Chapter 75: Don’t you dare laugh this off

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I thought that I would have been able to explore the dungeon without getting noticed—especially by Selen—if I hid in a bag and asked Goate-san to carry it.


“But village chief…”

“I really, really have to go to the dungeon to test something out.”

“But if Captain Selen finds out…”

“Of course, I’ll take on all responsibility. I’ll make sure you won’t get punished in any way because of this. I promise.”


Persuading Goate-san like that, I managed to slip in with the exploration team.

It was going so well. So much so that I managed to the enter the dungeon. However, not long after…


“…hold on a second. Do you hear that? It almost sounds like breathing…”


Oh no. Did Selen notice me…?


Apparently, she found something odd with the bag I was hiding in.

Goate-san tried to deceive her, and when it seemed like it worked.


“Got ya!”


Selen suddenly grabbed hold of my body through the bag.

And then, she began moving her fingers. Because her hand was around my sides, I wasn’t able to endure.


“…! Ah, wai­–! Ahahaaha…! Ahahahahahaha!”


Due to Selen’s merciless tickling, I let out a laugh.


“Se–Selen! That tickles! Ahahahaha!”

“That’s weird. Provision shouldn’t mind what I’m doing, right?”

“Alright, alright, I get it! Stop already! Ahahahahahahahahaha!”

“Then come out right now.”


Accepting that I couldn’t hide anymore, I crawled out of the bag.


“Haa, haa… I thought I was gonna die of laughter…”

“““Village Chief!?”””


While everyone else was surprised, Selen simply glared at me.


“Didn’t I say it’s too dangerous here, so you should stay in the village!?”


“Don’t you dare laugh this off.”


so scary…but, well, it can’t be helped now that I’ve been discovered. At least I’ve accomplished my main goal.


But then…


“…! Something’s coming!”


The one who shouted was Marco-san, the one who had the [Danger Perception] Gift.

When we directed our vision toward the depths of the dungeon, we quickly saw a silhouette of a being approaching us at a high spped..



“It’s a bloodhound!”


It was a wolf-type monster that was about 4 meters in length.


“Leave this to me.”

“Get behind us, village chief!”


While Philia-san moved forward and readied her bow, I hurried toward the back.


Hmm, I think this can be a chance for me. If things go well, I might even get Selen to reconsider.


<<20 village points will be consumed to build an earthen wall. Proceed? *Yes||No>>


And so, before Philia-san let loose her arrows, I formed a wall in front of the wolf monster.




The wolf monster crashed into the wall and cried in pain.

After confirming that I could build facilities even here, I proceeded use Facility Customization on the wall. The result was a humanoid golem that was about 5 meters tall.

I made that golem hit the wolf. Of course, the wolf fought back, but because it was a golem, it felt nothing.


I then made the golem wrap itself around the wolf, completely restricting the latter’s movements.




The wolf monster struggled to break free but to no avail.


“W-what’s happening…?”

“Philia-san, shoot it down while we have the chance.”



Philia-san then let loose arrows one after the other, and all of them hit the bound wolf monster right in the head.

Before long, the light in the monster’s eyes faded.


“Amazing! All of them hit!”

“N-never mind that, what just happened!?”

“Yeah! Are those your walls!? How!?”


Philia-san and Selen both drew closer to me and asked so.


“I used the Territory Takeover skill and made the dungeon a part of the village. Thanks to that, the things I could do back home like building walls and making that golem-like thing fight, I can now do them here as well.”


I said so, proudly.



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