Chapter 275: …Maybe you’ll have better luck next time, Selius-kun

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*chomp**chomp**chomp*! The wyvern dishes today’s so delicious as well~~~~!”


Despite her small mouth being ready to burst from all the food she stuffed inside already, Dora munched on some more of the delicious-looking wyvern dishes in front of her.

Such has been the case for the past few days. Even without being asked to, Dora has been visiting our village almost everyday just to eat. She has apparently grown addicted to the food here in the village. It wasn’t just the wyvern-based dishes that she loved either, she has also been trying the dishes made out of orc, minotaur, and cockatrice meat recently.


“Hold up, why does this girl get to eat all this food for free?”


Miranda-san asked so with discontent in her voice.


“No, that just her compensation for hunting all those wyverns for us. She isn’t like you who is getting all those meals and drinks for free, you know.”


Miranda even got her room for free. A total freeloader, in other words.


“Fuaa, so sleepy all of a sudden. Guess I should take an afternoon nap.”


Miranda-san faked a yawn and swiftly returned to her room.

No child should grow up to become such a horrible adult, I thought.


“Anyway, it’s finally spring, huh.”


The weather today was nice and warm, convincing me that it was spring already.

On days like this, I wanted to go out and have a picnic.

While I was thinking like that…


“Hey, Luke! Since you can fly and all that, let’s go to various places!”


Selen suggested so.


“Various places? Like where?”

“Let’s see…”


Selen thought for a moment before answering.


“I want to go to the sea! I still haven’t gone to one, you know! You can do things like swimming in the sea, right?”

“It’s not the kind of picnic I imagined though.”


I absentmindedly replied so to Selen’s suggestion which seemed to skip past spring entirely.


“Ah, never mind. But you know, even though it’s spring already, the sea is still bound to be cold.”


In the first place, our kingdom was almost a landlocked one.

There was the sea to the north next to the Kaion duchy, but that one was always so close to freezing.

Maybe people could swim there in the middle of the summer, but as of now, it was just too cold.


“I think the seas in Barste kingdom to the south are warm enough to be swam in, but yeah…”

“They are? Let’s go then!”

“Wait, we can’t just go there whenever we feel like it, you know.”

“? Why not? We’re just going to swim.”

“That still counts as smuggling ourselves into their kingdom.”

“…smuggling ourselves?”


Selen tilted her head as she asked so.

That was when I realized that in this world, the concept of border protection was still so simple. Things like passports, visas, and the like wasn’t even a thing yet.


“I guess it’s fine then.”


Recently, the said Barste kingdom has attempted to invaded ours. Our kingdoms have since reconciled though and even entered a peace treaty.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


And so, just like when we hunted for wyverns, it was decided that I would use 3D Reposition to make a park fly. This time, I made it ferry us through the Barste kingdom and into the sea.

That said, since starting our journey all the way from the wasteland village would have made the journey take longer, we first teleported to the southernmost point in our Celetia Kingdom—namely the Great Wall I built in the Talister Duchy.


“I’m so excited! We can swim in the sea in our bathing suits, you know!?”

“How can you be so excited when your breasts like that?”

“Shut up! Breasts aren’t everything! Actually, in the first place, why are you here!?”

“You ask that like the sea isn’t the best place for big-breasted women like me to shine.”

“What’s that even supposed to mean!?”


By my side were Selen and Millia.

We’re doing all this to have a fun picnic, or rather to swim in the sea, so please don’t start another fight, you two.


“It’s been a while. Since I last visited any sea, I mean.”

“Oh, you’ve been to one, Philia-san?”

“Yes, a long time ago.”


By the way, including myself, Selen and Millia, there were about 20 people here in the flying park.

To be honest, when I asked for possible participants in this trip, more than a hundred people instantly applied. Swimming in the sea of a foreign kingdom in that large of a group was certain to be conspicuous though, so I decided to take this group for now and bring the rest of them to the sea some other time.


“Bathing suit…bathing suit…Philia-san’s bathing suit…”

“…maybe you’ll have better luck next time, Selius-kun.”


Even this early, Selius-kun’s face was already bright red. Not to mention, he has already began grumbling things.

There was no more doubt that we would have to use some potions on him later.

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