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However, Herbert’s thrust ended up not hitting its mark. This was all due to Ignoa making sudden shifting motions that were completely beyond any normal human.

Looking closely, Herbert could see small wing-like things growing out of where Ignoa’s carapace once were.


It seems like those wings lets the demon forcefully change its stance. I don’t think I can hope to beat them with just swordsmanship meant to be used against humans…


Nevertheless, Herbert pushed forward and slashed at his enemy. He then avoided his enemy’s lengthy sword, got in closer, and lunged with his own sword. Since he was moving at 3 times his normal speed, he could evade as soon as he saw an attack coming.

Marlon might have been outmatched by the demon, but a Herbert like this was more than enough of a challenge. The problem was that it was only for a limited time. And so, while maintaining the offensive, Herbert kept a calm expression so as to prevent leaking that fact.


“Gh…what is that!? Don’t tell me even someone like you can use unorthodox magic!?”


Herbert didn’t have enough leeway for a casual chat though, so he silently kept on attacking.

He and Ignoa were creatures of vastly different levels of staying power. Moreover, this was his first time to fight with his life truly on the line and to make matters worse, he was doing so while his body still refused to move exactly as he willed it to.

Thoughts of letting go of his sword and giving up crossed his mind. That if all this would likely end in his defeat, he would rather save himself the trouble. However, despite his ragged breath, he did nothing of the sort.


Never again…never again will I give up on something!


The things he lost, the things he let go of, everything, he was determined to draw them back to him.

He wanted to grab the future with his own hands. After all, he has been able to change his fate thus far through his own efforts.

And yet, that much wasn’t enough for him. Not even nearly enough.


He still hasn’t completely reconciled with Maxim and Johanna. Nell still haven’t smiled for him. And above all, Kevin was still suffering from his illness.

To change everything. To never again let go of anything. To live a life without any further regret. Those were the promises he made to his self on the day he came to regret the life he had led so far.





Herbert swung his mithril sword against Ignoa. His sword hit the demon’s carapace, the impact of which sent orange sparks everywhere. Meanwhile, Ignoa was focusing on defense, trying their best to keep up with Herbert so that they don’t suffer any fatal wounds.

In other words, Herbert has succeeded in keeping the demon’s full attention.


Thanks to Herbert’s enhanced speed, he could afford to glance at Marlon even if only for a moment. When he did, he saw that Marlon was already done preparing to invoke Divine Judgment. All that was left was to set up the right opportunity to use it.

Divine Judgment was a spell that flew considerably fast. However, it only traveled at a straight line. Even if someone had no knowledge of this spell, it was more than possible to avoid it simply by making some random movements.


Herbert used the hilt of his sword to strike at Ignoa’s thigh.

In addition to blood, another liquid—a clear one—was flowing down to their whole body. It seemed to be from the demon’s carapace. Due to that liquid’s viscosity, Herbert’s sword had grown dull all of a sudden. And as such, he had to use techniques that focused more on striking rather than cutting.




The expression on Ignoa’s face right now was that of anger.

It was brought on by the fact that they were driven to fight so defensively by such a young kid.


I’ve heard demons love to fight above all else. If that’s true, I guess it’s only natural for this demon to get so riled up after being pushed like this.


Herbert calmly calculated how much mana he had left. He still had a lot, but considering his endgame, it was just barely enough. And so, he concluded that he should create that opening for Marlon’s Divine Judgment soon.


Here I go!


In order to bring about the end of the fight, Herbert purposefully stepped out of the mana sphere.

With his speed back to normal, he swung his sword diagonally upward from below. Ignoa tried to defend just like a few moments ago…but the attack didn’t come as soon as they expected.

After seeing Ignoa raise their head up with a conflicted expression, Herbert enveloped his body with the mana sphere again. Moving once more at 3 times his usual speed, he swung from above. It was a clean hit.

The demon staggered back while still trying to maintain a defensive stance.

Herbert chased after.


Slash, slash, slash.

After exchanges of sword attacks, pushes, and jostles, Ignoa suffered multiple wounds. Of course, Herbert got hurt too. He got cut all over his body as well as being sprayed with some mucus from Ignoa’s body. But what mattered was that he managed to keep close with the demon.


But then, Ignoa managed to fall back a little. The demon took a breath and pulled their sword back.

In response to that, Herbert threw the mithril sword in his hand with all his might.




Ignoa was confused. Ignoa didn’t expect that Herbert, who has been overwhelming them with his sword just earlier, would throw that sword away. The sword did hit Ignoa’s chest, but since it traveled at normal speeds when it exited the mana sphere, it didn’t pierce demon’s chest too deeply.

After confirming that, Ignoa grinned. But Herbert grinned as well. After all, the demon’s attention was completely on the sword.


“Divine Judgment!”


A thick laser beam shot came from behind the demon. This advanced-level light spell that crushes the forces of evil shot through the air toward the demon.

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