Chapter 209: How about a deal?

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“Ahm…can you say that again? I think I heard you say something absolutely unbelievable…”


With an expression that hopefully conveyed ‘I just misheard it, right?’, I asked Selius-kun to repeat what he said.


“I-I-I don’t… I don’t know which of them I should to choose! Should it be Philia-san…o-or should it be Miranda-san!?”

“How’d that happen!?”


Unfortunately, I didn’t mishear him the first the time.


“We’re talking about that Miranda-san, right? Since when did you start feeling that way?”


Rather, why even like that drunk in the first place?


“When I first saw her in the ruin…I was mesmerized right away by her beauty…”

“…I see…”


Selius-kun surprisingly was the kind of person to fall in love at first sight.

Also, it would seem he liked beautiful, older women.

…and by ‘older’, I didn’t mean just a few years older than him.


Despite her appearance, Philia-san was an elf who has lived for more than a century.

As for Miranda-san, even excluding the time that she was sleeping, she was actually quite old. I heard that she was using some kind of magic to preserve her youthfulness.

As their personalities were like day and night, those were the only qualities I could think of that they had in common.


“You do know that Miranda-san’s nothing but a loafer who gets drunk each and every day, right? I don’t think she’s someone you should be liking, to be honest.”

“I agree that her…self-indulgent way of life is not something to be praised…but I, I want to help her fix that!”


Oh no, not this!

This was how someone gets exploited by devilish, deceitful people.


“Well, I’ll refrain from speaking ill of Miranda-san and just say to just go for Philia-san. She’s earnest and adored by those around her. I’m certain she’ll be a good wife.”


There was the issue of the strange noises she makes when in the toilet, but that didn’t need to be mentioned now.


“W-w-w-wife!? Isn’t it too soon to be thinking of things like that!?”


Selius-kun’s face grew bright red right away. So adorable.


“Regardless, just don’t go for Miranda-san, alright?”

“Yeah…I’ll do as you say.”


With his shoulders slumped, Selius-kun said so and left.


…all that aside, I couldn’t help but notice something as he walked away. It was that for the past half year or so, Selius-kun has grown considerably taller.

He was now as tall as Selen, give or take a few.


Being of almost the same age, it wouldn’t be so strange for me to have grown as much as well. Yet, I haven’t grown much, if at all, in the past year.

Like, seriously, am I not going to grow anymore?


   ◇ ◇ ◇


“Fufufu, if you ever seduce Luke-sama like that, you won’t get off so lightly, understood…?”

“Y-yes…certainly, certainly…”


The maid was smiling, but her eyes were not at all. Upon seeing that, Miranda was taken aback.


*What is with this maid…what incredible killing intent…I shouldn’t fight this girl, yes, yes…*


While Miranda made that decision in her mind, the maid spoke.


“Now, how about a deal?”

“A deal?”

“Yes. If you agree to my request, I’ll do everything from cleaning this room to preparing your food and drinks.”

“…what is this request of yours? It’ll be a pain, wouldn’t it?”


If the request was going to be troublesome, that would defeat the purpose of the deal. After all, either way, Miranda would wound up doing work.


“I want you stop Luke-sama’s growth!”

“……excuse me?”

“Luke-sama is better off keeping his small build! If he were to grow any further, his adorableness will decrease!”


‘What the hell is this maid saying’, Miranda thought.


“I have been praying each day without fail to stop him from growing. My efforts thus far have somehow slowed down his growth, but sooner or later…”


That’s not praying anymore, that’s inflicting a curse.


“So, if possible, I’d like you to stop him completely from growing!”

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