Chapter 88: That’s not a dragon

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<<It’s an emergency, chief! A giant monster from the forest…!>>


Screaming through telepathy, Satin reported so.


<<Inform everyone at once!>>

<<Will do!>>


Fortunately, while I was busy reading that book, the villagers have woken up.

Given the monster’s size, many of them should have already noticed it or at least the commotion it has caused.


After a while, I reached the top of an observation tower. And there, I saw the giant creature from the forest as it leisurely made its way toward the village.


“A giant monster that looks like a lizard…yup, that’s a dragon…”

“No, actually, that thing, that’s not a dragon.”



When I turned around to see the source of the voice, I saw Philia-san walking toward me.


“It’s not a dragon…? But it looks like one…”

“It’s called a Tree Dragon…sure, it has both the appearance and the name of a dragon, but it’s actually a plant-type monster similar to treants. I guess you can say it’s only mimicking a dragon.”

“Mimicking a dragon, huh.”


It looked like a dragon, but on closer inspection, its body was indeed made up of wood.

Its outer layer was something like the bark of a tree. I could also see leaves growing wildly here and there. Moreover, it had no eyeballs at all, just holes that resembled the hollows of a tree.


Regardless of whether it was a dragon or not though, its threat to the village remained the same.


“That Tree Dragon’s so large though…it may be something that has lived deep within that forest for a long, long time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the king of the forest at that size. But then, why is it coming out of forest…”


According to Philia-san, Tree Dragons were like Treants in that they basically didn’t have to move from where they were. They could sustain themselves through the nutrients in the gound, meaning they didn’t have to hunt for prey.

But because of this way to nourish themselves, Tree Dragons were overly territorial. They would mercilessly attack any who dared enter its domain.


“Well, no mistake about it now, it’s headed our way.”

“…then, I suggest we make the villagers who couldn’t fight take shelter, maybe underground. Perhaps, even us as well, depending on the next few moments.”


Taking Philia-san’s advice, I shouted to the villagers below the observation tower.


“Everyone! Hurry to the underground tunnel! A dangerous monster will soon reach the village; stay there until it’s safe!”


Just a few moments later, Selen joined us.


“Hey, what’s the plan about that monster? As you might guess, there’s no way we can take it head on. Even Noel will be blown away if he tries to stop that charge.”


While we were discussing like that, the Tree Dragon has passed the halfway point between the village and the forest. For something that large, it sure did move fast.


“Let me try something.”


I said so and then constructed a tall wall comparable to those that surrounded the village.

I immediately customized it to be a golem that didn’t lose to the Tree Dragon in height.


“Go, golem!”


I made the golem stand right in the way of the approaching monster so that it could intercept it. However, right when they were about to clash, root-like things appeared from the ground and wrapped itself around the golem’s feet.

With the golem immobilized, the Tree Dragon easily passed through the golem’s side.


“Wha–then, how about another one!”


When I was about to make another golem, the Tree Dragon looked at me with its eyeball-less eyes.




What a roar.

While I shook with fear, I realized something: is it looking at me right now!? Can it be that its target is…me?


Meanwhile, the Tree Dragon easily broke through the village’s outer wall. Like that, it was able to enter the area where our fields were set up.

Thank goodness we’ve just finished harvesting, no crops will go to waste…wait, now’s not the time to be worrying about that!



“…huh? What’s going on?”

“Why did it suddenly stopped…?”


If left alone, the Tree Dragon could have continued to break the inner wall and then just wreak destruction in my village, so I desperately tried to come up with a plan to drive it away. For some reason though, the Tree Dragon stopped in the middle of the fields.


“…is it not coming anymore?”


Still vigilant, we stared at it for a while. Yet no matter what, as though the Tree Dragon turned into nothing more than a tree, it just didn’t move where it was.


“What’s the meaning of this?”


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