Chapter 14: Elder Dwarf’s true merit

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The new monster was born.

It was an Elder Dwarf, an S rank and the pinnacle of the dwarven race.

Of course she was a candidate to be one of my only three [Monsters of the Covenant].

As for her appearance, she was a short, a little bit flat chested, silver haired beautiful girl.


“Master, I am issuing a request for a workshop and some metals. I hope the workshop has a quiet environment for I wish to immerse myself in research.”


She was just born and yet she was making some requests.

But rather than saying she had a forceful personality, it was more of like she’s one of those types that were so engrossed on something, they couldn’t pay any attention to their surroundings.


“Let’s talk for a moment. Why would you want a workshop?”

“To produce swords of the highest quality in accordance to my role as an expert blacksmith.”


Indifferently, Elder Dwarf informed me so.

Her clear icy blue eyes and silver hair only enforced her cold image.


Even though she was a dwarf, she was just short and her appearance almost didn’t differ from that of a human’s.

Put crudely, her almost pitiful flat-chestedness was her distinctive feature.


“Muu, stop. Forget about making swords, make Tenko’s shotgun stronger!!”


Tenko butted in.

In her hand was her Remilton M870P. She expected that her toy would be made even stronger.


“I don’t have the time to be concerned about that stick. ……No, wait. That. Interesting.”


The color of Elder Dwarf’s eye changed.

In the blink of an eye, she swiped off from Tenko the shotgun.

Elder Dwarf had the skill called [Eye of truth]. It was the eye of the divine that saw through every single thing’s abilities and construction.

And thus, she had seen through the Remiltion M870P’s hidden power.


And even though Tenko was caught off-guard, she still managed to take the gun off of Tenko’s hand. With a stunt like that, one could easily guess just how high her specs were.


“Ah! Give back Tenko’s shotgun!”





Ignoring Tenko who had become teary eyed, Elder Dwarf moved the pump and loaded the gun.

She then pointed the shotgun towards the sky and afterwards fired it.


“This weapon, it’s interesting. It will be worthwhile to research it.”


And then, an exceedingly great smile floated on her face.

I was convinced, yes, this fellow was up to no good.


“Hey, you, give it back! Don’t do anything terrible to Tenko’s shotgun!”

“Terrible? You’re the one doing something terrible to it. Your maintenance of it is sloppy and it’s damaging the weapon. Left as it is, it will be broken.”



Tenko was at a loss for words.

I did teach Tenko at one point how to maintain the gun but it looked like it her maintenance was sloppy. From time to time, I took a look at it but recently, I had entrusted all of it onto Tenko.


“I will heal this child. Just watch.”


The Elder Dwarf somehow took the gun apart piece by piece with her bare hands.

Her dwarven skill [Platinum Alchemist] allowed her to process and manipulate every kind of metal.


She cleaned the parts one by one. And then, she thrusted her had hand into Tenko’s pocket and procured maintenance oil. She then thoroughly applied the oil. Afterwards, she instantly reassembled all the parts back together.

She managed to do all those chain of events in about 10 seconds.

As expected of the highest in the lineage of dwarves.


“It’s all healed up now. I’ve also understood its construction; I have no need of it now. I’m giving it back.”


The Elder Dwarf returned the shotgun to Tenko.

She wore her same as ever expressionless face but somehow she looked flushed and ecstatic.




Tenko, having received the cleaned shotgun, meekly expressed words of gratitude.


“Your gratitude is not necessary. I merely did some maintenance while I studied its construction. By the way, who are you?”


After all this time of interaction, Elder Dwarf asked Tenko the question.


“Tenko, I’m Tenko! I’m Oto-san’s daughter and I’m the next greatest after Oto-san!”


With an ahem, Tenko puffed out her chest.


“Understood. I sense a dreadful power from you. I will accept that you are the head monster.”

“Tenko is Elder Dwarf’s onee-chan. As the little sister, you have to listen to whatever your older sister tells you!”

“I understand. I will obey your, the head monster’s, orders. However, if you ever get in the way of my research, I will eliminate you.”

“You have great resolve!”


The carried away Tenko who assumed the role of onee-chan, and Elder Dwarf who although looked to be obedient, said such a frightening thing.

I got a bit of a headache.


“Nee, Procell. Your monsters, they’re terrible, aren’t they?”

“Please don’t say that.”


Marcho laughed as we talked.

Without knowing the feelings of us Demon Lords, my monsters got excited.


“El-chan really shows some promise.”


“Elder Dwarf’s too long! Until Oto-san decides to give you a name, I’ll call you El-chan! I won’t teach you but I’ll let you watch me using the shotgun. It’s amazing!”

“The ability of my skill, [Overseer of All Things], gives me mastery of every single tool and weapon.”


Quite a useful ability. Her ability to use all of the things I made using [Creation] makes it great.

She should be able to use bikes, cars, and many other things.


“So, make a strong weapon for Tenko!”

