Chapter 283: I guess there’s no other choice than to make a fishing rod and land it, huh…

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Not only did the creature easily surpass the krakens in overall length, it also boasted a highly hydrodynamic body shape. Its mouth was lined with thick and sharp fangs.

It now made perfect sense why that kraken was torn to shreds.


“Is it some kind of giant fish!?”

“No, it’s a shark monster!”

“A shark…?”


Everyone from the village was born and raised inland, so they had no idea what a shark was.

At that moment, the old man, who was a local, shouted something.


“There are monsters called Devil Sharks and Blood Sharks in these waters, but neither of them is that big! Even the biggest kind, the Giant Sharks, can only grow to about half the size of that thing!”




The monster jumped out of the water, danced in the air for a bit, and then returned to the water with a great splash. The waves it made reached even the center of the park.


When I looked around, I noticed that the remains of the kraken we found earlier was nowhere to be found. That led me to believe that the shark monster did that to collect what little of the corpse there was left.


“What a good eater; not leaving any leftovers. Eh, this isn’t the time to be complimenting it. That monster just now must be the reason why the krakens have been lurking in shallower waters recently.”


Having their usual territory be invaded by the shark monster, the krakens must have had little choice but to flee near the shore.


“So, basically, we need to defeat that shark monster in order to solve the kraken problem?”


Selen asked so while making a solemn face.


“S-surely, not even you people can defeat that thing, right…?”


The old man groaned as his face turned pale.


“But as long as that thing’s still here, we won’t be able to go back to fishing…argh, just how are we supposed to make a living now…”


It would seem like the krakens were this shark monster’s favorite food. More than likely, it would remain in these waters until it has eaten the very last Kraken.

Unfortunately, that spelled trouble not only for the krakens but also to the fishermen. Unable to fish in such dangerous waters, the fishermen would lose their main way of providing for themselves.


“Yeah…the krakens are easy enough, but that shark’s going to be too tough to deal with underwater, even for me.”


Gori-chan apologetically said so.

most people won’t even be fighting a kraken underwater, much less calling them easy to deal with, you know.


“Not that bringing it to land is going to be easy. Chief-chan’s doubles would be swallowed whole no problem.”


My double being swallowed whole wouldn’t affect things though. It could still use teleportation from within and get the shark monster out of the water.




And so, just like with the krakens earlier, I made the doubles float in the water—them staring at me with resent in their eyes again—but nothing was happening this time no matter how much we waited.


“Hmm. Humans don’t seem to be one of their favorites.”


Given that, I decided to make use of the krakens we were keeping in the Cold Storage Facility.

We weren’t going to eat it, so we were actually planning to throw the corpses in the sea. But now that we had a use for them, storing them there proved to be a good decision.

At any rate, I made the doubles tie themselves to the kraken corpses and have them float in the sea again.


“Wait a minute, Luke! Let’s put a stop to this! They look so pitiful, don’t you see!?”



Before the doubles could go back into the water, Selen suddenly rebuked me like that. I was honestly quite taken aback by it.


“I know they’re just body doubles and all that, but this is just too cruel, you know.”

“They don’t really die though…?”

“That’s not the issue!”

“For once, I agree with the girl. I can’t bear knowing that the doubles who look so much like you are going to be swallowed by the shark monster.”

“I think so too, Chief-chan. They look so much like you that my heart can’t help but ache for them.”


Millia and Gori-chan backed up Selen like that.

Before long, the other villagers gave similar objections as well.


The old man, meanwhile, seemed to be at his wit’s end.


“Why the hell are there so many of the same person…? Am I awake or am I really dreaming…”


At any rate, due to the many objections, I had decided to stop using the doubles as bait for the shark monster.


“We still have to do something about the shark though…”


Like that, I tried my best to come up with something else. Before long, an idea came to me.


“I guess there’s no other choice than to make a fishing rod and land it, huh…”

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