Chapter 2: Making a monster for the first time

Make a monster, the [Beast] Demon Lord Marchosias declared.


“Building a Dungeon is important but making monsters is just as important. Monsters protect us Demon Lords and they also become bait to bring in humans.”


Yeah, it’s probably like that. Basically, humans come to Dungeons to improve their levels. If there were no monsters, then there was no sense in coming.


“So long story short, there are roughly two ways to obtain monsters. The first is to use DP. However, monsters have eight ranks of strength, from S rank to G rank, and the monsters that you can buy with DP are only those of ranks F and G.”

“Does that mean that I can only buy weak monsters?”

“There’s an exception. When you have created a powerful monster without exchanging DP for it, monsters that are of same lineage but are below two ranks of that monster can be bought. For example, I have created the A ranked Cerberus, so then, I can buy the C rank monster Orthros with DP.”


I got it. In other words, if I wanted to have powerful monsters, then I would have to create them with means other than using DP.


“I’ll now show you the way to make monsters that doesn’t use DP. It’s done using the Demon Lord’s own medals. Watch, [Discharge]”


Upon saying the word, a medal that depicted a golden wolf appeared.

The medal seemed to hide an intense power, a strong magic power.


Marcho passed that Medal onto me.

The moment I held it, information about it flowed into my mind.


『[Beast] Medal. A rank. It can grant the characteristics of a Beast to the monster about to be created. Greatly improves constitution and vitality.』


“Once each month, every Demon Lord may create a medal engraved with their own symbol in it. In my case, it’s a [Beast] Medal. When you fuse two medals together, a monster is born. Why don’t you try shouting out [Discharge] yourself?”

“Interesting. I’ll try it. [Discharge]”


A medal appeared on my hand.

A picture of two helices intertwining was drawn in the medal.

I then verified the details of the medal.


『[Creation] medal. A rank. Enables the synthesis of monsters using the [Creation] medal and two other medals (an original medal is required). It’s possible to transform the attribute of this medal to one that the maker desires and to then synthesize it. Additionally, the outcome is chosen from all the possible outcomes. ※An attribute that has once been transformed into can never again be selected.』


What did it mean?

Generally, a Demon Lord would use two medals to create a monster but if I didn’t use three medals, then I wouldn’t be able to create a monster. Something like that would be terribly inconvenient, wouldn’t it?


“Now, try making a new monster by using our original medals. The monster you’ll make should be an outrageously powerful one.”


Marcho stared at me with eyes full of anticipation.

Regrettably however, I couldn’t create one with my medal.


“Sorry, I can’t. Here, take a look at my medal.”


I gave her the medal.

Just like how I came to know of the details of the [Beast] medal, perhaps she’d also realize the details of my [Creation] medal.

The look on her face changed.


“What an absurd medal……… It’s undeniably too powerful.”


Her face steeped in surprise, she shortly murmured, it can’t be.



“You see, the power of the monster that’s going to be born is proportional to the total power of the medals used. You would normally only be able to use two medals but the moment you can use three, that’s just cheating. Moreover, [Creation] is an A rank medal. To add the power of an A rank medal into the mix just like that… On top of all that unfairness, you can also give the medal whatever attribute you wish? And choose from all the possible outcomes!?”


Marcho was excited.


“It’s that amazing?”

“Amazing doesn’t even cover it. In order to make all kinds of monsters, you see, a Demon Lord goes through the hardship of collecting the medals that have the symbols of other Demon Lords.  However, by having [Creation] and the ability to choose whatever attribute you wish, you can make any monster!”


I realized that it really was amazing. If I were to take it at face value, the ability to choose the attribute I want would probably make it tremendously versatile.


“What’s more, the monster that’ll appear may sometimes change even if the same Demon Lord recreates it with the same medals. Take my [Beast] medal as an example, a lion may sometimes appear or a wolf or a hamster or whatever. Anything can appear as long as it’s a [Beast]. However, using [Creation] medals, you can choose from among those possibilities whatever you wish. None of that non-sense.”


I gulped down.

No matter how I heard it, the performance of this medal was so high, it’s broken.


“It’s better to not say anything about that medal’s abilities to other Demon Lords because if you do, they’ll be jealous and you’ll be killed.”

“How about you, Marcho? Are we good?”

“Hey, I’m your parent. Besides, I’m already… but still, it’s a pain. With just my [Beast] and your [Creation] medals, you won’t be able to make a monster, huh. No other way then, I’ll do you a service. I’ll give this to you. It’s a medal I got from a particular Demon Lord. Furthermore, it’s not an imitation but rather an original medal. There, three A rank medals. I can’t stop my trembling, wondering what kind of monster will be born.”


Marcho placed the [Flame] medal on my hand, in addition to the [Beast] and [Creation] medals.


『Flame medal. A rank. Bestows the [Flame] attribute to the created monster. Vitality, Constitution, and Magic Offense are greatly improved.』


Another A rank. Based on what she hinted at earlier, A rank medals were probably quite rare.

“Next, tightly grasp the medals. All you have to do is recite [Synthesis].”


The beating of my heart became faster, full of anticipation.

I nodded and, with a prayer, opened my mouth.




Light leaked from the palm of my hand.

A dazzling light. A raging heat.

I slowly opened my hand and the light began to leak, creating shadows in the air.

A scene where the [Beast] and [Flame] medals were becoming one, came to my mind.

Next, each and every possible outcome flowed into my head and I selected one of them.


Additionally, by using the power of the [Creation] medal, I added in one final piece to my yet to be seen monster.

What do I want?

What do I wish for in my new life?

The answer was decided.


I’d like my first created monster to be my friend. Like someone to be together with me all the time, someone to talk and laugh with.

So, I changed [Creation] to [Person].

I added [Person] to [Beast] and [Flame].

And so, a new life was complete.

(Note: I left it weird like that so that it could mean that both his new life and the monster’s life were complete)


The light stopped.

And there she was.

She had beautiful golden hair that almost looked like real gold.

Her erect ears was that of fox’s. It was golden with black at the tips.

She also had fox tail which was soft and fluffy.

Beautiful beyond compare.

She was in the early years of her teens. Her immaturity made her body full of risky charm.


“It can’t be, a celestial fox. This is no mere monster, it’s almost comparable to a Demon lord… It’s the first time for even me to see an S rank.”

Marcho was looking at her with eyes mixed with fear and excitement.

Even I can’t stop from trembling at her hidden power.




The girl opened her eyes, her pupils red.

Those eyes were looking straight at me. I lost my voice due to her overwhelming beauty.

The girl parted her healthy looking lips.



(Note: She says oto-san instead of otou-san. Think of it as saying daddy instead of dad)


She then jumped at me.

In her appearance, she didn’t have even the slightest hint of the mysterious atmosphere she had just a while ago.





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  1. “…they also become bait to bring in humans.” -> “…to lure in humans.” (suggestion)
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