Chapter 273: Those are the eyes of a predator eyeing its prey!

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Dora was brought to the bath by the maid.


“Now, Dora-sama, kindly take off your clothes please.”

“Clothes? Ahh, the thing you humans have over your bodies? These aren’t clothes; these are scales I modified to look like your ‘clothes’.”

“Huh? So, you can’t remove them…?”


While confused on why the maid looked surprised, Dora spoke.


“I will have to say no to removing the scales, but I can undo the changes I made to it…”

“Then, please undo them!”



The maid insisted so while breathing roughly for some reason.

Despite being a bit frightened by the maid, Dora proceeded to ‘remove her clothes’.

What was revealed was an incredibly flat-chested naked body.


“Hmm, I was aiming to look like a human girl, but it feels like I got something wrong…? Should this place be more swollen like yours is? Also, are my limbs too short? It’s so hard to adjust my human transformation, but I guess I should do something—”

“No, you’re perfectly fine as you are!!!”



The maid shouted that out loud and startled Dora.


“A-are you alright? Your nose is bleeding, you know?”

“…this is nothing to worry about. At any rate, this way please.”


Dora was then practically dragged by the arm by the bloody-nosed maid to what was called the bathroom. Inside the place was a large bath that could be mistaken for one used at a public bathhouse.


“First, please wash your body here. I will, of course, gladly *slurp* offer my assistance.”


Dora’s whole body was then washed using a fragrant, foamy substance. And when all the foam was rinsed with warm water, her hair and skin was undeniably much smoother and shinier.


“Hmm, that wasn’t so bad.”

“Fufufu, look, you’re so clean now.”


In contrast to Dora’s mildly-impressed expression, Millia had a satisfied-looking smile on her face.


“Now, please submerge yourself in the water over there.”



As was suggested to her, Dora submerged herself into the bath. When the hot water reached her shoulders, she unintentionally let out a cry.


“Ahh~~~~~~feels so gooodddd~~~~”


The slightly thicker hot water made her feel like her entire body was being swaddled.

She could feel her core and even her heart warm up.

It felt vastly different from when she half-mindedly cleaned herself up in the past.

And when it hit her that the humans were enjoying this kind of luxury regularly, she was flabbergasted.


*(Maybe they aren’t planning to eat me…)*


Right before her suspicions were washed away by the bath water, Dora snapped back to her senses.


*(…I’ll never trust humans that easily! And now that I think about it, washing something and warming it up in hot water…isn’t that a lot like preparing it for cooking!? All while making me drop down my guard!)*


Dora then turned around and saw the maid staring at her while breathing roughly.


*(There’s no doubt about it! Those eyes! Those are the eyes of a predator eyeing its prey! Worse, a predator that patiently waits for the perfect opportunity to strike so that the prey won’t be able escape!)*


Fortunately for Dora, the maid was the only one with her in the room.

She might be less powerful in her human form, but she could always just undo her transformation in an instant and revert to her original form.


*(But it’s possible that some other people are watching us! Ghh, I don’t have a clue where they might be hiding though. And I’m quite unskilled in detecting things….!)*


She was aware that once they were done ‘preparing’ her, all chances of escape would have flown out of the window. Like it or not, she would have to take some risks soon.




Suddenly, an extremely fragrant scent drifted to her nose.

Even in her current form, her sharp sense of smell was able to tell her what the scent was.


“Is this…wyvern? But it smells so much better than what I usually eat…*slurp*…


Without realizing it, she not only drooled but also put hold any attempts of escaping for the time being.

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