Chapter 93: I’d like you to be close-lipped about it

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“Ah, also–”

“T-there’s more…?”


The adventurers looked as though they were told there was another dish coming despite them being full already.


“Excuse me, but none of you has a Gift, correct?”

“Huh? Y-yeah. I mean, obviously. There’s only, what, a handful of adventurers who has earned enough of a fortune to be blessed. On top of that, it’s not like we’re guaranteed to get a Gift after being blessed. On the contrary, we actually have a low chance to get one, right? Betting such a large amount of money for such low odds, only nobles can be so foo—”


As though he just remembered I was a noble myself, Alec-san hurriedly closed his mouth.


“Don’t worry about it. I’m nothing more than a village chief right now.”


Nevertheless, it was indeed unfair to charge such an exorbitant amount of money for something that wasn’t guaranteed. It wasn’t like there was much effort involved in the rite of blessing aside from finding someone with [Oracle]. I could understand a fee, just not that much.


“For one gold, you can get blessed in the church here. We have a priest with [Oracle], you see.”

“R-really!? For one gold…?”


I thought one gold was a good balance. People could just see it as an offering.

Of course though, the service remained free for those who settled in our village.


“I heard it was supposed to be a platinum coin or something though!? Definitely not any amount that normal people like us will earn in this lifetime!”


A platinum coin was worth a hundred golden coins. I myself had seen one only a few times in my life.

I guess father also paid that much to have me blessed. And all that for such a result… no, no, I shouldn’t think about that anymore.


“In exchange though, I’d like you to be close-lipped about it.”

“R-right, gotcha…”


As though he understood that our church wasn’t an official one, Alec-san nodded with a stern face.


It should go without saying that we wouldn’t bless just anybody. We didn’t want anyone dangerous to receive a Gift and become even more dangerous, after all.

I was fine with having Alec-san and the others be blessed because I had already used Villager Appraisal on them. Yes, I had turned them into villagers without their consent. There didn’t seem to be any harm to them in doing so, and they would automatically cease to be villagers once they leave the village anyway.

Also, the one I used on them was Villager Appraisal 2. Through some trial and error, I could now choose which information would be shown.


Name: Alec

Age: 38 years old

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Soldier

Gift: (Greatsword Techniques)

Skills: Greatsword Techniques Lv2

Criminal Tendency: None


Name: Hazena

Age: 18 years old

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Magician

Gift: (Red Magic)

Skills: Red Magic Lv2

Criminal Tendency: None


Name: Del

Age: 31 years old

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Scout

Gift: (Enemy Search)

Skills: Enemy Search Lv3, Stealth Lv1, Dagger Techniques Lv1

Criminal Tendency: None


Name: Kamui

Age: 27 years old

Village Bond Level: Low

Suitable Occupation: Warrior Monk

Gift: (White Magic)

Skills: White Magic Lv2, Cudgel Techniques Lv1

Criminal Tendency: None


Remarkably, all four of them had the potential to have Gifts.

And I didn’t know if it was just a coincidence or an inevitability, but their present roles in the party matched their potential Gift quite well. Maybe, even if a person still hasn’t unlocked their Gift, it influences them in some way.


As for skills, they were abilities that, unlike Gifts, could be earned through one’s efforts.

…my village skills were exceptions though.


Hmm, now that I think about it, I sort of feel like that maybe Gifts also influence these skills. Like, if a skill matches the person’s potential Gift, maybe it’s easier for them to acquire and improve that skill.


By the way, once a person receives a blessing and unlocks their Gift, the skill would automatically shoot up past Lv5. That was how powerful Gifts were.


“Be that as it may, we’re commonfolk, so the chances of us getting a Gift are still low.”

“I’m certain I’ll get one!”

“Whoa, hey there, Hazena. Where does all that confidence come from?”

“I just feel it, alright!? I feel I’m going to be one of the chosen ones!”

“Well, won’t that be great.”


Alec-san’s gave a somewhat cold reply, and for that, Hazena-san glared and snorted at him.


“Ahaha, there’s no need to worry. All of you are chosen, you see.”

“…huh? How do you know that…?”

“Ah, I mean…ahm…I mean I feel like you’re all chosen, yeah, that.”


And like that, I led the adventurers toward the church.




TL note: In the raws, Hazena’s Gift says fire magic. However, since red magic has been mentioned to have something to do with fire and heat, I decided to use that here. Kamui is in a similar case: it says light magic, but white magic has been mentioned before.



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