I confirmed Wight’s status.


Race: Wight

B rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 56

Physical Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Magic Power: B

Luck: E

Special B+


Commander of the dead

Average Undead creation

Invigorate the dead



His stats were quite low but his special abilities were top-notched.

Leader of the dead was a skill that allowed him to read the memories of the undead. It also allowed him control them. Thus, he had the ability to lead the Skeletons well.

Average Undead creation, meanwhile, would use corpses as its materials to make Undead up to C rank thus allowing me to save up on some DP.

Worthy of special mention was Invigorate the Dead. It would strengthen any C rank and below Undead under one’s control.

I would have him take command of the Skeleton squad. I hope he would make them more clever and stronger.


He had every ability that I wished him to have.

If I could have, I would have wanted to make him an S rank using [Creation]. If that was only so, he would even have had the ability to create high ranking Undead.



Afterwards, I fused [Wind] and [Beast] together and got a B rank Gryphon. Its head was of an eagle’s while its body was that of a horse’s.

Its intelligence was just average but being able to ride on its large body was great.

Perhaps, such may even come in handy for this fight.


Right after I made the Gryphon, Elder Dwarf returned having completed all of her tasks.


“Master, I have returned.”


There was just five minutes left.

It would be rather boring to spend all of the remaining DP only for imitation medals.

On that note, I remembered that Elder Dwarf was saying she wanted to have an assistant.


“Thanks, Elder Dwarf.”

“I have deployed the Golems as master has instructed. Their programming, too, is complete.”

“Excellent. I’ll give you a reward. You said you wanted an assistant so I’ll buy you B rank Dwarf Smiths.”

“Thanks, Master! With them, my research will progress further! I can leave a fair amount of work to them as I concentrate on the thinking aspects of it.”


I bought two Dwarf Smiths which was the monster two ranks below Elder Dwarf in their lineage. Each of them was worth 1200 DP so if it was not a situation such as this, I wouldn’t have been able to afford them.


The Dwarf Smiths were tanned, black-haired, short, mid-teens girls.

They weren’t like Tenko and Elder Dwarf who were transcendentally beautiful girls but they were cute nonetheless.

Elder Dwarf immediately taught them all sorts of things.

The gathering of cute girls was simply eye-catching.


The Dwarf Smiths looked at Elder Dwarf who was the much higher-ranking species with eyes of admiration. This would make them listen properly to what Elder Dwarf says and help her on what she really needs.


In the back, Marcho nodded in approval and spoke.


“When you created the Wight and the Gryphon, I was like that Procell, making monsters that weren’t lolis!? but I see that you’re still who you are. I’m relieved.”


She gave a pose where her thumbs were pushed out.

I reckoned no matter what I said wouldn’t matter so I decided to just concentrate on the battle.

It was a bit rushed but somehow we had properly done all our preparations within the time limit.




~From the perspective of [Wind] Demon Lord Stolas~


“So how is it? What do you think of my Dungeon, [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth-sama!?”


I confidently showed my prized Dungeon to my parent, Astaroth-sama.

The Dungeon I thought of over and over again.


Many of my monsters had the ability to fly.

So, a valley where footing was unstable and where my flying monsters had an overwhelming advantage.

A labyrinth where countless traps were prepared.

And, a lava zone where footing was difficult.

Such were the three rooms I had prepared.

Considering my monsters had excellent mobility, each room was as wide as possible.


I was sure, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell wouldn’t even be able to break through a single room.

I only had a few points remaining so I’ve decided to reserve them until the last moment.


“Fumu. Your Dungeon’s quite good. You did a good job, Stolas.”


Astaroth-sama appeared like a kind old man but, as befitting of my parent, he was one of the strongest Demon Lords.


[Beast] Demon Lord Marchosias, [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth, and [Time] Demon Lord Dantalian were said to be the current strongest Demon Lords.



“Stolas, you are excellent. You have an A rank, highly versatile medal that’s with an element. You also have the strongest Unique Skill. To add to all that, you’re smart and highly proficient in combat. There is no mistake, you will be one of the most talented Demon Lords even amongst further generations.”


Somehow, Astartoth-sama looked at me as though he was pitying me.


“Why are you saying that now? I already know I’m a genius. But that fellow that challenged me, not knowing his own place, I’ll crush him in the blink of an eye!”


The incompent guy that could make nothing but C rank monsters.

That shameless guy that was accompanied by something like a Skeleton.

But despite all that, that guy was arrogant and intolerable.

In front of the other Demon Lords watching, I shall thoroughly make a laughing stock out of him.


“You are still young. Defeat shall be a good lesson for you. It’s better to taste it as early as possible in a battlefield as small as possible. This [War] is a rare opportunity to experience some amount of pain. It’s not very often you get the convenient chance to recover from a setback. I hope you learn a lot from this.”


Astaroth-sama’s words sounded as though he was convinced I was going to lose.

I violently flared up and turned my back on him.


“I’ll make you see!”


And so, I activated my Unique Skill.

The Unique Skill of [Wind] was a collection of various derived magic.

The strongest ability from among them was [Omnipresence]. That power applies to all of my monsters at the same time.

Such would effectively double my fighting force. The strongest power as befits myself.

Everyone had this all wrong; this wasn’t a battle but a one-sided onslaught.

I let out a laugh for I, the future great Demon Lord, [Wind] Stolas, shall show all the Demon Lord my might!


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