Chapter 267: Like splitting the park in two

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The dragon’s roar almost ruptured our ears.

Just its presence made my body stiffen and unable to move.


“It’s super angry, isn’t it? Did we trespass on its domain or something?”

“It could be because we killed so many wyverns, dear sister.”

“Setting that aside, I guess the more important question is, is it edible?”

“Hmm, well, the rumors say that it is and that it’s even more delicious than wyvern meat.”

“Really!? That settles it, then! We must take down that dragon at all costs!”


Really? You guys are more concerned on whether it’s edible or not!?


“Wait, wait, wait, you’re really planning to fight that thing!?”

“I haven’t fought one before, so I don’t really know for sure, but we’ll probably be alright.”

“““I haven’t eaten one before, so I don’t really know for sure, but a dragon’s meat must be delicious!”””


It’s no use…their minds are completely overruled by their stomachs…

While I didn’t object further, I made it clear that in the case things weren’t going so well, I was going to fly us away via the park.


At any rate, even though the dragon was several times larger than a wyvern, it flew at us much faster than any wyvern we had encountered thus far.

Wait, isn’t it about to crash into us!?

I hurried to make the park move sideways and somehow made it in time. Thanks to that, instead of hitting us, the dragon zoomed past us.



“My, are you alright, chief-chan ♡? You’re so light, you almost flew.”


Even though we avoided collision with the dragon, its great speed caused strong winds that nearly blew me away. Fortunately, Gori-chan managed to grab me by the arm.

As for everyone else, they somehow endured the turbulent winds and stayed on the ground.




Despite the winds, Philia-san was still able to fire an arrow toward the dragon’s backside. Not a moment later, her arrow directly hit the dragon’s wing.


“…deflected, huh.”


Had it been a wyvern’s wing, the arrow would have surely pierced through and caused the wyvern to crash into the mountains.

As it turns out though, a dragon’s wings were more durable.




The dragon roared and made a u-turn toward us.

Just like before, I moved the park sideways to evade the incoming charge. This time though, I immediately made the park rise up. We were now the ones chasing the dragon.

Much like with the wyverns, we were at a disadvantage in an aerial battle with a dragon. As such, we needed to chase it and force it into a ground battle.


“We’re not catching up at all!?”


Which was easier said than done. We were completely unable to catch up with the ascending dragon. If anything, we were gradually being left behind.

It’s so huge, so how can it move this fast?


“Ufufu, did you know, chief-chan, that unlike wyverns, dragons use magic to improve their flying capabilities?”


Gori-chan informed me so.

It would seem dragons and wyverns were worlds apart in so many regards.


“I guess this is futile, then. I don’t think we’ll be able to catch it at this rate, so let’s go back for now, alright?”


When I said so, everyone’s shoulders dropped in disappointment.

Even so, they at least seemed to have understood that unless we revise our tactics first, hunting a dragon down was a tough feat to accomplish.


“Guess there’s no other choice than to challenge it again later.”

“Maybe we can aim for when it’s sleeping in its nest…”

“If only we can stop if from flying up, like putting a lid on the sky or something. Not that that kind of thing’s possible.”


When Banba-san said ‘put a lid’, something clicked in my mind.


“We can do something like that.”



For the third time, the dragon roared and charged at us.


The park we were standing on was a facility made by my Gift. Much like with any facility, I could use the Facility Customization village skill on it and freely change its form.

In other words, I could reshape the land we were on. Things like making a golem out of the ground was an example, but larger scale transformations were also possible.


“Like splitting the park in two.”

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