“Your weapon is almost at its ideal form. To make it any stronger, I will need a powerful metal. Mithril, if possible.”


She had declared that if she only had the materials, she would be able to immediately make the shotgun she just saw stronger.

Her personality aside, her abilities were first rate.


“Oto-san, use your magic to make some mithril!”


Tenko came over my way, her eyes sparkling.

However, I couldn’t meet her expectations.


“Sorry. I can’t make things which has magic power flowing in it.”


Mithril had magic power flowing in it.

And in the first place, I had never seen one.


“That’s too bad.”

“Ah! You can use my mining area then. The ores one may obtain from a mine inside a Dungeon is proportional to the power of the Dungeon’s Demon Lord. And my Dungeon has the strongest Demon Lord there is. Mithril, adamantite, and if you’re lucky, orihalcum can be mined. It’s supposed to attract adventurers but it proved to be unpopular so don’t hold back on mining.”


A helping hand was extended to me.


“You even have a room like that in your Dungeon?”

“I have most things, you know? You too, now that you have a monster like the Elder Dwarf, should prepare a mine for when you build your own Dungeon.”


I shall seriously consider it.

Elder Dwarf’s weapon production was essential.

When I looked at the Demon Lord book to confirm it, I saw that it costs 5000 DP. Almost the price of five B rank monsters.

Although I guess it was worth the investment.


“Well then, shall we go digging? I also want to see Elder Dwarf’s abilities.”


I turned around and uttered so.


“I command you. Respond, earth. [Humanoid vessel creation].”


Fully motivated, the Elder Dwarf place her hand on the ground and activated her magic.


The earth swelled up, and a figure of a man… No, what was created was a Golem which was about two meters high and had a tough build.

Furthermore, after she put together her hands, a red gemstone appeared on the palm of her hands.


The red gemstone was inserted within the Golem.

The Golem’s eyes shone and the Golem itself started to move.

The Golem carefully held a pickaxe made of stone. Was it saying it wanted to dig some ore?


“Elder Dwarf. What is that?”

“My Magic. [Humanoid vessel creation] creates Golems. Depending on the material used, the Golem can be created with strength ranging from F rank to B rank. This child here is only made of stone so its strength is only around F rank.”


I gulped down.


“Can you make those as long as you have the magic power? For how long will it move?”

“Yes I can, but the magic stone at its core can only be made once a day. It draws mana from its surroundings so it can move indefinitely.”


Listening to her words, I raised my assessment of Elder Dwarf by roughly two ranks.

It could possibly increase my military might more than the Skeletons.


“How much intelligence can the Golems have?”

“As much as I give them. They move according to my programming.”

“The weapon Tenko wields is called a gun. Can they use it?”

“The size will make it impossible.”


Guns were originally made to be used by humans so, as expected, the Golem’s large finger wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger.


“I see. Too bad.”


I said so… only Elder Dwarf wasn’t finished speaking yet.


“I just lack the materials to be able to remodel the guns in accordance to the size of the Golems.”


It’s embarrassing but I trembled a little.

If the assault rifles were in such a size and were combined with the Golems’ power, it would be like heavy machine guns.

However, those would weigh close to 40 kilograms so I would need to first raise my level and MP to be able to create those guns. Just a little bit more, I guess.


“Anyway, let’s go to the mine first. We have to gather some materials. Elder Dwarf, sorry but I want to ask of you two things. First, I want to you give the highest priority regarding the gathered materials on strengthening Tenko’s shotgun. Second, I want you to make a Golem each and every single day.”

“Understood, Master.”


Elder Dwarf nodded.

She didn’t display any emotion but I knew that she was pleased. I guess weapon enhancement’s a hobby of hers.


“Master, I will need some pen and paper for various calculations and for creating blueprints.”


Making some pen and paper using [Creation] was easy but I had something in my memory which was a lot better.


“You have [Overseer of All Things] so you should be able to use this, right?”


What I made using my [Creation] was a notebook PC.

Elder Dwarf’s [Overseer of All Things] was a skill that allowed her to use every single tool.

I expected that to remain true for electronics.

By the way, I also summoned a gasoline-based power generator.

With terrifying might, she leaped towards the notebook PC and started up a drawing software and a calculation software. And so, she began designing for the improvements of the gun.

As I thought, she was able to use it perfectly.


“This tool is great, immensely so. If I have this, the quality of my designs as well as its performance will jump up. Master, you’re the best Master.”


Elder Dwarf was already absorbed in the notebook PC.

The thought of going to the mine was wiped off from her mind.


“Very well. Elder Dwarf, I’ll be borrowing the Golems. We’ll go mining so you just focus on the designs.”

“Thank you, Master. I have so much work before me, there’s no way I can leave any of it behind.”


Thus, Elder Dwarf was left behind on our house. We mined day and night and thanks to the Skeletons and Golems which didn’t know the concept of fatigue, we had gathered a substantial amount of mithril.

With this, Tenko’s Remilton M870P would soon be reborn.


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