Chapter 230: …ahm, I’m right here?

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After emerging from the toilet, Miranda-san irrationally blamed me for something.


“Ugh, I barfed all over the place all because you made me laugh way too hard.”


I was once again reminded of how much of a crass adult she was.


“How is that my fault?”

“Anyway, you sure put up a great event. Made for some fantastic entertainment while I drank.”

“You saw it?”

“Yup, through the window in my room.”


Miranda-san’s room was indeed overlooking the fighting tournament’s venue. However, her room and the venue were far from each other and someone with ordinary eyesight won’t be able to make much of the fights that were happening.


“Ha, I was called the sage of dusk before, remember? Enhancing my eyesight’s easy!”


I doubted she was thought of as a sage. After all, if she was indeed regarded as one, then most people of the world could be regarded as a sage as well.


But speaking of her room, it was, thanks to Millia, clean and tidy. Well, aside from the many bottles of alcohol that she just drank.


“By the way, what kind of work do you do for Millia?”

“Ahh, I’m so sleepy now that I’ve barfed all that, so I think I’m gonna take a nap now.”


…like always, she had no intention of talking about it.


  ◇ ◇ ◇


An incredible spectacle was happening in a training ground somewhere: countless soldiers were lying in ground as though they were lifeless corpses.



“My body…can’t move…”

“At my…limit…”


The soldiers groaned in pain, but for most of them, they were hurt so bad they couldn’t get back up any time soon.


“Hmp, very well, this’ll be all for today.”


When their instructor said so, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Despite being only a teenager, this instructor—who was already well known as an instructor from hell—was appointed by the king himself to strengthen the kingdom’s army.


His beautiful adjutant then spoke.


“Great work today, Raul-sama. How are the kingdom’s the soldiers?”

“Just pathetic, Marin. After seeing that fighting tournament, I’m more convinced that that is the case.”


Due to that, Raul, the teen instructor, has been more passionate in the drills he was giving.


“That said, thanks to this training ground, they’re far better than when they started.”

“…it seems so. Nevertheless, I find this place to be…odd. That training here can make people improve so much more than if they trained elsewhere.”

“It’s because this is one of the facilities that Luke built.”


Not only were Luke’s buildings built instantly, they also came with mysterious, special effects.


“Oh, yeah, now that I think about it, maybe I should ask that guy to rebuild the soldiers’ barracks. That way, the soldiers will be able to recover from fatigue more quickly, which will then allow them to focus more on their training.”


Having made up his mind, Raul promptly headed to the royal palace.

More specifically, he was headed to the room where one of Luke’s body doubles resided. Even though it was only for a body double, the room in question was actually more splendid than what Raul had.


“…he’s ridiculous already, but now he can even make body doubles that have a will of their own. It’s total bullshit.”


If ever Luke and his many body doubles revolted, Raul had no doubt that they could take over the country with great ease. And if he was being honest, he found Luke to be more fearsome than their father.


“Not that he’s got any inclination to do so.”


While Raul thought of such things, he finally arrived at the double’s room.


“Oi, body double, I’ve got a task for you—”


The moment he burst into the room, Raul froze.

After all, instead of Luke’s body double, a beautiful girl he has not met before was in the room.




Thinking he might have entered the wrong room, he quickly stepped outside and checked. However, no matter how he looked at it, this was definitely the room that the body double was using.


“Ahm…where’s the double?”


Raul chose to ignore the girl’s identity for the moment and instead asked for the double’s whereabouts.

The girl’s reply was not what Raul expected at all.


“…ahm, I’m right here?”


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