Chapter 249: I’ll leave the rest to the body doubles

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“Is this tall enough?”


From atop an observation tower that was near the southern end of the fortress city, I built a wide rampart.

It stood at about 2 meters tall, but more importantly, it stretched to the left and right for a few kilometers.



“Kukuku, ridiculous as always.”


While Duke Talister was stunned, Raul simply laughed.


“Having a giant wall appear right in front of them out of nowhere, I almost feel sorry for them.”

“I’m not yet done though. I want to extend it until it spans the whole border.”

“Spans the whole border!?”


The duke, his eyes wide open, shouted so in reaction to my answer to Raul.


“I guess I’ll leave the rest to the body doubles.”

““You called?””


I summoned two body doubles and tasked them with extending the wall further.


“Where did these two people come from!? W-what’s happening!?”

“Kukuku, you’ll wind up dead if you keep getting surprised like that by each thing this guy does.”


When the doubles left via teleportation, I added some gimmicks to the wall.


“First, we’ll want an easy way to access the wall from this city…”


<<Bridge: a bridge made of reinforced concrete. Highly durable. Has an anti-degradation feature. It’s possible to choose the bridge’s shape and form.>>


“That’ll do. Ok, now, let’s go there.”


I said so and then teleported to the top of the wall.


“A road on top of the wall will allow faster travel here, so I’ll do that next. And then, I’ll add walls that are perpendicular to this wide one…”


Like this, not only would we be able to attack the enemies from the front, but also from their sides.


<<I’ve extended it to the end of the kingdom.>>

<<Me too.>>


When the doubles reported so, I asked them head back while building a road on the top of the wall they extended.


“Oi, look at them. They’re frozen still.”


The enemy army had stopped advancing due to the wall that suddenly appeared before them. Not knowing what to do, they stared blankly up at it.


“I’m done.”

“Me too.”

“Mhm, thanks.”


The doubles said so when they returned.

Like that, the giant rampart’s construction was complete.


“I call this…[The Great Wall] (*plagiarized*).”


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“W-wow! It really does go right to the end!”

“And it’s tall and solid too! No way the enemies will get over or even through this easily.”

“Also, am I just imagining it, or are we really moving so quickly while we’re on top of this wall!?”


Duke Talister’s soldiers were excited about the gigantic wall that suddenly appeared.

They were so nervous about how they would fare against such a large army, but now, they were confident that the tables had turned.


“Still, how did all of this happen…”

“It’s Luke-sama, for sure!”


“You don’t know him? He’s the great messiah who built that wasteland village! And, not only did he take back the capital from the Albert army, he also built the railways all over the kingdom, making us more united than we perhaps ever were!”

“All of those were true? They were so absurd, I was sure it was just some made-up story or something…”

“They’re definitely not made-up! A few folks from the kingdom’s army say they got here via those railways! ! If that’s not enough proof for you, I’ve seen one of those underground railway stations myself, you know!”


Luke’s name has apparently spread even to a faraway place like the Talister duchy.


“Really? …that’s amazing, isn’t it…”

“If you want to know more about Luke-sama, you should definitely give this a read!”

“A book?”

“It’s a tome detailing parts of Luke-sama’s life! As far as I know, there are currently two volumes available. Ahh, I can’t wait to read the continuation!”


…it would seem, the number of his believers has increased as well.


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“H-horrible news, sir! We’ve tried looking for the end of this mysterious wall…but it, it looks like it spans their kingdom’s entire border!”

“That’s, that’s nonsense!”


The general of the Barste kingdom heard a report so ridiculous, he almost fell down from his horse.


The wall had suddenly appeared before them almost as though it rose from the ground. He had witnessed it with his own eyes, yet he still couldn’t believe any of it was real.


“A-according to rumors, sir, there’s a lad among them that’s capable of something like this…”

“What do you mean…”


If there was indeed a monster like that among their enemy, they stood no chance at all.

In the end, the Barste army decided to raise the white flag and retreat before any fighting even began.

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