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A demon, simply put, was a person that possessed some monster traits.

There were beastfolks who had beast traits such as beast ears and high physical strength, so it might be easier to understand demons to be the monster version of that.

However, demons didn’t have just a monster’s strength, powerful abilities, and magic, they were also inherently savage. Due to that, humans and demons had gone to war before…with the human side winning mainly thanks to their number advantage.

In turn, demons detested humans even more.


<<Once you’ve dealt with your immediate, personal problems, turn your attention to the demons.>>


The notes Future Herbert had written after that line all concerned the demons.


Demons were the enemy of mankind. Of course, the reverse of that was also true.

As soon as individuals from each side encountered one another, they would inevitably begin to try to kill each other.




“Mm…you people have good instincts. But then again, I am not the type who focuses in head-on combat…Ah, by the way, I am the demon Ignoa. I make it a point to introduce myself whenever I fight.”


The transparent demon said so and then gently began to fade into the scenery. They weren’t invisible, but they were hard to see.

Add that to the natural darkness of the forest in [Chaotic Flugel] and Herbert’s group found it extremely hard to keep track of the demon.


“Fire Arrow!”


In attempt to gain the advantage through a preemptive strike, Herbert shot a Fire Arrow toward the vanishing demon.




However, the demon just nimbly dodged it.


Granted, there was a fair bit of distance between them, but the fact of the matter was that the demon did not get hit by even a beginner-level spell. If Herbert wanted to make any of his spells hit, he guessed he would probably need to use Accelerate.


So, whenever that demon moves too fast, it becomes visible, huh.


Herbert didn’t miss to notice that the demon’s form became clear enough for a few seconds after dodging the Fire Arrow.

He also noticed that the demon’s appearance. Their skin was the same color as their sword, green. They looked like an anthropomorphic beetle whose hand holding the sword had something like a gauntlet attached to it. In fact, their whole body was covered by something like armor. Although to be precise, it was carapace.

Based on their body, it probably was better to assume that they would have the abilities of an insect monster.

Whether that would be the case remained to be seen, so for now, he just focused on the information that the demon’s ability to become transparent was undone by making them move too fast.

Meanwhile, Marlon used the chance given by Herbert’s spell to charge at the now visible demon.



“Hey, not bad.”


The demon effortlessly caught Marlon’s attack. Marlon wasn’t a full adult yet, so he was unsurprisingly at a disadvantage in a contest of raw strength. Of course, Herbert was the same, if not worse. Which meant they had to somehow settle this with magic.


The key to this fight seemed to be how well Marlon could use Light magic and Herbert his Spacetime magic. Light magic exhibited greater potency against monsters than the 4 elements. This was a special effect called “Monster Slayer”.


Rodeo said to do our best to hold out…it seems like the demon he’s fighting is the one more proficient in head-on combat. It doesn’t look like we can be of much help against that one, so I’d like us to be able to take this other demon down ourselves.


Herbert was worried about Rodeo, but he couldn’t take his attention away from the demon in front of them either. This demon was definitely the kind of enemy that one shouldn’t take their eyes off. This was the first time Herbert fought against a demon, but even then he knew that much.

And so, Herbert canceled Dimension and let the [Stone Root] they gathered fall to the ground. He mustn’t waste any of his mana on other things right now, after all.


Unfortunately for him though, once revealed, it was relatively easy to make a plan against spacetime magic. So, if it had to be one or the other, he would much prefer to settle things in one go. But then again, he wasn’t sure if his full-powered downward swing that was sped up threefold was enough to kill the demon.


Ahh, what to do, what to do…

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