Chapter 4: Imitation Medals

“I think you’re already aware but it’s rather awfully difficult to make a huge number of strong monsters with the methods I’ve taught you so far.”

I nodded.

The Demon Lord medals that could only be used once a month would definitely be the bottleneck.


“But first, let us make ready. Summon the Demon Lord’s book.”

“[I shall compose]”


In response to my words, a massive book made of parchments appeared in my hands.


“While thinking about medals, turn the page.”


As I did so, a page that had medals written on it appeared.


“[Beast], [Flame], and [Creation], these three should definitely be written in there.”


I looked at the page to affirm but…


“Not exactly, Marcho. Written here are [Beast], [Flame], and [Person].”

“Eh? No way.”


Marcho peered at my page.


“I see. So that’s how it is. Essentially, you see, we Demon Lords are able to exchange DP for medals that we’ve once used in synthesis.”

“That’s convenient. We can use medals as much as we want, can’t we?”


The removal of the once a month limit was very helpful.

It was written that the DP exchange rate was 500pts.

If I think of making use of at least two medals, 1000pts would be needed to create one monster.


“Well, it can never be the same as the real thing. You see, the medals we create are original medals and the medals we exchange for DP are called imitation medals. The rank of imitation medals are one rank lower compared to that of the genuine medals.”

“Is dropping down a rank something bad?”


I do think there’s a connection to the rank of the monster that’s going to be born but I asked just to make sure.


“I suppose we should talk about that first before we tackle why [Person] is the one registered and not [Creation].”


*Ahem*. Upon clearing her throat, she began her explanation.

“Let’s use my [Beast] medal which has an A rank as an example, while its imitation will drop down to B rank. The rank of the medals used will have a direct relationship to the rank of the created monster. Say we use two A rank medals, there is a 2/3 chance that it’ll be an A rank monster but also has 1/3 chance to be a B rank monster. If we then use A and B rank medals, it will be an A rank monster 1/3 of the time and a B rank monster on the other times.”


As to be expected, the drawbacks were huge.

It would be impossible to create an S rank monster by using imitation medals. The strongest it would be was an A rank monster.


“However, imitation medals used on synthesis won’t make the attribute available for DP exchange. That’s why Demon Lords are so desperate for other Demon Lords’ original medals, and conversely why they don’t want to give their own medals to others. And although the rank falls down a level, they would still want to use their own original medals. So, you see, original medals are a scarce resource when trading. Demon Lords will give out imitation medals instead though that is better than nothing. After all, one can still synthesize with the attribute they didn’t have before.”


Indeed, it was as she said.

The attribute that Demon Lords used the most in synthesis was their own.

And if they let others freely use it, then the capabilities of their own monsters would be exposed.


“You better remember that Demon Lords will always be aiming for other Demon Lords’ medals… And now, we’ve found out that the brokenness of your medal has increased yet again. Let’s now talk about why [Person] was registered instead of [Creation].”


Doing a full 180, from a tensed tone to an excited one, Marcho muttered.


“As the result of changing the form of the medal during synthesis to whatever you wish, you’ve become able to make and use imitation medals of the altered form instead of [Creation] itself. It means that while Demon Lords will trouble, deal, and commit theft with each other to obtain original medals and progressively increase their repertoire, you are rapidly and conveniently increasing yours by just doing each synthesis.”

“Surely, I made the [Creation] medal change into [Person] when I created Tenko. I see. It seems that I can deal with the medal’s restriction which makes it only able to transform into an attribute once.”


My [Creation] medal was like this:

『[Creation] medal. A rank. Enables the synthesis of monsters using the [Creation] medal and two other medals (an original medal is required). It’s possible to transform the attribute of this medal to one that the maker desires and to then synthesize it. Additionally, the outcome is chosen from all the possible outcomes. ※An attribute that the maker has once chosen to transform the medal into can never again be selected.』


“Just remember that the other Demon Lords will be so jealous of your medal, they’ll go as far as to kill you. Have you ever wondered how much hardships a Demon Lord is willing to go through just to obtain another’s medal?”


Marcho’s eyes weren’t laughing.


“Fufufu. My Oto-san’s amazing!”


I didn’t know why but Tenko was feeling proud about something.

However, on that same moment, I recognized my medal’s weak point.


“It’s not all that great though. You see, other Demon Lords are able to create powerful monsters just by combining their own medal and an imitation medal. However, the same doesn’t work for me.”

“Well, that is certainly so. In my case, I can make monsters with only my own [Beast] medal and an imitation. It’ll mostly be a B rank monster and if I lucked out, an A rank. As for you however, unless you have another Demon Lord’s original medal, you can’t make anything.”


The downside of [Creation], which is the need to have at least one genuine medal in the synthesis, was quite a considerable one.

It was a power based on the presence of another Demon Lord’s original medal.

Therefore, it’s brokenness was probably only this much.

I have to think of various ways to obtain other Demon Lords’ original medals. Moreover, it has to be a way that provides a stable supply of it.

It’s too much of a waste too let [Creation] go unused while the other Demon Lords’ A rank monsters were steadily increasing.

Trading [Creation] was the easy way out but in order to hide its secrets, I just couldn’t do so.


