Chapter 221: I’m getting…dizzy!

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Alec-san had launched a powerful thrusting attack, concentrating all of his might into the tip of his greatsword.

It was only natural to expect that even Gori-chan and her mighty fists wouldn’t be able to defend against such an attack.




Yet, contrary to expectations, she managed to stop the blow by sandwiching the blade between her two fists.


“…you’ve gotta be kidding.”

“Ahhn, what a vigorous thrust! I want you to keep thrusting at me, but alas, if we take too long, our audience would grow bored.”


Gori-chan pulled on the greatsword with tremendous force—so much so that Alec-san had to let go of it—and threw it outside of the ring.

And then, Gori-chan, while cracking her fists, slowly walked toward the now vulnerable Alec-san.


“H-hold up a minute. Without a weapon, I can’t really fight anymore! I’m going to yie–––”

“Don’t say something like that and just focus on accepting my affection!”


Before Alec-san could say that he was dropping out, Gori-chan shouted so and then charged at him.


“Ahhn, Ahh, Ahhn, Ahhn, Ahhn!!”



Gori-chan let loose a storm of fierce punches, yelling a curious way with each punch.

Alec-san was quite large himself, but right now, he looked like a defenseless little child being beaten by an adult. And when he was launched into the air, he became nothing more than a punching bag that was absolutely unable to do anything against its attacker.




Gori-chan exclaimed one last time as she unleashed a terrifying blow that pushed Alec-san all the way out of the ring.


Is he still alive…? That was quite a punch…


“Don’t worry. I made sure to not hit any of his vital spots.”

“Guhh…you…you’re more terrifying…than a monster…”


Ahh! He’s still alive!


Like that, Gori-chan—who didn’t pay attention to Alec-san’s words—has advanced to the semi-finals.


    ◇ ◇ ◇


It was now time for the fourth and last match of the quarterfinals.

This time, it was between Dorial and Selius-kun.


“Selen’s little brother, is it? I guess you’ll do fine as a warm up before I get my revenge on her.”

“Hmmp, as if I’d let myself be defeated by someone my sister has already bested.”


Sparks were flying between the two before their fight even began.

I thought this was going to be another heated match, but…


“Gah…how can this…”


Dorial was now down on his knee, clenching his teeth in pain from all the wounds all over the body.


“It’s over now. I will be the one to fight against my sister.”


Meanwhile, Selius-kun was completely unharmed.

Their fight has quickly devolved into a one-sided one where Selius-kun was dominating against Dorial.


“Ha, considering their matchup, of course it’ll turn out like this.”


Raul once again gave an explanation.


“The bald giant might be strong, but he’s hella slow. In contrast, Selius is great at hit and run tactics thanks to his speed. In a one-on-one fight, it’s more than possible for that bald giant to not be able to land a single hit on Selius.”


Dorial’s axe swings have been constantly missing, whereas Selius-kun has been having an easy time landing his attacks.

No matter how much confidence Dorial might have in his durability, it was only a matter of time before he reached his limit.


“Kukuku…not yet! This fight ain’t over just yet! I was hoping to save this trump card for my rematch with that lass, but I guess there’s no helping it anymore!”


By his words, it sounded like Dorial had a secret plan to turn the tide.

And so, he clumsily got up and then threw his axe toward Selius-kun.




Selius-kun easily avoided it.


“Is this it? If you think a surprise attack like this is enough to hit me–––”

“Hahaha! No, this is my trump card!”




“What, a chain!?”


The axe that Dorial threw had a chain attached to it.

Dorial then yanked the chain, causing the axe to stop in midair for a moment. And then, with all of his might, Dorial pulled on that chain sideward.




Dorial, hands still on the chain, began rotating in place.

Soon enough, the axe resembled a propeller in motion.


Needless to say, just being grazed by the axe would cause a great deal of damage. Moreover, because Dorial was gradually extending the radius of his attack, Selius-kun would soon run out of space in the ring where he could retreat to.


Selius-kun’s in danger!


“Arrgh! I’m getting…dizzy!”


…it looks like Dorial’s in a pinch as well.

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