Chapter 265: Meat, here we come!!!

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“3D Reposition!”



I used that village skill on the public park we were in and made it rise up from ground, taking us with it.




When it comes to facilities that had plenty of space, I figured that a public park was the best one. Fields and such didn’t provide as much foothold, after all.




Even though I called it a park, there were no playground equipment or anything like it in here. Instead, there was an observation tower and a clinic. This facility was specifically customized as a battleground to face the wyverns in the mountains to the east.


“The observation tower is for spotting wyvern as quickly as possible. And the clinic is, of course, in case we get injured.”


“What’s wrong, everyone? You’ve been silent for a while now…”

“““…you can do even this!!!?”””


Everybody simultaneously shouted so toward the heavens.


“Hold on, don’t tell me you’re going to fly us all the way up the mountains!?”

“That’s the plan, Selen. What’s so surprising though? This is just like when I made the wall fly us up.”

“But that was within the village. You’re saying you can do it even outside?”

“Well, this is technically part of the village now. Remember when I brought the entire village to the royal capital?”


For the sake of convenience, I referred to the area enclosed within the ramparts in the wasteland as the village, but as far as my Gift was concerned, the village was that as well as the majority of the kingdom.

Of course, the mountains to the east were also part of the entire village.


“Even so, the village chief sure is amazing…always exceeding our expectations…”

“At any rate, like this, we should be able to hunt some wyverns!”

“We can eat that meat again…*slurp*


By the way, the participants for this wyvern hunt were primarily the members of the village’s hunting party. More specifically Selen, Philia-san, Selius-kun, Noel-kun, Balrath-san, Perun-san, Rando-kun, Goate-san, Dorial, Bazara-san, and Banba-san were here.

Kurine-san, who possessed the [Healer] Gift, also participated.


These people regularly hunted orcs and cockatrices together, so their teamwork was impeccable.

In fact, even though skilled adventurers and village guards also wanted to participate in today’s hunts, it was decided that this first attempt would go a whole lot smoother if only these people who were already familiar with each other’s moves were involved.

There was one person outside of this core group that were allowed to participate though.


“Ahhn! This is all so exciting! My heart can’t stop beating wildly…could this possibly be love!? Just kidding, teehee ♡”


That person was the muscular beautician Gori-chan who possessed the [Fist Master Techniques] Gift. Even without being able to cooperate with the others, Gori-chan would do just fine. Actually, she might just be able to take down a wyvern all by herself.


While we were like that, the flying park has reached the mountains.

We were about 200 meters above ground level, so the summits which were on average as about 2,000 meters above ground level was definitely far off.

Due to our relatively low elevation, there were still plenty of trees in the vicinity. As we approached the summit though, the sparser the trees and vegetation became. By the time one gets near the top, the mountain has become almost devoid of vegetation. Without a doubt, climbing these mountains the regular way would be arduous, if not impossible.

And if you add fighting wyverns on top of that, you might as well be serving yourself on a silver platter.


“I’m gonna start raising our altitude, alright?”


I remembered that if one was to rise up in altitude too quickly, they could get what was called altitude sickness. However, the hunters seemed to be just fine.

In case they suddenly weren’t though, we could treat it with healing magic and potions.


Like that, we ascended without any worries.


“There’s something over there!”

“Is it a wyvern!?”


When the hunters saw a figure on a cliff about a few hundred meters ahead, they immediately got excited. Unfortunately, Philia-san who was at the top of the observation tower shook her head from side to side.


“No, that one’s a griffon.”

“““Not a wyvern, huh…”””

“Mhh, wait, I’m seeing some movement in that rock overhang…”


I moved the flying park closer to the place Philia-san was talking about. Before long, even we saw a figure that resembled our target.


“There’s one! It’s a wyvern!”

“““Meat, here we come!!!”””

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