“Marcho, I’ve thought of something. Imitation medals may be useful to me. I could just use two imitation medals and make B rank monsters without [Creation]. Realizing it alone is great boon.”


I could make monsters as long as I had DP.

And when I looked at the book, the monster of the same lineage but two ranks lower than the Celestial Fox, the Mythological Fox, was unlocked for purchase since I’ve made a Celestial fox just then. The Mythological Fox was a B rank monster so it should be reliable.

The Celestial Fox’s lineage include: the Celestial Fox itself at S rank, the Nine-tails at A rank, and the Mythological Fox at B rank.

By the way, the exchange rate was 1200pts. Slightly more expensive than two imitation medals.


“Following that line of thought, I know I’ll be able to create monsters all the time but if those monsters are always going to be created at level one and consequently need to be trained each time, it seems quite a hassle.”


I sneakily glanced at Tenko. She had lost her interest in my conversation with Marcho. She then rolled into a ball while in her fox cub form and slept.

Her being level 1 means that every monster I would create thereafter should also be at level 1.

Expectedly, even a high-ranking monster would be of no use at level 1.


“Huh? What an odd thing to say. You’re supposed to be able to choose when synthesizing the monster, you know? You could choose for the monster to be created at a level dictated by its race but in exchange, have its level be fixed, or have the monster be created at level 1 and in return, its maximum level is increased compared to that of the previous option. Unless you’re greatly attached and intend to make it an officer though, choose the one where the level is fixed.”


Really, I didn’t notice anything. I’ll try to be more aware the next time.

It’s just a guess but maybe when I created Tenko, since all I wanted was someone to be together with me all the time, I unconsciously chose a monster that would grow.

I was thinking of creating monsters with fixed levels somewhere down the line but before that, I wanted to assemble my three [Monsters of the Covenant] first.

The three would be the strongest companions whom I could believe in until the very end.

Outside of synthesis, there was no other way to have a monster that could grow to a high level and with great abilities.

More than that however, there was something else on mind.


“I now know what I can do with DP but just how will I earn some?”


That was my biggest concern.

By the way, when I looked at my book, I saw that the current DP I had was only 50pts.

An imitation medal was 500pts. Considering that, 50pts was an insignificant amount.


“You’ll obtain DP automatically from the humans that are inside your Dungeon but you don’t have one yet so that one’s out. For the time being, you can kill monsters or humans to consume their soul and obtain DP. In fact, you’ve already obtained DP from my Garm.”


I see, so that’s why I had 50pts.

I have to seriously examine the latter method.

In the period of a year, she said she’ll be teaching me things regarding being a Demon Lord but conversely, that’s as if saying that I only had a year to prepare to stand on my own.

I want to at least have my three [Monsters of the Covenant] have high levels to act as bodyguards by then.


“And then, something to cover your expenses. It’s the duty of the senior Demon Lord to give their juniors an allowance of three original medals and 2000 DP. However, that can also be interpreted as that’s all that I’m going to give you and nothing more. I’ve already given you two medals, the [Beast] and [Flame] medals, so all that’s left is one: the [Earth] medal. And then, the DP… here.”


Marcho touched my Demon Lord book.

When she did so, the amount I had increased to 2050 DP.


“Unless you kill some monsters and humans, you’ll only have 2050 DP for a year, so think carefully on how you’ll use it. The same goes for the medals. For now, I’ll prepare a hunting ground for you in this dungeon. And after you’ve gained some levels, you can also hunt on dangerous yet effective areas outside of my Dungeon.”


I nodded.

As I nodded, I thought of ways on how to use 2000 DP.

If I spent it on imitation medals, I’d be able to make four of it. And then, I’ll have two monsters that couldn’t exceed B rank.

I’ll probably make use of this method.



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  1. “It seems that can deal with the medal’s restriction which….” -> “It seems that I can deal…”
    “Additionally, the outcome is chosen from the all the possible outcomes.” -> “…from all the possible outcomes.” (same as Chapter 2, on purpose or copy&paste?)
    “※An attribute that the maker has once been transformed into can never again be selected.” -> “※An attribute that the maker has once made the medal to be transformed into, can never be selected again.” (Uhh… maybe? xD)
    “Just remember that the other Demon Lords will be so jealous of your medal, they’ll…” -> “…the other Demon Lords will be so envious of your medal,…”
    “It’s too much of a waste too let…” -> “…to let…”
    “…, was unlocked for purchase since I’ve made a Celestial fox just then.” -> “…since I’ve made a Celestial Fox just then.”
    “You’ll obtain DP automatically from the humans that are your inside Dungeon…” -> “…that are inside your Dungeon…”

    Btw I am trying to learn Japanese with an app called “Duolingo” and I use it almost daily. It is a decent tool for Beginners but it’s a bit inflexible, I guess? Do you have any tips to improve more?
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    • I haven’t tried Duolingo yet. One site I go to ask my questions is High likelihood of a Japanese person to answer questions or just have a chat. As for tips, not much really since I’m pretty much still a beginner hence the noob username lol. Just to keep at it, I guess. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes(something I always tell myself).


  2. All three covenant monsters have to be S rank… At least that’s my opinion 😀 Nothing but the best for the mc.


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