Chapter 83: In a few moments, I’ll be moving the village!

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“Ah! So, the reason why my dungeon’s being corrupted and why you guys can build those strange things, it’s because of youuuuuuuuuuuu!?”


Ari exclaimed.


“Huh? You were aware of that?”

“Of course, I’m aware!”

“I see.”


I had used Territory Take Over before, but no one ever noticed that I made an area a part of my village.

That was only natural though, given that there weren’t any changes that one could observe.

That didn’t seem to be the case for dungeons though.


“The dungeon and I are basically one and the same! If someone possesses your body, you’re gonna notice it, wouldn’t you!? I was so terrified, you know!?”


I agree, that’s certainly terrifying.


“Can you no longer control those areas?”

“It seems I still can.”


So, the dungeon master hasn’t lost control of the areas I’ve taken over.


“Then, I guess it’s fine to leave things be.”

“Uh, how about absolutely not!?”

“…sorry. To tell you the truth, I have no clue how to undo it.”

“Hey, that’ll be troublesome for me—or are you saying it won’t be?”

“It won’t be. I won’t build anything without telling you first.”

“…then, I guess it’s fine.”


She’s more understanding than I expected.


“In exchange though, I have a favor to ask!”

“What is it?”

“I want to make the dungeon grow, so please bring people here! Like I said before, no ever comes here ever since it was made, so the dungeon hasn’t grown much! Not to mention, I have so much free time, every day’s so boring!”

“Well, your dungeon is in a wasteland that no one visits until recently.”

“What!? No wonder no one ever comes here!”


With a surprised look on her face, Ari shouted so. Apparently, she couldn’t tell from within what kind of place the outside of her dungeon was.


“But won’t bringing people here be risky to you? You know, ‘cause they might break your dungeon core.”

“You’re right, and that’s why in some dungeons, visitors must first agree to a contract before they can get in. The contract has a lot of strict restrictions, including something about not destroying the dungeon core. You see, dungeons can and often have a great boost to an area’s economy, so if someone was to break the dungeon core, that area’s economy will suffer severely for it.”


Selen informed me so.


“I’d like that kind of thing in my dungeon too!”

“Well, just so you know, although they’re rare, there are people who will ignore the contract and break your dungeon core.”

“That’s not great…”


It would be beneficial for our village if the dungeon developed to the point that we could obtain useful and valuable items from it.

However, if we invited people from all over to dive into the dungeon, a person who wanted to break the dungeon core was bound to appear.

Before doing that, the dungeon should grow at least a little bit more. As the dungeon was now, it was possible for them to reach the boss room right away. But then again, there shouldn’t be many who could deal with that unfair staircase tactic.


“I might have a good idea. We just need people to be inside the dungeon, right?”


   ◇ ◇ ◇


After returning to the village, I gathered the villagers.


“Ahem. Hello everyone. In a few moments, I’ll be moving the village! To avoid accidents, please stay inside the buildings for now! Also, be sure to hold on to something!”

“Move the village…? What does that even mean?”

“Who knows? But it’s the village chief who’s doing it, so it’s surely something crazy.”

“Even so, there should be nothing for us to worry about as long as we follow his instructions.”


Everyone seemed curious at what was going to happen, but they complied without hesitation.


Is everyone inside the buildings now?


“Alright, everyone, I’m going to begin now~!”


After shouting so, I used Reposition and moved all the facilities in the village toward the dungeon.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


A group of merchants headed to the village in the wasteland saw an unbelievable scene.


“The road…it’s moving…? No, can’t be, I must be just imagining it, right…?”

“I can also see it moving…I don’t think it’s just in our heads…”

“Oi, forget the road! Look there! The village…! The whole village’s moving!”

“Ha, haha…is this a dream…?”



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