Chapter 280: We don’t need boats either

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“Ahhn, who would have thought I’d be courted so passionately in the deep sea ♡”


Gori-chan said so after stepping onto the shore.

She was dragging a gigantic squid-like monster behind her. The monster’s body was about 10 meters long…actually, it might be larger than that.

Likely because of Gori-chan’s attacks, the monster was visibly beaten up in places and looked quite pitiful. That said, it seemed to still be alive since it was wriggling as though it was trying to escape toward the sea.


“This, this isn’t a baby kraken at all…it’s a normal one, no, actually, it looks larger than normal…!”


The old man that spotted us exclaimed so as his lips quivered.


“This fella made a move on me, but then changed its mind and tried escaping back to the sea. So, I did what anyone would do and chased it and took it down ♡”


Chasing a sea monster under the water…Gori-chan, as always, was on a league of her own.

Even the kraken must have been surprised to find out that there was a land creature capable of that.


“You’re, you’re incredible! I always thought that to defeat a kraken, several ships of armed soldiers were needed! And your muscles! Never have I seen a mightier man!”



The old man intended to praise her, but he unfortunately stepped on a landmine instead.

…in his defense, the fight against the kraken had undone her makeup, plus she wasn’t wearing her ribbon, tiara, and her usually frilly clothes. And looking like that, Gori-chan definitely looked like the manliest of men.


“Who are you calling a man?”



I whispered something to the old man.


“She may look like this, but she’s a woman. She’ll be pleased if you tell her she’s strong AND cute.”

“Y-you must have misheard. I said never have I seen a mightier and cuter woman!”


When the old man corrected himself, Gori-chan seemed pleased.


“Ufufu, so long as you understand. Anyway, my hair is such a mess. My makeup’s a disaster too…ugh, I love swimming, I really do, but this is just the worst.”


Almost like a young girl, Gori-chan complained like that while looking at a mirror.

Where did you get that mirror from though?


At that moment though, the old man suddenly knelt down on the beach and bowed his head so low that it touched the sand.


“After witnessing your might, I have a request! Please help out in exterminating the krakens that are in the nearby areas! We’ll compensate you properly, of course!”


The old man proceeded to give us more details.

Apparently, multiple krakens have been confirmed to be in the nearby areas and they were causing a lot of trouble like sinking fishing boats. And because of that, the fishing industry that has been widespread in the region was facing a crisis.


“If things were normal, our local subjugation force would have kept the krakens far off the coast…however, due to the krakens’ numbers, the local subjugation force been overwhelmed and can’t do much about them. But if we have a mmmmm—-woman like you, we’d surely be strong enough to do something about them!”


While nodding, Gori-chan then replied.


“I see, I see. That must have been dreadful. Don’t worry though, your problems will be solved in no time!”

“R-really? Then, let me guide you to the subjugation force.”

“Ahh, there’s no need for that.”


“I mean, our group should be enough for that.”


“I’m not the only one who is strong here, you know. Every kid you see here is a great fighter!”


The old man was surprised once again and started to look at each of us, starting with the strong-looking people like Balrath-san, Noel-kun, and Goate-san.




Most of the people here were regular members of the hunting party, after all.


However, when his eyes landed on me…


“There are some kids that don’t look like they can fight though…”


Are you referring to me!?


“Anyway, I’ll prepare some boats for you.”

“We don’t need boats either. We have something more convenient. Chief-chan, you can move that over the water’s surface, right?”

“Yup, it shouldn’t be a problem.”




I used 3D Reposition and made the park that we stationed nearby move toward.

Once everyone was on it, I made it travel along the water’s surface.


“………am, am I dreaming right now?”


The old man, stunned motionless in the beach, gradually disappeared from our view as we went forward.

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